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Coming up tuesday, wednesday, thursday with 2 sleepers and 7 guys and was just looking to get some weekend reports. Amazing how you can schedule a trip 3-4 weeks in advance and hit a cold front fight square int the nose the first day you get there. Oh well maybe we'll luck out and catch some for supper. Thanks for any replies!

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Random guy

Well to be honest the last four or five days have been brutal. I can't figure out what caused this slow down if it was cold/pressure front, the water boatman bugs in the water creating the same effects of a mayfly hatch or if they just don't feel like biting. Sometimes we all read into fish and fishing so drastically we over look the simple stuff, an old pro Musky angler was asked once why musky sun themselves. The question was asked in hopes for some answer about cold blooded digestive systems or photo sensitive skin and the metabolism effects of the fish warming itself. His reply was classic- "They do it because it makes them happy" Maybe we have unhappy fish. \:\) Either way we just can't figure out the slowdown although one thing we do know is this can not continue much longer, these critters have to eat sometime.

Now last night (26th) the evening bite showed great improvement over the last few days, several anglers had caught the limit of walleyes with a few crappies mixed in and even some overgrown perch showing up.

Another trick that I have not seen in awhile were white jigs, white is a great summer color, seldom does it excel in the winter but many anglers are having great success with the smaller sized white colored JB Lures Gem-N-Eye. Now I often feel that jig color and shape is the last factor in good presentation but the proof was in the buckets last night.

Either way a guy just never knows what is going to happen, it could turn on today, maybe tonight but it has to turn and I believe it is going to happen very soon by the HUGE increase in a both activity and aggression demonstrated by the fish I viewed with the Marcum camera. Many of the walleye where not nosing in and then slowly turning away as they have been doing the last few days. The walleye came in like a jet fighter often missing the bait and circling back around for another pass. I had one fish miss three times before it finally hit its mark, now that’s a feeding walleye.

Fishing is fishing and that’s that, sometimes you hit them and sometimes you just learn a lot and eat pizza instead of fresh fish. One thing we can do is look back at many years previous and we know as we get later and later into winter the fishing continues to improve. The panfish peak activity occurring in March and walleyes become a nuisance when targeting mid March crappies. Hang in their and give it your best, I guarantee no matter what happens you will catch more fish and have more fun on the lake no matter what the bite is doing instead of sitting in your easy chair watching a re-run. ;\)

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water boatman bugs?

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Random guy

Order Hemiptera - Family Corixidae - The Water Boatmen

Distinguishing characteristics - The water boatmen are easily identified by their short front legs modified into scoop-shaped structures (Fig. B). In addition, their hind legs are oarlike with swimming hairs (Fig. C), their antennae are found under the eyes and are shorter than the head (Fig. D), and they have a one segmented, short triangular beak (Fig. E).

Tolerance Value - 5

Feeding Group - Predator

Notes - The water boatmen are a large and diverse group of water bugs. They overwinter as larvae or adults. They are free-swimming bugs that live in running and quiet waters. Depending on the species they can be considered herbivore-detrivores, omnivores, predators, or scavengers. The size of the Water Boatmen at maturity is 3-11 mm.


Cute little bugger. eek.gif

All I know is the lake is full of them, at night the bottom is thick with them as they must be going through some sort of hatch or cycle and I have watched fish eat them so...does this have the same effect as a mayfly hatch in the summer?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • ZachD
      Its that time of year again pick up your heart guard and your flea and tick.  
    • Smoker2
      Where are you located?
    • eyeguy 54
      Time to get the yak ready. Might need to paddle a couple spots on the sippi soon. 
    • mrpike1973
      Nice Crappie!
    • Rick G
      Eyeguy and I made it out one last time yesterday. Access points are getting pretty bad in our area. Was finding roughly 2ft of  very chunky ice in the places we drilled holes. With the warm weather and bright sunahine we had, I'm guessing we lost a few inches through the day Fishing wasn't exactly fast and furious, we did get our fish... but really had to work for the quality.  The area we ended up finding our fish was a shallow 6-10ft dark bottom flat, close to where they will move come ice out.   It soon became apparent the fish we were targeting were almost swiming with their back right against the bottom of the ice, infact my two best crappies hit while my bait was only inches below my hole.  Baits we found better success with were the Northland slugbug and The Impulse Mayflies in bright colors. Jig size didn't seem to matter much due to the depth we were fishing. As I am typing this, my thoughts are already turning toward warmer days spent chasing smallies on the river. The boat and yak are soon to be ready, rods will be strung and so on. It was one heck of a long winter.... fished with some real good people from this site I had more good days than bad, got some monster fish locally... for these things I'm truly blesaed.... like I said,It's been a long winter....I'm glad it's over Pic is of my last big ice crappie for the season  
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I will certainly keep you informed about the progress of the hatchery. I expect to see the nets and traps go in within the next two to three days. The run should be very strong as the fish are already moving into Pike Bay strongly. Cliff
    • Bigfatbert
      Thanks Cliff for your Pike River deteriorating ice reports and pics . I. Really want to show my wife the hatchery when the action is really happening this year , I would assume you will be right on that when this happens , is there any way that you can give a shout out on here as to just when this scenario is happening up there . With the warmer temps being quite steady now , I would think the run will be rather strong this year when things get going ..  
    • biff
    • CigarGuy
      I got the 4 smaller ones the other day. They are a little over 2" long and paid only $6.64 total to my door.  The quality seem pretty good, we shall see once I put them to some use! 
    • Bryan P
      Thanks Leech! Ya you need a life jacket in a kayak. I have mine behind my seat, but Yes I should be wearing it.