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Staying at the Willows in Lake City

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It's "take the wife's out of town for the wknd" time of year. Three couples staying at the Willows and doing a little fishing, golfing, boating, eating, etc. What are some good restaurants and sites to take in while in town? How high is the river? How's fishing? It's kinda cater to the women time, so I don't know how much fishing is going to be going on, but it's the price we pay for the many guy's wknd's.

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Been here since fathers day, heading home tomorrow morning. Lots

of fine dining in town, even right here at the Willows. Skyline

is built right into the Willows. Bronks is another nice place

downtown. You are going to love the view from the Willows,

trouble is, sun comes up to early here and the have some poor

blinds to keep it out of face at 5am. Going to have catch up on

some sleep when we get home I guess.

Been lots of fishing boats out front all week and watched many

pull some in. Water level peaked on tuesday night at 12.28ft and

is slowly receding now. Gone down about 6 inches since. Have a

good time.

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Thanks for the reply. Heading out about 2pm. Did you fish? Catch anything? What is the water temp?

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Shore fished with my boy a couple times right here at

the Willows under the Cottonwood tree near HWY61 and

caught a couple Small Mouth bass and a carp.

We seemed to be catching more then anyone out in the

boats that kept going by. Water temps are getting up

into 70s finally from what the Pearl Of the Lake captain said. He caught a nice northern right off the

dock on Tuesday night. Real nice guy, talk to Rudy

and he will turn you on to where they are biting to.

Right now I am off to see what my boy is catching

down there, hopefully not the tree again.

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Pickle factory in Pepin offers great food and a nice view of the lake from the WI side.

Fishing was very good today. Lots of smallies, crappies and sheepies if you want to pitch tube jigs, twisters or live bait along the rip rap. Low light and wind shore or points will produce some eyes shallow as well. mid day eyes I would focus 11-15 feet and try to find some emergent weeds and stick close to them. fish are there... three ways with leeches or crawlers will be fine... you can also pull cranks if thats your thing.

Decent topwater action as well if it is calm. White bass and smalllies are starting to be very active...

Good luck

Report back let us know


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Hope you all had a great weekend at the Willows. Was that you

that docked down by the Pearl of the Lake Friday night ?

Waiting or the winds to die down from the storms that went

around the River ? Was on my deck in 203 filming and boy, the

lake past the point sure got rough fast.

Packed up early Saturday morning before the front doors are

unlocked and on my final trip out the side door with luggage

cart I saw a red squirrel run down the 1st floor hallway. Went

up and had my son go around and try get him out the side door I

was using by the offices. Sure, it went the right way, but up

the staircase instead. Hope he made it out, it was sure scared.

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Yup, that was us. The captain of the Pearl was sure nice, as was the owner of the Willows. Some of the front desk help was a little unfriendly. We were charged 20.00 per night to dock my neighbors boat! The food at the Willows was great. The food at the Nosh was great. The lunch at the Chickadee was excellent. The cheese curds and beverages at the Pickle Factory were good-grill was down. Was a graduation party at the Pickle Factory and some pretty loaded people inside. I shouldn't talk, our group had a good time also:) The Lake City Golf Course was a nice course. Didn't wet a line. Each morning I woke up (very early-lots of light in the room), I watched the fisherman on the lake and wished I had my boat. After eating at the Nosh Saturday night, we walked along the pier and saw a guy catch a 22" walleye. This was definitely a wknd to cater to the woman, I'm more of a fisherman than a "go out to fancy restaurants ever night kinda guy". But our wife's really enjoyed the wknd. Thanks all for the tips on the area!

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Yeah, Hear ya about the front desk staff. Had made my reservation

back in early March for a 1 BDR unit on second floor. The ditsy

desk clerk trainy had us in 2 BDR unit on 3 rd for some reason.

She could not find my name on the 2nd floor list till her boss

came and showed her where my reservation was. Then after we get

all settled she comes into our unit without knocking since who

ever stayed before left some clothes in the dryer. Had some

words with Nancy about it the next morning who apologized for the

clerks actions.

