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Make the trip up sometimes once a year and have always gone out of adrians. Have used only plowed road access, never rented. They have been good to me. Will be bringing my son, first trip with the "boys", so need to do my prep work for him. always gone past pine and found the fishing to be o.k. Maybe looking to mix it up this year with shallow early/late etc. Just seems like not as much structure over that way. Have fished Arnesons once, so been that way. Just looking for a one time hit for the kid. Long Pt, Morris, Arnesons or Adrians info would be great. I'll be bringing my perm, 350 mile 1 way. Also, should be in the area around 10:00pm, can I get on the lake. Someone please take me under their wings. \:o

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Ive been to Zipple 3 times so far this year and will be going back this weekend if that tells u anything. No guarantees but I have filled out + eaten plenty every trip so far. I usually go with 2-4 guys so its been pretty good. also they do a great and I mean great job on their roads!!!

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curt quesnell

You should have a great LOW adventure, I have friends that show

up in the middle of the night to set up permanent houses. It

would make me nervous but they seem to get it done.

There is no real need to pass by Pine Island, the road is fine

for big trucks and permanent houses. The bite has been real

good in the deep water (34 foot). It at 2 pm if you still need

fish, pull everything in to 12 feet of water (there should be

paths) and fish till dark. You can spend the night in shallow

and catch the morning bite shallow and move out deep again at

10 am.

Fishing is pretty good

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • DLD24
      Went out the last couple days on Mille lacs, we had no problem finding fish, but the big fish eluded us... We got all sorts of year classes from 11" eyes on up to 24", which is a good sign... That big storm they got must have dirtied the water up, all the fish we found were on the top edge of the flats no matter how bright it was... Rigging leeches and crawlers were the best until we got some waves then the jigging rap was taking all the fish. The fish were stacked up on points of flats and narrow ridges on the flats... We tried pulling lead for a little while, but I've never done it so I had zero confidence in it haha. 
    • james_walleye
      DLD I'll keep rigging as long is I can keep catching good fish but entering into August I'll start to pull leadcore more.
    • Wanderer
      Ace, honest question here with no intent to debate, just learning more about muskies. What surface temps do you consider to be too warm for handling muskies?
    • DLD24
      What are your guys favorite presentations this time of year? When I come up I've mostly rigged.
    • CigarGuy
      Thanks Brian, the ratchet straps worked great.... quick, easy and secured it tight. I bought a bunch of big zip ties that it looks like I'll never use😀.
    • BrianF
      CigarGuy, cool pic. Looks like a good time/place for a cigar. lol. As far as securing your dock sections, some folks use bailing wire.  That’s what I use. Heading down in a few minutes to secure mine before the next storm takes sections away. Man, the water is high! 
    • kelly-p
    • CigarGuy
      Just got up here. Road construction sucks.....four hour trip took almost 5 hours.  Thanks Del, back end of the boat was out of the water last weekend. Do you guys use zip ties to secure the dock boards, big rocks or ?...…any good ideas?  This was supposed to have been posted last night.  A couple of ratchet straps and I'm golden. Molly the dog is helping me watch my bobber 😀 Two eagles and 5 loons, no fish!!
    • JBMasterAngler
      Fished Big Pine Lake today. Original plan was to fish the Kettle River, but the rain took care of that. I had fished big pine from shore, below the dam, years back and done well, but this was the first time I’ve ever taken a boat out there. Nice lake...looked to be about 2 feet high. Didn’t catch anything until about dinner time, when crappies started chasing schools of minnows on the west shoreline. Caught about 50 of them. I just happened to have a small twister tail that was almost an exact replica of the bait they were chasing, and that was the difference maker. My dad caught a decent pike that went after a little crappie he was reeling in. Was disappointed we didn’t find any bass, but I’d come back here again.
    • delcecchi
      Saw one up Norwegian bay tonight with like 10 basketball size rocks.   Never had to do anything with my old dock since height was adjustable so got no advice there. Posted 3 pictures to be sure I got the right place.  Bits are (nearly) free