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Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

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Here is the first photos that i have shared on here. Nothing to exciting out there this weekend but some decent pic's. Did manage two between my brother and myself and let a middle size one swim for a while yet. It was a good weekend.



Both holes




Time to call it.


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Couple of pike that showed up for a photo op this morning. 

Here is a pike I got on Saturday the 20th. 39" 18.4 lbs. She tasted great out of the smoker!

Thanks. The skinny pike is my very first dark house pike. This is kind of my son's gig. He was interested so I helped him get into it. Today I got a turn with the spear I made for him a couple years a

Posted Images

I think that I figured out the problem heres a couple of photos


merk rember this pic its when we were coming off the lake at the GTG


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Nice looking photos.

Is that a portable?

BNS - no portables, i am not sure which house you are wondering about, but the pic in the house in mine and the others with the sunset are the neighbors.

Elwood - beautiful fish, thats why i sit for hours staring down a hole hoping for that guy to swim by.

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The pic above is that of behindthehead. It speaks for itself. He did get it behind the head also. Nice job, Matt

Thanks elwood for posting this.

I will let behindthehead tell the story.

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Nice looking fish hawk. Sure it was a blast!

Elwood, from what i remember, the snow was coming sideways in that photo:)

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Yea BNS it was sideways alwright this was the photo coming off the lake and we had a little his hap well need less to say we ended up driveing ouyt to load up everything ont merks truck . but I still had a blast.

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Ya it was a great time out there. It sure was crazy how that wind just came up so fast ya know

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ha ha i tried to put that picture up about a week ago but i couldnt figure out how to do it.

i think thats the fish of a lifetime but i will still be hunting for another one.

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I think I got this photobucket thin going. Here is a few from the last few years. These are 10" Bear Creek decoys. I spear about 8-10ft with the decoy about halfway down.

12-15 lb 100_0075.jpg

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      Here is the full article. Hope it's readable.
    • Muskies
      Lol….lots of fish on the reefs and you’ll be out soon. Hope your place is ok. Hydro finally on Sunday afternoon. 
    • smurfy
      Better yet, here it is .. 
    • smurfy
      🤣 I moved up from the flip phone.🤣 pm me your number, I can handle texts 😉
    • Rick G
      Can someone please post the pic of Grandpa Royce?  Or Smurf, can you take a pic of it with your Jitterbug flip phone and send it to me via text? 
    • Dash 1
      Curious how the depth is in river from Wolf lake to Andrusia and Cass. Is it navigateable.  Was  up there last September and went through there. Kind of scenic and nice slow ride on the mighty Mississippi.  Did get a few fish as well.  Hopefully going there again this year.  Staying at my brother's cabin with his son and my dad near Becida. With dad in his early 80s hoping to keep this 3 year tradition going for a while.
    • smalljaw
      Thanks for the heads up.  I have a call into my neighbor to check on the property.  Haven’t heard back probably due to the power being out.  He may be up at his island cabin.   One of the other neighbors further down Bay Road East reported a good bit of tree damage.   Hopefully the U.S. will get their act together and reciprocate on the Aug 9 opening date.  Common sense and clear thinking is needed by all.     I am still losing sleep over that screen shot you took on Jul 9.  Sweet!!!
    • Muskies
      Morning Smalljaw. This is good news for you and your family and any other US citizens wanting to come north. Hopefully the US government will soon allow travel the other way. We had a very strong storm on Friday, come through north side of reef point, Hopkins bay road and windy point areas. Possible tornado. Lots of trees down. Power has just been restored Sunday afternoon. Hope you will not have much clean up to do at your place. Safe travels and will be looking for you out north of the causeway ripping lips and chasing those brown fish.
    • smurfy
      🤣 he had his mug shot in there with a couple dandy sunfish!!!!!!!👍
    • leech~~
      Right, for what? Bank robbery or common thuggery? 🤭
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