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years gone by............(pics.)


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The Jake is my first bird ever harvested my proudest and the one that anchored the sport. I hunted 2 long spring hunts to get one under my belt. The other pictures are of a few birds harvested after that. This fall was my first hunt for that season. I was able to harvest a big tom with the longest spurs and beard thus far. 1 1/16 inch spurs and 10 ¾ inch beard. I have shot quite a few gobblers with 10 ½ inch beards but was never able to put one over that till this fall. We hunt some public and private land which gets hunted other seasons so it isn’t so private. The birds are educated and wary. Most situations we don’t use decoys, they can pinpoint you well enough without them. Calling is critical at this time of year. Calling just enough to get him interested and then cut him off. Then call every now and again to say I am over here. They come in like a black shadow, heads bobbing and weaving and a tail flash here and there. A light greeting cluck to bring him in the distance.

Man, I can’t wait. I only have a little over 4 months to go yet. frown.gif I hope I get drawn.


Good luck on the drawings for this springs hunt.

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