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Yes! It has been a good Christmas so far! Especially with my purchase of a brand new LCX 28c HD. I was going to go with the LCX 27 and get the North based Navionics chip for Mille Lacs and Devils Lake. However! This chip was $145, but they told me that for $200 more from the sticker price of the LCX 27, I could bump up to the LCX 28 and have a hard drive that supposedly carries the Navionics (or Fishing Hotspots??) maps for every chip... First of all, can anybody tell me a little more about the LCX 28 and if I'm ok to use the internal maps for Devils Lake and Mille Lacs? Or, do I need to still get the North based Navionics chip for these lakes? I'm new to these sweet electronics so any info would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my buddy and I are hitting Mille Lacs in about 2 to 3 weekends. Can't wait! Good Luck to all.

PS - I've been put on a 3 month job down in STevens Point, WI. I have been doing some eye fishin down there and keepin myself busy. Can't wait to hit Pelican though!

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check out the hotspots web site for a list of the lakes in the north package, most are just "Lowrance enhanced" maps, whatever that means. i think where the HD shines is in the memory for waypoints, trails, etc.

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