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Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

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DH3 That looks like the decoy I was using last weekend and it was a hot one.

Here is a pike from yesterday afternoon,a plump 28 incher


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Couple of pike that showed up for a photo op this morning. 

Here is a pike I got on Saturday the 20th. 39" 18.4 lbs. She tasted great out of the smoker!

Thanks. The skinny pike is my very first dark house pike. This is kind of my son's gig. He was interested so I helped him get into it. Today I got a turn with the spear I made for him a couple years a

Posted Images

Congrats Schultz

Thats a beauty.

Jason those are some great fish and pictures also.

Keep them coming guys and girls

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Pic of the 34" I speared at 11:15 yesterday with my own Big B Cedar Worker Decoy! ><B>


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Wow! Those are so beautiful! If I may ask, what type of wood do you start with? Are you using pure balsa wood, or will any wood work okay?

I have a nearly unlimited supply of pine wood blocks, and I was thinking about starting to make spearing decoys, musky lures, and perhaps duck decoys.

Your work is really remarkable. SO realistic. And I'm obviously not the only one who thinks so! smile

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Brian Im glad we're working together this season, we're gonna have a blast in a couple of weeks, and your decoys are the shiznit! Cant wait to get a Big B from ya to go along with my brookie.

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Thanks John! I love your decoys as well. They're greeeeeeeat! Especially The Bengal Nord! Love the colors!!! Looking forward to your visit and Perham!

I carve my decorative decoys out of Basswood and my workers out of white or red cedar. Thanks for the compliments! ><B>

Home of the Big B Decoy that brings in the Big Girls! ><B>

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Outstanding, better labs and some very impressive accomplishments. I am in awe of all of you carving guys. I carved a few workers some years back but nothing like you guys do.

Simply incredible

Thanks for sharing

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BetterLabs: Amazing Decoys wow! Just curious do you sell any? I would love one!...or 2....


you can email at pokegpike AT gmail.com

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Had a great last day of spearing, saw over 20 fish by noon, both my friend and I limited out, and my last fish of the season was a nice 31". full-39247-30472-20130222_110122_1.jpg

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wow gnarly. ive never been in this section before. Its all darked out, rad. I heard they might open west battle and lobster. Victory for spearers but im sure the muskie gurus are gonna pout

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went out to day from 11:30 to 3:00 and seen 12 pike, took a 27" & 28" pike for a quick limit.full-40781-30674-p2240035.jpg


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • CigarGuy
      Thanks Chad. Had a slow night tonight, only got 7 in 2-1/2 hours. Tossed them all back.
    • CigarGuy
      I've fished the zoo on Mille Lacs way too many times to count. Grew up a block off pool 2 across the river from Ft. Snelling, fished it all the time early spring, not to mention the St. Louis River. I've got a little jaded fishing in crowds, that's why I went this far north and a large lake!
    • islandmn
      Try Duane's Marine in Virginia,MN. Great service, a Evinrude/ Johnson dealer, on the second generation.  
    • Muskies
      I posted some information on a May 5 on Rainy lake 2020 fishing .... basically no crossing the border.   Muskies HSOShow.com Family 'we have more fun' I Share On FishingMN  132 199 posts Location: Reef Point, Rainy Lake Author Posted May 5 Found this information and thought it would be good to share:   This from the CDN gov’t.  COVID-19 Notice: February 3, 2021 During the COVID-19 pandemic, unless exempted, foreign national boaters are not permitted to enter Canadian waters. Failure to comply with the current prohibition of entry for discretionary or optional reasons (leisure, pleasure fishing, sightseeing, etc.) may result in severe monetary penalties or criminal conviction and/or imprisonment. Visit Transit through Canadian waters for more information.   Opener on the Ontario side of rainy lake is May 15. Good fishing to everyone!
    • SkunkedAgain
      That's a good thought. I'll call but they went "online" only last year so he no longer has a shop. He talked with me about how he needed to cut his fixed costs in order to compete with all of the online parts suppliers selling out of their garages.   It's a shame though. That place was amazing. Lots of great, old motors on the walls. When I went there needing a new lower unit for my 1957 motor, he pulled out a box and said "which color?" The place was a timewarp of boat motors.
    • anchor man
      I'll be up there with a couple friends on the chain. Never have any confidence for walleyes on opener, so we'll go after whatever bites (with an emphasis on eyes). 😀  
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  On the lake, the focus is on the May 15, 2021 Fishing Opener for walleyes.  There is much optimism as fishing in the Rainy River this spring was excellent and reports of good fishing from the spring season on the lake was also good. The limit for walleyes and saugers during the open season is a combined limit of six fish, up to four of the six can be walleyes.  There is a slot limit in which all walleyes 19.5 - 28.0 inches must be released.  One can be kept over 28 inches.   Pike anglers are still catching fish in back bays. The pike season is open year-round on LOW and the Rainy River.     On the Rainy River...   Sturgeon anglers are enjoying catch and release through 5/15/21.  Closed 5/16/21 - 6/30/21.  Harvest season opens up again on 7/1/21 - 9/30/21. Good numbers of sturgeon have been running in the Rapid River near Clementson just east of Baudette this past week.  These fish are incredible to see up close, but are also very much protected and respected. Anglers looking to this weekend and the opener.  Typically, there is some good walleye fishing in the river early in the season, such as this weekend. Up at the NW Angle...  A few anglers fishing pike in back bays but most looking forward to the May 15th fishing opener.  The go to walleye spots come the opener will be shoreline and island structure and underwater points.  The technique, a jig and a minnow! With the Canada border still closed, there are many ways to get up to the Angle.  The LOW Passenger Service, charter boat shuttle service from the south end, is open and running.  If you have the right boat and expertise, boating across is an option.  And finally, Lake Country Air flying service, a float plane service out of Baudette and other locations.  
    • ozzie
      i will be up in the area but not sure i will hit the chain.  the history with me and opener on the chain has not been productive so this year I am finding a smaller shallow lake in the area and going to hit it for walleyes.  I have not asked my father in law what the temps were but he has hit south cross and clamshell a few times and when fish are caught they have been on the smaller side.  Good Luck to you!
    • ozzie
      If I snagged an anchor line I am pretty sure i would not ask the anchored angler to lift so I can get my jig back, but I am sure I would warn them that there is a hook now in there anchor line!  I am that way fishing around docks...if I get caught on a dock I will always butt up to it and carefully remove my hook so they do not stick themselves or have a little kid get stuck from it.  Amazingly I have had confrontations with people in this regard!  And it is not like i am pitching bass jigs as I am usually crappie fishing around docks so i am using light line, small hook and cork bobber so I am not hurting a dock if i accidentally cast into it.  Oh well...Good luck to all you Vermillion fisherman on opener and in the rest of the season!
    • CJH
      No one's been out on the chain?
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