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We'll i'll state something on this forum, and i would like this not to get into a yelling match because its mainly opinionated by us who dont know exaclty how this work. I would be in favor of a 4 fish limit but more slot limits on lakes also. The reason i say this is that there are lakes where a slot limit could hurt the walleye populations and other fish populations in the lake.

I would like to see a slot protecting all fish 20-27 inches. Really for me its 21"-? and the only reason i put a question mark is i've never caught a walleye over 26" But with the ability of replicas a big walleye does not need to be kept. Even though i've heard and Deadhead can probably make this more clear that a large walleye might have a lot of eggs but they are actually less fertile than lets say a 24" eye.

For a lot of people this is more opinion than actual fact data, but if we can keep this cival it could be a great conversation piece.

Andrew Shae

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Jim Uran

It seems that these conversations are never civil. Everyone has there opinion and have no shame in writing it, which is a good thing. I think our fishing regs shouldn't be made based on tourism. I like Shae's idea of the slot, protecting the 20+" fish BUT allowing someone to keep a trophy. We have to face the facts there are many different types of angles out there. Most people on here are out for the fun of angling, and taking home an occasional meal, but there are people who come "UP NORTH" to spend a week or a weekend at the lake who want to keep some fish to eat or bring home or whatever. Those are the anglers that are keeping the regs as liberal as they are now. When it comes down to it, lakes should be managed on a lake to lake basis. If we had to do one thing statewide, it would be to protect the 20+" fish and allowing one over 28". Just my 2 cents

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    • FishandFowl
      Have not been here in sometime. Thought this would be a good opportunity to get back on here. Got out for the C season, arriving just before sunrise  and the birds were already on the ground. Started with an aggressive calling sequence "Purr into a loud Yelp" there were birds North and West of my location responding. This guy decided to take a look about 30 minutes later. He got within 5 feet of my blind full strut. Something I have never heard before he started to hiss at the decoy.  Not a great shot at that range but sealed the deal.   
    • Wakemup
      Very nice! I was kicking myself real hard this weekend for forgetting my fish finder at home. I did manage to bring this smallie in, but they were tough to pattern for me and this was the only noteworthy fish of the weekend. Hope the water temps come up and I can get back next weekend!
    • Wakemup
      Nice boat Raven! I think I saw you out buzzing around in Wakemup this weekend!
    • Borch
      I got out on the Cass Lake chain this weekend with a group of 10.  We found walleyes still hanging out shallow and scattered.   Jigging with shiners or gulp in 4-10 fow got several walleyes in the livewell.  With the heavy wind we also had a good daytime crank bite.  In the evening trolling cranks was productive as well.  Saturday morning I stuck a 43" musky trolling for eyes. Not a great photo but I was fishing by myself and wanted to get it released quickly. Panfish were hard to pin down with them bouncing shallow and then disappearing with each weather change.  With wind gusting to 25+ miles per hour finesse presentations were difficult. Water temps ranged from 53-60 degrees.
    • Knowknot
      I have to agree, always enjoy your videos Curt. Fun to see what is happening even from the southern part of the state...Keep em coming...
    • CigarGuy
      Chad, was that on the West end?  My turn to follow you around 😀. I'll be back up Thursday night!!
    • TomWehler
      Swim 9 am this morning.  No idea on temp but Major Shrinkage.  Coolimoolio! keep on rocken!   T  
    • pikeandchester
      Spent a couple hours on German. Slow fishing, just a couple small sunnies, the boy and I where happy to be out though.  Water temperature ranged from mid 60s to mid 70s. No fresh vegetation and dirty water. Must still be running a bit behind despite the warm weather.
    • Raven77
      Got to get the first fish guts on it yesterday!
    • Raven77
      Interesting. So the sows are still in shallow? We fished 10-24' the past 3 days and have done well with a lot of 14-18" eyes using Lindy rigs and rainbows.