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Evening Duck Hunting

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This is my first year ever duck hunting and it is awesome. My question is what is hunting for ducks and geese like in the evening? Where is the best place to hunt them on the water or in the field? Thanks

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Scott M

Great to have another duck hunter out there. I'm sure you are hooked for life now. There is nothing like sitting in a blind throughout the fall. The seasons change before your eyes....bluebird skies and 80 degree temps on opener and lakes that freeze up and breaking ice on the last few days hoping for a winter squall to push a few mallards or divers down. I love all kinds of hunting but there is something special about the duck season.

Lots of duck and goose activity occurs around sunup and sundown, so you can do very well in the evening. Shooting closes at sunset, but up until that time there can be some excellent shooting as birds are preparing to call it a day.

As far as your question about fields or water, it really depends on what you can go out and observe. The migrant birds you are seeing are around for a little while and get accustomed to roosting, feeding, and traveling schedules. Your best bet is to get out, drive around, and spend a good deal of time glassing fields and water trying to observe as much as you can. If evening works well for you for hunting, try some scouting and see what you can find.

Enjoy the last few days of duck hunting in 07. The seasons go by quickly when you only get to hunt 60 days. Ten months off is along time, so hunt right up until Nov. 27 and then get in some late goose season hunting.

Good luck wrapping up your first season.

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Glad to hear we have another duck hunter to join our ranks. Evenings water hunting is usually hit or miss especially in early season for Puddlers and geese. A lot of it depends on how many birds and weather. Generally Puddlers and geese are out feeding in fields and return after shooting hours. I've have had a lot more good morning hunts than evening hunts. Diver hunting I have had a little more sucess in the evenings. Maybe this has to do with them hanging on the same water that I'm hunting on. Divers seem to have the need to strech there wings every once in a while. Anytime duckhunting is a good time and when the migration is on hunting can be good all day. Have fun hunting this year learn alot and I'm sure you be out next year.


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    • smurfy
      man them well most of them are along 38 north of rapids. some of them little puddles too!!!!!! 
    • Duffman
      I haven't been here in ages. But I have fished Moonshine, Caribou, Trout, Little Trout, Wabana, Bee Cee (when it held trout), Lucky, Kremer and Nickel. So this thread caught my eye.
    • krustykrab
      The Pine River stripping station will begin running on Monday, April 23rd.
    • laportian
      I live on the north side of Cass on the Pughole. We had 30 inches of ice out in front of my dock yesterday. Pughole is the flowage between Kitchie and Cass. I'm 200 yards off Cass and the current is pretty strong there. Top few inches was pretty mushy. Nothing happening as far as fish yet. But they are coming. Jumbos move in soon. Also seen a truck out off of Star Island on Monday evening. I imagine they have more ice out on the main lake than I have. I'm for sure going to be out ice fishing through next week at my place. Ice hasn't even begun to pull from shore at my place. 
    • Bigfatbert
      Hey there DUCKHTR . No need for a guide to hunt divers on Leech or Big Winnie . Your spots that you hunted early season on Leech will also be good spots for later season . I don't duck hunt anymore , but I used to hunt a lot on Winnie , mostly all my hunting there was on the north end Third River Flowage . Travel north from Deer River up Hwy 46 to the sign that directs you to turn left , then travel west on that gravel road for about 10-12 miles to the 3rd river boat landing . You should have no problem launching your boat there . From the landing outward is a lot of tall reeds on both sides of you  , this flowage widens out as you go farther out ,and depending on your wind direction on the day of your hunt , you can just pick and choose a spot  , all the way out , and down to Mallard Point where it really opens up to big water on Winnie . You will need to buy up 3-4 dozen Bluebill decoys , and also use your Mallard decoys you must already have . We used to have great shoots in that area of the lake . In the dark of the morning when your heading out you may have other hunters shine a flashlight your way , they are just letting you know that they are already set up in that spot , don't worry , there is plenty of room for many different hunting groups in the flowage . Once you get a few hunts below your belt , you will then have a better understanding of some of your favorite spots to set up ..  I had one particular spot we used to call the "Meat Market" because we used to kill so many ducks there in that spot . Just put out your decoys in the spot you choose , and then  pull your boat into the reeds parallel to the water , wait for legal shooting hrs , and have at it . From my recollection the Bills would start to trickle down from the north around the 20th or so of Oct .. I I hope this helps you out somewhat .
    • gimruis
      Well played.  Wish more people had that attitude.  Even a reduced statewide limit and/or a minimum keeper size would be fine by me.
    • gunner55
      I crossed paths with the person that works over there yesterday & got to ask if they would be netting on the Opener? Their reply was it might be July.  We'll see, may run into them again in the near future.
    • paceman
      Went for a short hunt yesterday morning. Heard a few gobbling on the roost on the neighbors land. They did not come my way and did not make any sounds once they flew down. It was great to be in the blind with the bow again. I am always amazed how loud the spring woods are. Every bird in the country was going crazy. