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Rustads Tourney

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I have been back to same hospital that nearly killed me for another surgery this month[figured the odds were they couldnt get it done the first time I would be safe there]

Tourney will be on again in 2009 as freinds offered to run it then if my health would be as bad as it has been.

Good news is we have a lot of teams that want to fish it and really appreciate that they are fishing it for the cause[American Cancer Society Fundraiser] and a lot of sponsors local and not so local that liked the idea.

Seems that not being able to pull it off this year makes it only better for next.

Havent even bought a liscense this season as not able to be up and around for any length of time.Really miss fishing and have had a lot of offers to go out so thanks but not ready yet.

The good news is I think I will make a good recovery,the sad news is doctors are talking something like 2 to 3 years until am in any kind of shape to return to work or regular daily stuff.

I go to therapy several times a week and doctor appointments etc.been to church once,and have had no adventures at all.Recovery is boring,havent even felt like checking internet or blogs for over a month.

Luckily got all my boats people wanted done by couple shops and out on time,slowly getting house done by some considerate builders that did some work breaking their busy schedules to make it handicap usable

Fish On ,just think how many fish are left out there when I am not chasing them.

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hoping for a speedy recovery for you primetime...just because a doctor tells you 2 or 3 years doesn't mean you can't defy him and make it a 1 year recovery. Keep us posted on your improvement and take care buddy.

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