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I am hoping to ice fish Bowstring the weekend of the 16th and 17th, but I could use a little advice. I used to go hit the String with my Grandpa for crappies a few times each winter, but it has probablly been 12 years since he and I have been able to fish together. He always picked the fishing spots, so I'm not real sure what to look for when selecting a location. Should I be looing for a specific depth range, type of structure, or anything like that. I don't need exact locations, but enough information so that I'm not wandering around with no idea of what I'm doing would be appreciated. I would also be interested in some evening eyes if there are a few to be had. I've never ice fished for walleyes on Bowstring before.



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The north end access off county road 35 is the most used. There are alot of different spots around the lake that are fished for crappie mostly the north,west and south sides.Most of the crappie fishing is in the 20 to 25ft which is where it drops in to the main basin of the lake. There are different humps and bump mostly in the north end that people fish. Not what I like to do, but you will see little fishing villages set up in different area mostly the north and west side that are fishing crappie/perch.

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We have done well out in front of Snug Harbor Resort in 20-25 ft. We usually have to stay mobil and jump from hole to hole finding active fish. There are usually a ton of holes already drilled so you will see the areas that are fished. Don't be afraid to break away from the pack to find fish. First light and last light always seemed to be the best times. Good luck and report on how you do.


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Any size to these crappies?

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    • gunner55
      I crossed paths with the person that works over there yesterday & got to ask if they would be netting on the Opener? Their reply was it might be July.  We'll see, may run into them again in the near future.
    • paceman
      Went for a short hunt yesterday morning. Heard a few gobbling on the roost on the neighbors land. They did not come my way and did not make any sounds once they flew down. It was great to be in the blind with the bow again. I am always amazed how loud the spring woods are. Every bird in the country was going crazy. Ducks, geese, crows, woodpeckers... music to my ears! Might get out again Sunday afternoon with my son and then myself Monday morning depending if we see anything Sunday....
    • OhioVike
      Tom, good thoughts now we need good weather!
    • OhioVike
      I have to admit I never heard of it.  I will certainly give it a try.  I am surprised by the number of people that haven't done the cheeks before.  This will really get em.  Thanks.  
    • imhatz
      I heard back from Michael Schwanke a guide working out of Crane Lake that I have known for several years. I told him we are heading up on May 17th. He said it will be close real close. I depends on the night temps need to remain over freezing.....we will keep fingers crossed for a week or two and then decide what to do.
    • Wakemup
      This is great! I’ve never heard of this either Skunked, thanks for sharing- will give it a shot this summer!
    • Borch
      Sounds like a blast!  My time has shifted to turkey hynting prep.  So it looks like I'm done despite good ice conditions.  But I'm a bit jealous of you all.
    • smurfy
      One thing I'd like to add, they live about 2 miles north of remer on hwy 6.
    • Brandon Klatt
      Went up to Knife lake today to see if i could find some slab crappies. After drilling countless holes and only 1 crappie to show for it was thinking about packing it in. Then i notice a mark 1ft under the ice, bam a nice 12in slab. fished 2:45-8pm, bite was good 6:30-8.  Caught a good amount of crappies, key was to be 6-8ft of water and most fish were 1-4ft down. All crappies were released, with how hard this lake gets its nice to see there's still slabs in there and wish the DNR would put a 5 crappie limit on the lake, even down to 3 would be great. 
    • leech~~
      I think Duff has been hacked? He's replying to posts over a year old now?