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thinken of trying this area next year. can anyone recommend a winter resort out of black bay or a place that plows roads, i see from my h20 that there is alot of islands with good structure is it hard to get to these by trucks. whats the fishing pressure like . ive never icefished or summer fish on vermillion so any advice would be great.


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You might note that most of black bay isn't very deep, ranging from maybe 8 or 9 feet at the mouth down near metza point to only about 4 or 5 feet further up. And it is all soft bottom so far as I can tell.

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Delcecchi is right. The river channel out of Black Bay is 8-9 feet and the bay itself is consistently 4-6 feet deep throughout. There aren't many fish in there during the winter. I've never seen an ice fisherman out there, except for myself, and I haven't caught a thing.

The crappies and panfish are the last things to move out in the fall. All of the fish return in the spring and then begin to slowly migrate back out of the bay again as the open water season continues.

Probably the only thing to catch there during the winter is bullheads, but I haven't caught any of them either. Maybe somebody else will have some contradicting information about Black Bay.

Other parts of the lake have much better fishing and there are ice roads in those areas. However, I would not drive from Black Bay to anywhere. There is moving current coming from Black Lake, into Black Bay, and out to the rest of Vermilion and I've never seen a vehicle (besides 4-wheelers and snowmobiles) drive from Black Bay through the channel.

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    • CJH
      Fished a small west metro lake this afternoon.  Shallow was 6-7 inches, about 5 inches out in the middle, good solid ice.  This lake locked up early and didn't get messed up by wind or warm temps.  I drilled holes as I went just to keep checking the ice, since it was our first time out for the year.
    • Wanderer
      I stayed on the ice this afternoon and out of the woods.  I watched the sun fade with the last day of the ML season with mine in the truck at the access.   The darndest thing: the fishing was terrible.  Kept hoping I’d find em or it would pick up in the evening.  Neither really happened. 😔     Still, it’s been a good hunting year.  Thanks all of you that shared your season here!
    • monstermoose78
      I go bare hands
    • leech~~
      You may get two of these warm and waterproof, or waterproof and dexterity but you may be hard press to get all three as dexterity is hard to get with the other two in a glove.  The best I have been able to do is some Duck hunting gloves which aren't cheap. 
    • Spearing Machine
      Sunday evening report: Set up in 27 fow on 10 inches of ice off the West end of Ely island. I  fished from 2:40-5:00 tonight. Caught 4 and missed 2 more on the set line. Tossed everything back, about an 8 , 11, 13 and 15 inch fish. One on set line with plain red hook and chub near bottom and 3 jigging (one on a macho minnow and 2 on a flyer). Had a couple other good marks that didn't commit. Lots of wheeled/skid houses pulled out this weekend all over Mckinley/big bay area. About 3-4 inches of snow so good for travel with sleds or wheelers.
    • Wanderer
      Yah, that’s a tough situation @Kettle.  Neoprene are pretty much the trend but they still aren’t magic.  I bought a pair of diving gloves and they’re much better than any standard fishing glove.     I bet those Simms are nice.   Try to find a pair that fits well but aren’t too snug, and possibly have a breathable back.  
    • Wanderer
      Agreed, there always seems to be some geese over wintering.  I continue to see geese flying around and roosted in open rivers.  Swans too.  Had a pair circle me tonight while I was ice fishing.  It’s getting to be an ordinary thing - seeing swans in the winter.
    • GeluNumber1
      Went out last night for sturgeon. Considering it was my first outing of the year, I did okay with a couple sub-30" fish. Saw some dandies.
    • Mike89
      '   that's what i did in the end....
    • Kettle
      It's making ice but there were some pretty large open areas tonight