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Greetings...myself and some guys from the office are heading up to Lake Vermillion this weekend, looking to escape the "world" for a few days.

We've never been up there and I'm wondering if anybody would be willing to share some advice on fishing the lake....where to fish, what to use, etc.

We're not fishing real hard or for anything particular, just looking to relax a little bit, but catching a little something would be nice. Any advice you can share would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Not knowing where you're lodging it'll be tough to give "location" advice.

Vermilion is an excellent fishery for several species, most notably walleye, smallmouth, and muskie. There are also good panfish spots, and northern (some trophys) aren't scarce either.

Best advice is to feel your way around (get a good map, like the LakeMaster one) and notice the kind of water others are fishing.

There are "special regulations" on walleye and northern, more restrictive than the statewide rules. Limit on walleye is 4 (not 6), everything between 17" and 26" must go back in the lake (you can have one walleye over 26" in possession). Northern, all fish between 24 and 36 inches must be release (one over 36 allowed).

Most of all, enjoy the lake --- it's an awesome place!

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hans, I will be up there the weekend b4 4 of july. I have never fished small mouth and only musky 3 times. I will be staying at the casino ( camping). What kind of structure would I look for bass? are they in the weeds like bucket mouth or rocks? Musky is a [PoorWordUsage] shoot any way at least for me so I will toss any place that looks inviting

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Hey SWMNguy, welcome to HSO/FM. Great to have you here.

I second the advice on the map. Lakemaster or Fishing Hot spots both have excellent Vermilion maps.

And there's a new book out this season, the first fishing guide specifically written about the Big V. It's titled "Lake Vermilion: a multi-species fishing guide to northern Minnesota's crown jewel."

And, I must admit, I researched, wrote and designed it. The book is published by the Timberjay Newspaper out of Tower, and is full advice on tackle, tactics and locations for all gamefish species in all seasons.

You can find info on it here.

You could order it online, but since you'll be up already this coming weekend you're better off buying it at one of the stores or resorts in the area. Not sure which end of the lake you're coming to, but if it's the east end you can pick it up in Tower at the Timberjay office on main street or Vermilion Fuel and Food, also on main. If you're on the west end you can find it at Lake Vermilion Trading Co. in Cook, and also at most of the resorts.

Good luck, and good fishing. Vermilion is a great fishery!

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Welcome to HSO/FM and the Vermilion Forum!

If you are fishing the East End of the lake the walleyes are biting very well yet.

Lindy Rigs or spinners baited with minnows crawlers or leeches are all catching fish.

12' to 30' has been my best depths this week.


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What kind of structure would I look for bass? are they in the weeds like bucket mouth or rocks?

Smallmouth have completely different habits than largemouth.

They like rock/rubble --- I find them on mid-lake reefs, off rocky points, or offshore slopes of islands. Not in "boulders" particularly, but in rocks from about the size of your fist up to Dolly Partons cup size. Water depths below 20' work best for me, and don't be afraid to try shallow.

Tubes and senkos work, and you'll get a lot of incidental bites when using crawlers looking for walleye.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Rick G
      Work has pretty much kept me from fishing since late May😕 Did have the chance to hit the water for a few hours yesterday. I opted to hit the river for some smallie action with my limited time. The Sippi didn't disappoint, the brown bass had the feed bag on big time!. I hooked over 30 fish in 3 hrs, most being 15-17inchers with a few bigger and a few smaller mixed in.   Weightless stick baits rigged on a 1/0  is all I needed to throw.  
    • manfromlaramie
      Hi all - new to the forum.  I live in NE Wyoming and am an avid fly fisherman.  While I love fishing for trout out west, warm water species on the fly is a blast.   Me and a buddy are headed out this coming weekend for a BWCA trip.  We have a couple of days on the front end of the trip to fish.  I'm planning on towing my drift boat from NE Wyoming and have spot picked out in North Dakota to float for smallies on the fly.  I'm looking at trying to get an additional float in somewhat near Ely before our entry into the Boundary Waters.  It's a 16' drift boat and doesn't really draft much.  I'm planning on having a small trolling motor just in case I need some additional power.  Looking mainly to target smallmouth and pike.   I've looked at a few areas to float, but wanted some advice.  I have a few options that I think meet what I'm looking for:   1) St. Louis River near Hoyt Lakes.  Looked like there are couple of access points to launch and take out below Hwy 110 2) Cloquet River - Hwy 7 to the mouth. 3) Bigfork River - From Ivan Crawford to Reedy Flats   Can anyone provide any advice these or provide any other recommendations?   Thanks in advance!  
    • gimruis
      I have been doing pretty good bass fishing locally.  A lot of numbers, but lacking in really big quality fish that I have caught the last two seasons.  Biggest I could catch this season so far is 18 inches.
    • leech~~
      Welcome to the forum. Downriggers work best for suspended fish in deep water. Most river's are shallow and rocky. If you want to fish the bottom in a river a bottom bouncer might be best to not lose a lot of expensive gear. Imo. Good luck. 
    • DeEon
      I have a Cannon Optima and Iam anxious to try downriggers for walleye.  There is a bottom tracking feature on Optima.  I think most walleyes are close to bottom so I think it is a good tactic.  I am, however, nervous about using Fishhawk XD4 with on river.  A screwup would really be expensive!
    • smurfy
      i'm not real involved yet. my first meeting. long story but my parents belonged to it years ago. after the cabin lake had the 2 consecutive years of severe winterkill i dogged the heck out of the fisheries people in grand rapids.🤭 i found out through the watershed assoc they talked them into restocking sunfish and bass into the lake. they did that this past june. so i figured for the 15 bucks join!!!!!   my next battle is with the township......🤣 trying to get them to grade part of our road going into the cabin!!!!! i already sent the letter but havent heard from them yet. since i've retired from being a union thug.......i gotta pick a few battles to keep my skills sharp!!!!!!!!🤪🤭👍
    • Kettle
      That's awesome that you are involved in that! I hope you have a good trip up!
    • smurfy
      I'm heading up sometime the last week in Aug . I joined the Jessie lake watershed assoc and they have a meeting on the 27 I want to attend.
    • Kettle
      Definitely in the dog days of summer. Catching a few walleye here and there on the river. Hasn't been too hot which makes me hopeful for an early fall fishing season. I'll post more when the fish turn their feed bags on and the leaves start falling. Until then I'll just work more and get winter gear ready
    • Kettle
      Definitely in the dog days of summer. Catching a few walleye here and there on the river. Hasn't been too hot which makes me hopeful for an early fall fishing season. I'll post more when the fish turn their feed bags on and the leaves start falling. Until then I'll just work more and get winter gear ready
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