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recovering from drugs and alcohol

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There's been this battle of do I or don't I make this post for well over a year now.

There are those who are continuely throwing rocks at me by going to my sponsors,fishing forums and the like trying to discredit me.

So in the interest of being honest,making amends to whomever possible and being responsible for my actions both in the past and the future I'm making this post.

A bit of history.....32 years ago my older brother was shot by one of his buddies while grouse hunting.It was a close range hit.

My brother died in my arms.I held him as his eyes fluttered and the wind left his lungs for the last time.

Being 14 at the time I was not able to handle let alone deal with what had happened.

my step father at the time did not either.

I became a sore spot in his eyes .

After his death he made known to me through his will that I was the one that should have died which he over the years proved out in more sbtle ways from the beatings I took.

Waking up in a pool of urine and fecal matter after being knocked unconcious was certainly proof.

Growing up was not easy having that burden to bear.

This is no excuse for what has happened in my life,just some backround to how I got to where I am today.

Over the years I've use pot and alcohol to kill the pain.It was also my crutch to deal with fear.

All of my adult life I've been in some sort of trouble .Mostly driving violations.

Until recently....

I had married a women with 2 young children.I knew her and her family as they were neighbors when I was growing up.Well those kids needed a dad and I was ready I thought at 32.

Those kids were very important to me and we did everything together.

I never did the drugs around them.

I taught my son how to hunt and fish and how to be an outdoorsman which at 20 he is a fine example of integrity and honesty.A hard worker and a giving soul.

My daughter is 17 and graduating from high school and moving on to secondary education.

I feel good about how they have turned out and they love me as dad.

4 years ago their epilectic mother got real bad with the seizures.

No matter what we did there was no controling it.

Well to make a long story short after 10 years I divorced her.

She retailiated with an order of protection.

I was crushed.She burnt out our house and left with the kids and my lab.I felt like I wanted to die having lost all contact with my children and my best hunting buddy.

I resorted to heavy pot use and when that was not strong enough to kill my pain I

went to cocain.

6 months goes by and I've lost 30 lbs.,massive $$$$ and I'm almost dead.

I was smoking the coke all weekend .Finaly I went to a friend that was in the AA program and told him of my problem.After leaving his home I went out to be by myself evading those that

would want me to use with them.

I was on this little lake for a 4 wheeler ride when I ran into this guy and gal.

We got to talking and the guy says to me ,can you find me a little something?I says what?

He says coke or meth?

My brain says 1 more time and this will be it.

Well it would not have been it ,except for he was a deputy off duty.

I called my dealer and set up a buy.

The guy drives me over and after getting the coke I was arrested.

There some other details ,but there it is.From the horses mouth.

I can now admit that I was out of control.I was on a path for death.I did not care who I hurt.

I was a miserable excuse for a human,but this is where the road makes a huge twist.

I had to make a choice.Keep on complying as I had done and when the focus was off me go back to my old ways or accept the fact that I an alcholic and chemically dependent.

Compliance has not worked do far so I had no other choice if I wanted to survive.

I've completed treatment,I went to court.Pled guilty to second degree sales and am now on electronic monitoring until Nov. of this year with 25 years of probation.

Since I've sobered up many things have changed in my life...thank GOD!

I've rebuilt some trust with my family,my boss and others who are close to me.

I'm able to develope a business in fishing as well as feel good enough about myself to start to help others sober up.

Fishing is now my life after my regular work day.

There is a direction I am heading that is very positive.

So I felt it was time to explain what happened and what is ahead of me.

I think that since I am a felon I should raise my hand and aknowlegde that to the general public.

There will be folks that no matter what think I should be avoided.I can understand that.

Hence this post.

There are those that have been involved with me to verify I've changed and am on my way

in this new sober life.

I'll admit there was this relapse awhile back ,but I've learned from it and I'm moving forward.

I attend AA every week,I have a sponsor in AA,I have a supoport group of several people

in AA,the fishing industry,local business people and my family.

So in closing I know the rocks will still be cast in my direction.I can handle that.I deserve that.

I know what I did in my old life is not acceptable by any standard and I am sorry

to those I have hurt.I know trust is a hard thing to earn ,yet I am motivated to earn it back given the chance.

