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Morris Point LakeView Lodge Report


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10 more hours of work and we're headed back to the sleeper at Morris. I'm at 27' right now and looking for the current report. If I need to move around I'll have the 6800 with me this time.

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I guess I'll have to post my own report, in a couple days. Just got done with work, the pickups loaded, and the beer's on ice. See ya on the sheet!

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Well I just got back and am getting ready to head back up am fishing out of Morris point am in 25ft of water and its been pretty slow 9am to noon has been my best bite then it kind of turns in to the dead sea.

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Last Sat I had an amazing day in the 26-27' range. I was away from the people so that is where I would head. As mentioned from 9-12 it was great then it slowed but I was still marking fish but they were smaller saugers. But it was probably the best bite I have had on LOW in years. I realize last sat to this week is a big time change but I would think the bite should stil be pretty strong for you.

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Just came back from the lake last night. We fished the perm in 27fow and didn't produce like the week before. Came home with 6 keeper. I did try moving deeper to 30fow saturday afternoon with no results. Noticed houses moving in pretty steady yesterday. Looks like a new village setting up west of the road on the Y. LakeView started moving houses there too. Haven't heard of any great results yet. I'll stay with my location for now and move with the portable on Wed/Thurs to try and find the fish. Pretty slow across the whole lake this weekend. We'll have to wait it out for now.

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Pretty slow across the whole lake this weekend. We'll have to wait it out for now.

I dunno about that "slow across the whole lake" comment? Surprised you mentioned in another post of yours saying it's been slow for 2 weeks??

Saturday I fished mid-depth rock/rubble and had the best action I've had in all my trips since December 1, alot of smallish fishes though! Yesterday's evening trip on a 14 foot sand/gravel break saw steady action for dandy fish from 3 till all the way dark and not but 1 hut within 3/4's of a mile from me.

It's a BIG pond and them fishes are out there and catchable on a few different types of locations these days.


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Hey WhiskeyPete,

We are neighbors (sort of) glad to have you here.

There were large areas where fishing has been slow lately.

I wont pretend to have any reasons why. But what Fisky

said rings real true when times get tough. Having a

little bit different area in your bag can be huge.

My other post talks about moving shallow at the end of

the day. This isnt new information and as I looked along

the 12 foot contour line I didnt see 30 fish houses for

as far as I could see in either direction and the fish

were just nuts!

Some of our group picked away at fish all day and did

all right in the deeper water (22 feet) but we didnt

have much to show for the Friday fishing effort until we

moved shallow.

Whether it's a bit of gravel or rock pile or 5 miles of

shoreline the fish are biting some where. On those days

when the fish just wont bite, moving to your secret spot

will accomplish 2 things. 1). Maybe you will get into em

good. 2) Your day will be used up trying to better your

catch whether you do or dont.

Good luck next time out friend. You Red Lake Falls boys

know how to fish, you will figure it out.

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I'm not saying there's NO fish being caught out there, just one of those years I've had where moving is the key. I haven't given up on LOW or Morris, just need to more around a bit more than I'd like. LakeView is one place that will keep me coming back. Thanks to Al and Michelle!

Thanks for the reports.

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Well, we're leaving in the morning again for Morris Point. I've heard of people catchin' steady in 32-34' and still having a good morning bite at 17-20'. I'm loaded up and ready to go again. Just looking for the most recent reports.

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