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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Rick
      Nice! Well done.    Anyone here to help out?
    • Bigfatbert
      Great post as usual Cookie , it sounds as though you are getting around at least somewhat better , and also great to hear your able to do your no snow dance , hope you continue good progress on that road to recovery from your accident , your a good man on a grand lake !
    • Bigfatbert
      I’m not sure if you took the boat ride from Johnson into Little Johnson with your family last July, or not ,but springtime especially can be a great time to fish walleyes on Little Johnson . Very cool , and safe boat ride and very easily done on the river that connects the two lakes .. On Little Johnson , IMHO your daytime fishing hours can also be more productive , so not to have to limit to low light conditions  which it seems you experienced on Big Johnson , good luck , would be great to hear back on how it all went for you and your buds !
    • Bigfatbert
      The possibility of cell coverage does exist on Johnson Lake and The nearby surrounding area . Who you have for your cell carrier may make a difference, and just from one area to another area and on the lake also can come into play up there . I personally with AT&T on another very close lake to Johnson have coverage on the north side but don’t on the south side , go figure , I guess it’s always a challenge in remote conditions . . I would personally just contact Sherrick’s Resort and get your answer to that question .. Also want to stress bottled water only for drinking , do not drink the lake water as the consequence of doing such is not pleasant whatsoever.. Enjoy your adventure up there !
    • smurfy
      thanks guys. wanderer...........yea it seems like most the pike fishing happens there. kinda why i would like to fish a different area. and i believe icehawk posted something about the point out there was where a few locals fish pike. i did a little research, seems its a good weedy area and if there's weeds there's little fish and big fish eat little fish!!!!👍   paul.......... sounds like not many are fishing that windmill point area............. i like it. unless something comes up i'll be out there sat morning!!!!!  
    • cookie129
      1 week to go. Its lightly snowing as I sit here this morning thinking about how the weekend went. Its never easy.  I'm not expecting to much snow as I did a little no snow, snow dance as I left the lake last night.  Friday while Jonny boy and Ashly moved  and prep the houses I was able to meet customers at Hillmans ,then escort them out.   Ben ,Shawna and the 3 kids Louie, Willa, and the Scully. Were spending 3 nights in north Dakota. It hard to be leave they have been coming 11 years now. Ben proposed to Shawna in old Minnesota. Now they have 3 very cute kids. I did get to visit a bit . all 3 of the kids got there toes wet falling in the holes. But they all ready want north Dakota again next year. The fishing has been a bit slow so I'm not sure how many they have caught. There has been a morning bite so if I remember Ben did get a couple yesterday morning.  Montana had Justin, Lisa and there son Landon? They headed home yesterday with 10. Landon landed the biggest a 21 1\2 incher. I did get a note from them .They enjoyed there stay  and plan on coming next year.  Colorado had Jason wife Bret and 2 kids Quin and Leon, both the kids did get to land a fish. It was also slow but they had a nice family vacation and took home a fish fry.  Florida has Derrick and his crew. They arrived Saturday. One of the guys gave me some smoked salmon that was the bomb.  It has also been slow for them so hopefully last night it picked up. they had a few and did loose a nice fat one yesterday morning. Kentucky had Nate and his family for one night. They get 7 I beleave.  I fished with Tony in old Minnesota Saturday morning. I landed 5 fish getting two more fish with the orange chubby darter.  Yesterday Jonny boy moved Colorado for the new group plus I also checked in Mary and Randy for one night in kentucky.   Shell chick and Terry our in old Minnesota. They were up to 3 last night so not so good. There here for one more night, so jonny and ash may move them today.  We have a nice busy week to end the season, so more fishing reports to follow as we finish off the season on a Grand lake that owes us nothing.
    • bigbad401
      Made it out on Saturday.  Drove out from the Northern Lights cabins on the south end of the lake.  Was out there for over 8 hours.  We caught 4 perch and 1 walleye.  There were a ton of perch but they did not want to bite.  The walleye was small.
    • whateverisbiting
      I would love to see more restrictions on all species but they have to include a protected slot.  There are so many success stories it should be obvious by now.  It seems to work better when a mid-range length is protected or all fish over a certain length go back.  I have heard concerns that restriction will reduce interest including from out of state (economic impact), but with better fishing I doubt that is the case.  I think what helps with this is allowing 1 trophy over a certain size in your limit.  As for the stunted theory...as a kid I fished a lake where I could limit out on 8" crappies any time but never caught one over 9".  We were told to keep as many as possible so we could thin them out.  A 9" minimum was put on the lake.  And like magic when I went back and fished as an adult almost all the crappies were just under 9", but I caught a limit between 9-12 inches.  I remain somewhat skeptical of the stunted fish theory...not that it does not exist, but it is an overused excuse.  Just reducing the limit does not help...you need to add the slot with it.  Or just use the slot, which is somewhat self-limiting in what you can keep.  For some, reducing the number you can keep is a psychological boost...with less effort they can say we limited out!  For others, reducing the limit is not limiting, because they just keep adding fish to the freezer with no fear of getting caught over limit, whereas for a slot there is high risk of keeping illegal fish while on the water.  With the new northern regulations, I have already seen the impact in increasing size...all fish from 22-26 go back and now I am seeing those small northerns get some bulk (it is not because they are stunted and people are keeping all the northerns under 22" to thin them).  I don't think that "educating" people is effective; if you care, you already know.  It needs to be legislated.
    • banton441241
      A canoe requires a “J” stroke (to compensate for paddling on one side) whereas a kayak has a balanced left and right stroke that better aids in tracking and balance. Canoe paddles are heavy. Kayak paddles are ergonomic and light! AND What is the difference between canoeing and kayaking?
    • Wanderer
      You might not find much opposition on forums cuz the people that use them are learners.  This is our life and we’ve paid attention to what goes on out on the water/ice.  We’ve had our times when we’ve realized what our own actions have meant and make efforts to be better sportsmen and conservationists.  If all of us here kept every legal fish we catch up to our limit, we’d be WAY over on possession - who can eat that much fish?  We don’t view a freezer full of fillets as food security, we view a lake full of swimming fillets as food security and fun security.  Making a smaller withdrawal from the lake here and there is better than living on a couple jackpots per year when one really lands on em.   That statement might sound arrogant but I believe it to be true.  
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