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"Day Packs"


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Last night I was putting bow hunting stuff away for the season and cleaning out my pack when I realized that I carry a ton of stuff with me each time I go out. It made me wonder what all of you put into your day packs. I think I am over kill but I think it would be good for some of the new comers to the sport to know what they should have.


H2O Day pack

Two bow hangers

One cut off ski-rope with handle (works great as a deer drag)

Hand warmers

Bottle of scent killer

Nikon rangefinder.

Blood trailing tape.



Plastic bag with paper towels and rubber gloves.

Grunt Call and bleat can.

Small headlamp and small Mag-light.


Bow retriever rope (The coil up kind)

Safety Harness

Pruner tool

Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pack (Knife / Saw combo)

Last but not least is the addition of the "Butt Out Tool" (I thought that this was a joke but they really work great.)

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Hatchet,saw combo


small combo tool

tree steps



hand warmers


pull up reel






xtra socks,gloves

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This all fits in a fanny pack on my waist. I've found a big backpack not to work well for me and its usually only half full anyway. I have a small pouch I attach to my stand when I get there for things I want at hand. I also have handwarmers and a cell phone in my cargo pockets.

My day pack includes...



aerial photo or map

emergency whistle with matches

grunt call, maybe rattle bag and can call if in season.



gutting gloves

trailing tape



32oz gatorade (doubles as pee bottle when empty)


bow hanger


harness tree strap

hoist rope


might add scent during the rut.

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I may be a klutz but I always have somewhat of a first aid kit to some degree along. One never knows when that sharp broadhead may slice your finger or your knife could do damage.

I use to go out with a little fanny pack and now have a huge bag that will go over my shoulders with more than I probably will ever use.

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I too carry a huge back pack. Mostly it gets filled with my outer clothes so I don't have to wear or carry them and get overheated. I also always have a compass, but then I hunt the big northern woods, not small woodlots.

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Obviously I tailor what I bring to each situation. If I'm near the car I carry far less because I can run to the car while I let the animal bed down.

If I'm out a ways, I bring a roll-up sled, rope, knife, GPS and compass and use the backpack with hydration bag.

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You guys carry alot of stuff.... I prefer the KISS method and since I am rarely more than 500 yards from my truck I rarely need more than I can fit in my pocket.

Here's what I have on my person when I head to the stand:




maybe horns

wind direction checker

and harness (which I put on at the truck)

I leave my knife at the truck as well, that forces me to return to the truck after the shot to grab it and a light giving the deer time to expire and helping resist the urge to recover.

Obviously if I hunted big timber and commonly hiked a mile or more, things would be different.

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I know on paper is looks like a lot of crap, but my list fits in a single-pocket fanny pack, not one of those expedition packs.

I've cut it way back to what I used to carry.

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I think you all forgot the most inportant thing, toilet paper. [ for blowing your nose ].

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • JerkinLips
      Walked out about half a mile on Tuesday with max safety (life jacket, ice picks, long rope to house, and chisel).  Ice was very solid and I measured 7½" today (Thursday).  The first 1/8 mile was nice dark ice that was large chunks frozen together, but quite smooth.  Then there was about 40 feet of very jagged white ice.  Had to lift the portable over the points of ice otherwise it would hang up on them.  Then the next mile of ice was rough white ice as shown in the picture with the ice scoop.  At the small island before Birch Island the ice appears to be dark (and probably smoother).  Several snowmobiles and ATVs were running out as far as Birch Island but it was easy walking for me.   Fishing got better each day.  Rainbow and chubs were about equal.  Couldn't catch a fish on pike suckers.  Best fish was the 27" (8#-3oz) hog shown in the picture.  Had a hard time getting her head into the hole.  Picture quality is bad because I wanted to release her quickly to avoid further stress.  Good luck out there and be careful on the ice.          
    • StateofHockey
      Measured 6" good clear ice today about 50 yards off the north side of Moccasin point. Walked out for a little ice fishing. Remember ice conditions vary around the lake, depending on sun exposure and current in channels/narrows. Be cautious, safe and verify your local ice conditions.  Directly off the Moccasin point boat landing, in the channel ice conditions looked poor. Picture is from Northside of Moccasin point I the early morning  when ice looks the best
    • Troy Smutka
      Finished the 23 waterfowl season over Thanksgiving. Got to hunt two days of the long weekend. Saw a modest number of ducks, and harvested mallards, bluebills, and ringnecks as the water began freezing over during the weekend. One of our tougher seasons with different migration patterns probably due to unusual weather patterns with constant fluctuating between well above average temps for a period and then almost instantly well below temps before going well above again, and so forth. Still will cherish the memories with family and friends and relive the sights and sounds of out on the water during fall. Will be posting ice fishing reports in the fishing report clubs as soon as the ice is safe. Happy Holidays everyone.
    • monstermoose78
    • DoubleJarre
      Thanks for sharing this exciting career opportunity with Orvis in the Minneapolis area. It's great to see companies looking for passionate individuals to join their team, especially in the world of fly fishing.
    • gimruis
      Shocking, I know.  And what may be more surprising is that one need not head westward to find them either.  There is a thriving, reproducing population of them right here in Central MN.
    • leech~~
    • gimruis
      Cosmo and I took the afternoon off and went pheasant hunting in the fresh snow yesterday.  Tried some new spots that I have never hunted before.  Raised 28 total.  I got a double at the second spot.  Two roosters flushed simultaneously and I dropped both of them.  The first one one fell dead but the second one went down as a cripple.  After retrieving the dead one, I went over to where the second one went down and after some good dog work, Cosmo came out of a patch of grass with it.  Then the final spot produced another rooster for a December limit.  Hunting after a fresh snow is quite often my most productive and enjoyable hunt of the entire season.
    • BigAl264
      Did you ever trade the 30-30?  If not would you consider selling?
    • smurfy
      go look at the talmoon thread.....kettles got a good report.    earlier last week i guy from another address reported anything from no ice over by leech lake then closer to grand rapids from 2 to 2 1/5 to 5 inches !!!!!! 
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