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thinken of trying this area next year. can anyone recommend a winter resort out of black bay or a place that plows roads, i see from my h20 that there is alot of islands with good structure is it hard to get to these by trucks. whats the fishing pressure like . ive never icefished or summer fish on vermillion so any advice would be great.


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You might note that most of black bay isn't very deep, ranging from maybe 8 or 9 feet at the mouth down near metza point to only about 4 or 5 feet further up. And it is all soft bottom so far as I can tell.

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Delcecchi is right. The river channel out of Black Bay is 8-9 feet and the bay itself is consistently 4-6 feet deep throughout. There aren't many fish in there during the winter. I've never seen an ice fisherman out there, except for myself, and I haven't caught a thing.

The crappies and panfish are the last things to move out in the fall. All of the fish return in the spring and then begin to slowly migrate back out of the bay again as the open water season continues.

Probably the only thing to catch there during the winter is bullheads, but I haven't caught any of them either. Maybe somebody else will have some contradicting information about Black Bay.

Other parts of the lake have much better fishing and there are ice roads in those areas. However, I would not drive from Black Bay to anywhere. There is moving current coming from Black Lake, into Black Bay, and out to the rest of Vermilion and I've never seen a vehicle (besides 4-wheelers and snowmobiles) drive from Black Bay through the channel.

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    • toddrun
      Nice fish Reid, We saw lots of clouds coming out of the mud also, but didn't know what was hatching.  Did see lots of dragonfly's, but not much for fishflies or mayflies in the air.  We didn't have any big fish luck for found keeper fish in the first rock edges around the mud. A guy in our resort claimed he caught a 32" Walleye, but we didn't see any pic's, so not verified, although had several witnesses that confirmed it.  Would have been nice to see it though.
    • Horseshoe_Don
      Bass is my favorite fish to eat.    I always keep them.   If anyone told me not to I would tell them to go to [email protected]#$.    I always eat everything I catch. Catch and release is a choice not a law.   As long as people eat what they catch I have no problem with what ever they catch.   Those who waste fish I have a problem with or those who catch and release too much and end up killing fish I even have a bigger problem with.   Don
    • Wanderer
      The OP specifically requested advice on how to best address what he personally considers an issue; respectfully. And yes, I do agree, and therefore respect his request enough to answer it; respectfully. I’ve personally dealt with the same conflict of interest in the past and feel that I understand the emotions on both sides enough to offer qualified advice that is more practical and useful than just saying mind your own darn business.  
    • DLD24
      Hit BSL on Friday to tryand find those slabs again... They were right in the same area as the last time I was out, but could not get one to bite to save my life... They were taunting me jumping all around me... I got some walleyes, nothing over 14" though... The bugs were horrible on the north side, so bad they drove me to the south side haha.
    • kfk
      If someone is legal keeping 15"+ bass, it's none of your business whether they keep 15"+ fish or not. Just walk away and leave it alone.  If you want to change the regulations, try doing it in the proper manner instead of a confrontation at the boat ramp.  I don't know how others would react, but if you approached me, it certainly wouldn't be positive experience.
    • Mike89
      so what do have against harpooners?????  the Indians did it before us????????????   
    • Reid Saarela
      28.5, but the fattest walleye we’ve seen. My dad and I both agreed it was a bigger fish than my 30 last summer. Wish we would have weighed it but I would rather have the fish swim off healthy! 
    • delcecchi
      I don't confront people on the water about what they do.  Expressing an opinion in general is fine.  Getting up in people's face is different, as I hope you agree.
    • IceHawk
      That's awesome Don. Very creative and looks like fun. 
    • Wanderer