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Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

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Couple of pike that showed up for a photo op this morning. 

Here is a pike I got on Saturday the 20th. 39" 18.4 lbs. She tasted great out of the smoker!

Thanks. The skinny pike is my very first dark house pike. This is kind of my son's gig. He was interested so I helped him get into it. Today I got a turn with the spear I made for him a couple years a

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what type of structure are you guys putting your dark houses on? northern being loaners it alwasy seems like i can catch one but never get multiples to my hole in the same day. is there a place that seems to have better traffic this time of year?

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I'm sitting in between two fingers. 4 fow to the left of me, 8 fow to the right. I'm sitting in 12 fow. I have been seeing fish everytime i'm out there. Been going out about 4 days a week.

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No matter what lake my house is on I always set up on weedlines by drop offs, time of year does not make a difference even though I may spear a few feet deeper later in the season...

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so the weed line on most lakes is around 20 ft you have houses that deep?

sorry for derailing this thread but I love northern and am just trying to get better at catching more number of them. figured spearing guys are prob the experts!

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Two in the hole at the same time. My buddy is a rookie but I think he is hooked after watching me spear that hog!


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Thats supposed to be a video of two northerns in the hole at the same time and my buddy misses!

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Thats a nice fish How long and what did it wiegh I'd like to get one like that for spearfest that would probably win

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I was out on Saturday staring down the spearhole and my wife pulls out our only fish of the day on a tip-up less than 15 yards behind me. Her biggest so far, 34 inches and 11 pounds. IMGP2536.jpg

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Originally Posted By: Acemac
figured spearing guys are prob the experts!

I know they sure like to think they are!!! wink

They dont call one of us the NORD-LORD for nothing laughlaugh

Hey great pics guys and gals and some really nice fish also

Know Before You Throw

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I finally found a thread that was recent about spearing! After trolling through many decoy sites to find what kinds were out on the market I stumbled upon the Double Diamond Spear page, found a link on the testimonies to this forum. I have found many tips from you seasoned guys and hopefully many will work out for me. On a whim I bought a spear from Fleet Farm last year and have been spearing ever since. Lucky for me my wonderful wife bought me a new one from a guy in Browerville (I think) I seen his spears on craigslist last year.

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Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]

Hopefully this works. This is the 33.5 inch 13 pound fatty I got last weekend, biggest of my life so far. I was so excited because it came in on a WAX WORM! After I stuck it it proceeded to tear up every weed possible below the hole. Usually my dirty faced little boy (3) is super excited when I bring home fish, but he just woke up from a nap.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Fish Head
      I don't think Cliff retired. Maybe he just cut back some.   
    • gimruis
      Absolutely.  Although they are technically considered a "rough fish" by the DNR, they play a critical role as a food source for many game fish.  In lakes and rivers that lack tulibees, they are often the top forage for muskies too.  Additionally, they are native to our state whereas the carp species which look similar, are not.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Thanks, I definitely will check those guys out.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I remember counting just shy of 50 boats in Black Bay around Memorial Day last weekend. It's more than I've ever seen even at Fishing Opener when the spawn is timed perfectly.   What I love about Black Bay is that once the walleye and crappie runs finish up in the spring, the fishing pressure calms way down.
    • DonkeyHodey
      Brag Alert***:  Got a PB white sucker.  With tail pinched it was just at 26 inches.   1.)  This Fish is almost certainly a post spawn female (she was pretty flattened out in the egg section).  probably 20-30 years old (maybe more). 2.)  A big fish drops ~10,000 eggs per spawn (give or take 5000).  With that said, this lovely lady has probably (through her babies) directly provided >200,000 fish meals for the predatory fish (and birds) in the river. 3.)  Many of her offspring will have grown up to spawn and continue the process;  If a mere 5 of her babies grew to spawn for 20 years then Statistically >1 million baby suckers will have come from her to feed the game fish in the Mississippi river!  However, playing the statistics/numbers game:  if ~0.1% of her babies grow to spawn and their babies (with a similar 0.1% chance) grow to spawn, you are looking at 100 million baby suckers descended from this one fish!   Next time you catch a nice plump Smallie or Wally in the river, realize that they grow and thrive because of "grocery getters" like this.    Preachy Alert***--Too many "fisherman" think these are trash fish and fail to recognize their critical role in a healthy fishery...  NEVER throw these on the shore! (notwithstanding the fact that it's also illegal...)
    • Rick
      Dry conditions mean very high fire danger persists in north-central and northeastern Minnesota. Spring outdoor recreation activity is increasing, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources urges outdoor enthusiasts to limit the use of campfires and use caution with off-road vehicles that could spark and start a wildfire. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Muskyhunter73
      Cliff was guiding last year. Did he retire this year?
    • Pat McGraw
      Getting so excited for 2021 walleye season!  
    • CigarGuy
      Ya, not much you can do about it. Still enough lake to get away from most of the crowds. My son and buddies will be all weekend, we'll be following each other around. They're were about 12 boats in Black Bay last night and didn't have to play bumper boats.
    • leech~~
      Might be able to do some shore fishing by the boat launch on near by Trout Lake as well.  Good Luck!  
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