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walleye fishing seminar

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Hi guys and gals,

Just wanted everyone to know that Rick's Taxidermy & Bait will be having Gary Roach "Mr. Walleye" giving a seminar March 14th at 7:00p.m. at my shop. There will be BBQ's served at 6:00. There is no fee for this. Please just call or email me if you plan on attending. Just to get a head count. On saturday March 15th Gary will be in my shop signing autographs and talking fishing. There will be gifts for the kids. So please come out and visit with Gary. Saturday he will be here from 8:00 til 1:00. Thanks

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    • Wanderer
    • james_walleye
      Because I'm sure he was serious about Molotov cocktails.  Is there an eyeroll button? 
    • Bigfatbert
      I agree with your neighbor , it isn't a big deal , your grass will grow back , and my guess is with the spring rains , all poop pellets will disintegrate and be totally gone soon , if they are not already gone ..  my question is what the heck are you planning to do with Molotov cocktails ?  If I saw you toss one at the deer , I would be calling that CO , and he WOULD have something to write YOU a ticket for . .  And if you flung one onto my property , well let's just say you would have a big issue to deal with yourself ,, that would be me !!! My suggestion is to just relax ..
    • Wanderer
      Fence and pressure from the neighborhood is your best best until there is a law against it. Good luck.
    • delcecchi
      My deck?
    • PRO-V
      A letter from all the neighbors or a neighborhood meeting with him sounds like a good first thing to try. Maybe he'll get the hint. Better than war.
    • james_walleye
      Got a good tree for a stand? Haha
    • CigarGuy
      Rig up a motion sensor with a horn or alarm of some kind.
    • delcecchi
      New neighbor decided he likes to feed deer in the winter, and he does so right on our side of his yard.   The food attracts many many deer, and so our yard now has a big mudhole as well as bushels of deer pellets.    (free for the raking).    Nobody on the road is very happy about him feeding the deer since they tramp around the area and stand on the road and so on.    He didn't sound like "oops won't do that anymore" but more like "no big deal, it will wash away and the grass will grow back"    Anybody got any suggestions?   CO says "nothing that he can do", Town board isn't happy either but isn't convinced they can do anything.   I'm thinking that if they pass a rule, then I can take him to small claims court every spring until he stops wrecking our lawn.   Molotov cocktails are a last resort.   I am thinking of a fence that I put up in the fall to funnel the deer away from my yard.   Snowfence is too short but might help discourage them....   I really don't want war with the neighbor but this can't go on.    I'll talk to him again and see what he is thinking....   Maybe a letter from all his neighbors...   I need ideas...
    • hamboneco
      My buddy and I are hoping to make it in to Little Trout Lake the week after next.   Sitting a canoe has become a little less comfortable over the years, so our idea is to row/pole our way through the channel from Trout Lake in our 16' boat, then row around and drift in Little Trout, while catching some nice walleyes.   Hoping we can get through whatever remains of the beaver dam in the channel without getting in the water.    If anyone has been in to Little Trout lately, does this seem doable?    Poling through the channel always worked years ago when motors were allowed on Little Trout, but of course, things can change in 40+ years.   The only bummer is that I was hoping we could leave the motor on the boat and just not fire it up on Little, but the Ranger Station in Cook told me I must remove it and stash it on the Trout Lake side.  Also, although I spent quite a bit of time on Little Trout in the late 50's through the early 70's, I've only been in there a couple times since.  If anyone has any advice on fishing locations, I would gladly accept them.