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thinken of trying this area next year. can anyone recommend a winter resort out of black bay or a place that plows roads, i see from my h20 that there is alot of islands with good structure is it hard to get to these by trucks. whats the fishing pressure like . ive never icefished or summer fish on vermillion so any advice would be great.


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You might note that most of black bay isn't very deep, ranging from maybe 8 or 9 feet at the mouth down near metza point to only about 4 or 5 feet further up. And it is all soft bottom so far as I can tell.

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Delcecchi is right. The river channel out of Black Bay is 8-9 feet and the bay itself is consistently 4-6 feet deep throughout. There aren't many fish in there during the winter. I've never seen an ice fisherman out there, except for myself, and I haven't caught a thing.

The crappies and panfish are the last things to move out in the fall. All of the fish return in the spring and then begin to slowly migrate back out of the bay again as the open water season continues.

Probably the only thing to catch there during the winter is bullheads, but I haven't caught any of them either. Maybe somebody else will have some contradicting information about Black Bay.

Other parts of the lake have much better fishing and there are ice roads in those areas. However, I would not drive from Black Bay to anywhere. There is moving current coming from Black Lake, into Black Bay, and out to the rest of Vermilion and I've never seen a vehicle (besides 4-wheelers and snowmobiles) drive from Black Bay through the channel.

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    • Walleyehunter82
      Coming up Thursday evening staying at Adrian's for the weekend.  We plan on fishing out in the gap or maybe the river some.  Anybody fishing out there this weekend?  Depths? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 
    • going4it
      Any results from the Thursday Friday hunt?
    • eyeguy 54
      Popped down for half hour to check a spot this morning and only one showed up for a pic. Water is up 2 feet from 2 weeks ago. Hope to try a spot north of town tuesday. 
    • gimruis
      Ok, so all the biologists, scientists, and compiled data is wrong and you're right.  Lets rape and pillage the lake until there's absolutely nothing left.  Great idea tfin.  In fact, maybe when the walleyes are all gone we should harvest all the muskies, smallmouth bass, and pike in the lake too.  And then blame the DNR for it.  Go fly a kite
    • gimruis
      I was out 2 weeks ago from today and it was still pretty good.  Water temp was 54.  I don't plan to go again now because my boat is winterized.  My Father said it has been miserable the past week because the water got so cold so quick.  It looks decent this week for weather but deer season is fast approaching so I have to prepare for that now.
    • JerkinLips
      No ice in Stuntz Bay yet but I did lift the boat out of the water onto the boathouse deck.  Easy to drop it back in if the water is soft after I get my deer.
    • Calvin Darling
      I took a trip this August to Buffalo River State Park to wade in the river while hitting the holes. My brother and I caught a variety of fish from red horse and chubs to a clam. All fish were caught on worm chunks. This spring/summer I want to use my new 5wt fly road and see what I catch
    • monstermoose78
      Let’s get them 22-27 inch fish out of the lake
    • Agronomist_at_IA
      I think anybody can see that the food/forage base is or has declined in Mille lacs.......having a lot of large fish doesn't help it at all. I think they should thin the herd.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Well was a sad day today indeed. Got the kayak all vacuumed out and cleaned up. Then hung it in it’s winter spot in the shed. Trailer got a cleaning to. But until next year so long open water. Time to finish putting the open water gear away and finish getting the ice gear out.