We stayed at the Willows 2 years ago while my wife recouped

from an operation. Larry & Nancy Nielson were great and so

was the staff at that time. That was Larry`s first season with

the Pearl of the Lake. Got to know Larry well when we stayed.

Very nice guy.

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They actually screwed up our reservation also. We were supposed to have a 2 bedroom, plus loft. They had us down for a one bedroom plus loft-one couple had to sleep on a hide-a-bed. The next night the room we were supposed to have opened up and they moved us into it.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • manfromlaramie
      Hi all - new to the forum.  I live in NE Wyoming and am an avid fly fisherman.  While I love fishing for trout out west, warm water species on the fly is a blast.   Me and a buddy are headed out this coming weekend for a BWCA trip.  We have a couple of days on the front end of the trip to fish.  I'm planning on towing my drift boat from NE Wyoming and have spot picked out in North Dakota to float for smallies on the fly.  I'm looking at trying to get an additional float in somewhat near Ely before our entry into the Boundary Waters.  It's a 16' drift boat and doesn't really draft much.  I'm planning on having a small trolling motor just in case I need some additional power.  Looking mainly to target smallmouth and pike.   I've looked at a few areas to float, but wanted some advice.  I have a few options that I think meet what I'm looking for:   1) St. Louis River near Hoyt Lakes.  Looked like there are couple of access points to launch and take out below Hwy 110 2) Cloquet River - Hwy 7 to the mouth. 3) Bigfork River - From Ivan Crawford to Reedy Flats   Can anyone provide any advice these or provide any other recommendations?   Thanks in advance!  
    • gimruis
      I have been doing pretty good bass fishing locally.  A lot of numbers, but lacking in really big quality fish that I have caught the last two seasons.  Biggest I could catch this season so far is 18 inches.
    • leech~~
      Welcome to the forum. Downriggers work best for suspended fish in deep water. Most river's are shallow and rocky. If you want to fish the bottom in a river a bottom bouncer might be best to not lose a lot of expensive gear. Imo. Good luck. 
    • DeEon
      I have a Cannon Optima and Iam anxious to try downriggers for walleye.  There is a bottom tracking feature on Optima.  I think most walleyes are close to bottom so I think it is a good tactic.  I am, however, nervous about using Fishhawk XD4 with on river.  A screwup would really be expensive!
    • smurfy
      i'm not real involved yet. my first meeting. long story but my parents belonged to it years ago. after the cabin lake had the 2 consecutive years of severe winterkill i dogged the heck out of the fisheries people in grand rapids.🤭 i found out through the watershed assoc they talked them into restocking sunfish and bass into the lake. they did that this past june. so i figured for the 15 bucks join!!!!!   my next battle is with the township......🤣 trying to get them to grade part of our road going into the cabin!!!!! i already sent the letter but havent heard from them yet. since i've retired from being a union thug.......i gotta pick a few battles to keep my skills sharp!!!!!!!!🤪🤭👍
    • Kettle
      That's awesome that you are involved in that! I hope you have a good trip up!
    • smurfy
      I'm heading up sometime the last week in Aug . I joined the Jessie lake watershed assoc and they have a meeting on the 27 I want to attend.
    • Kettle
      Definitely in the dog days of summer. Catching a few walleye here and there on the river. Hasn't been too hot which makes me hopeful for an early fall fishing season. I'll post more when the fish turn their feed bags on and the leaves start falling. Until then I'll just work more and get winter gear ready
    • Kettle
      Definitely in the dog days of summer. Catching a few walleye here and there on the river. Hasn't been too hot which makes me hopeful for an early fall fishing season. I'll post more when the fish turn their feed bags on and the leaves start falling. Until then I'll just work more and get winter gear ready
    • leech~~
      Word to the wise. Never click on a Bot post with a highlighted link!  Unless you want cuddies on your system! 😛
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