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Anybody been fishn it latley? Had any luck with northern?

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we should go ther next weekend lee

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Went out yesterday afternoon and discovered my fish house was broken into. :-( :-o This is what I had in there.

4 camo highback chairs.

1 wood tip-up

1 old spinning rod and reel.


1 fish scale

1 pair ice cleats

1 ice scoop

What is weird. Nothing was taken but the old rod and reel combo. Did these robbers have a conscience? I'm glad they didn't take the chairs. I really like them. :-D I guess I have to move the house back near the crowd so their is a little more protection. It has never happened to me before on Centerville.

The fishing didn't pick up until near sundown and after dark. Crappie and sunfish. Mainly small with a few good ones. We also had a sucker minnow down and a fathead minnow on another. So what does the northern bite? My powerbait grub on a shrimpo.... That was fun. It was a good time in there. We had 5 of us having a few barley pops, catchin fish, fishing in our t-shirts staying warm during a deep freeze! You got to love Minnesota fishermen/women.

As soon as it warms a little I am moving it to another spot I marked in the summer closer to the others.

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whats the house look like? i was just out there today and had no luck at all, couple small bites thats it. man the ice was thick.

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We had our shack broke into also on Peltier last weekend.

Really messed up the door and locks.

They did not get too much.

Some rod holders

Gas can and gas.

Slush inhailer.

More of a pain then anything.

Everyone keep your eyes open for these LOSERS!!!

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RonZych - I saw you moving your house on Centerville today just as my daughter and I were packing up and leaving. I didn't get a chance to stop over and say hi as she was ready to go. Good luck in the new spot!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Sushilicious
      Guessing u aren't from the 218. I went 2 the Virginia n Chisholm lucky 7s today n both locations had shiners. 
    • Wanderer
      I used to fish the City lakes quite a bit many years ago.  Calhoun was a go to for me to have a fun bass fishing day.  I can’t tell you how things are now but back then (1990’s) I’d not only expect numbers but at least one 5 lbr each outing.  My best from there was 6lb 4oz caught on a 10 inch black/blue Power Worm.  We used Carolina Rigged lizards as our second best bait.  We lost some of those to the muskies though. Lake of the Isles was not as good to us but had more interesting Muskie stories than Calhoun did.   Heck, is it even called “Calhoun” anymore?
    • slammer
      On our way up for the weekend.  Live or frozen shiners?   Best place to get them?  thanks
    • Raven77
      Really enjoyed your video.  Thanks for sharing!
    • Wakemup
      Any reports from Frazier bay at all? I’m thinking of making a run in my little boat the narrows. I’m itching to catch some walleye for the frying pan and think heading east may be my best bet but want to see if there’s any info out there before I make the 45 minutes trip!
    • Harv
      Saturday opener was great on Basswood for 3 of us.  Well, bitter sweet.  We brought 10 fish home; but due to the slot of only 1 over 20 inches we had to let 10 fish go.  Some  big eyes that afternoon
    • TheEyesofanAngler
      it definitely is a good area! i appreciate the advice i''ll definitely get out there a couple times to give it a try. Yes, i do have a kayak. My friend is always talking about st johns.   Side note: Has anyone ever had a chance to get out to Calhoun or Lake of isles?  I heard the bass are there in fairly large size.. 
    • DLD24
      I bet a lot of people fishing the big tourney wish you would have posted this before the tournament haha. What size jerkbaits were you guys using 10s? Great video.
    • delcecchi
      Best   I could do.  If you get deperate, Big Bay of Vermilion is only like 25 miles down the road.   
    • Rick G
      Great video, thanks for sharing, Mitch😉