God,grant me the serinity to accept the things I can not change,the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

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CK -

It took a lot of courage to write everything you did. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery. You really seem like a nice guy. God Bless.


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Always welcome at my camp Keith..

Life is harder for some than others....mine has been Vietnam..i was a crew chief/ door gunner.....not all bad of a deal but took me a long time to realize why i often react and see things different than others.. Experienced...but at a price...

Enough of that....You doin good Hombre! Be seein ya sometime I'm sure.


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Wishing you the best in the future.

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I'll share an ice house with you anytime Keith. You've taught me a lot, and helped me and my son have a lot of fun together this winter. It takes a lot of personal strength to make a post like this. Wishing you the best.

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Good Luck CK,

Keep the faith. I'd fish with ya

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Keith it looks like it took a fair amount of courage to write this.

My heart goes out for you. I can only imagine how tough a road you've been on and will continue to travel down as you fight your addictions.

I'm not so sure it belongs in this forum but I will leave it.

I am locking it. Your message is there and you can talk with us more personally as we meet you.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • eyeguy 54
      I like the stretch upriver better but can only drift down that area.  I would wear my arms out traveling up stream!   Hopefully do a drift down soon.  
    • jhousenga
      59 crossing Daisy Bay Friday night. 67 in Big Bay this afternoon.
    • monstermoose78
      The stearms in the arrowhead are small very small I would recommend a 6 foot or short rod for most streams as you will be pitching your bait out. They are also over grown with brush wading these streams is a challenge. You will be fishing for mostly brook trout above the first posted boundary FYI it’s normally a large water fall but not always. Also the first week of June there will not be much from the lake to the first posted boundary anyways. Remember there special regs below the first posted boundary and the above the first posted boundary.  If you want to use your fly rod I would hit the small trout lakes in the area. A split shot and small chunk of crawler is my go to bait for Brookies. There are a few streams with some browns and rainbows but very few. If you are fly fishing look at Thompson lake by  devilstrack lake it’s catch and release. Mink lake, kimball lake are also good. 
    • Squirrelhawke
      Growing up in South Dakota I did quite a bit of fishing in the black hills for browns and rainbows, most of that fishing was best accomplished with a long pole and just drifting my bait down the stream if you can read the eddies and slacks in the water you should do fine.  Of course I'm assuming they bite the same up north as they do out west.  It was a kick when I went  back out there 2 years ago and on Sunday morning fished the little 6 ft wide stream running behind the campground, all the other campers were amazed that I would pull out a fish about every 20-30 ft no monsters but plenty of little beauties at 7-10 inches. If the water is clean and the fish are there you just gotta find out what they are eating at that time of year.  Hopefully this helps and if I'm wrong some of the guys with Minnesota experience will pipe up. 
    • Squirrelhawke
      I do a bit of fishing from the coon rapids dam on down to 694 and I usually bring 2 rods because I lose at least one lure to the rocks. Bear that in mind and also realize that there are nice smallies, eyes and cats in that stretch of river. I also had over 3 feet of pike eat my stink bait I had out for channel cats. If I didn't have a circle hook on it would have been a nice pic to share. Good luck and hope to hear of some good luck. 
    • delcecchi
      It would take a lot of code to make multiple windows tiling the screen work, would be my guess, and would create few additional sales so isn't worth the expenses.    Just pick up an inexpensive 5 to 7 inch unit and use it for the map.   
    • Wanderer
      You look like the Phantom Fisherman - except the toes.  Or maybe the River Detective  🕵️‍♂️ Gotta love those good runs in short times!   
    • Bryan P
      Awesome Eyeguy! That is a good run of smallies there. I like your spot, that was my favorite fishing stretch for them when I lived in St cloud. Mississippi is such a great smallie fishery. Im blessed to live right next to it too. Now lets get the current to go down some! 
    • eyeguy 54
      I LOVE SMALLIES !  LOL  I am blessed to live close to so much fun. 
    • pikeandchester
      Spent a couple hours on Elysian this afternoon.  Drove around some shallow areas on the south east end of the lake with the trolling motor and only saw carp. Water is still unusually clear for this lake, at any time of the year, and 79 degrees near shore. May be a great opportunity for a bow fisherman, even in the daylight. Tried soaking minnows in a hole on the north end with no luck.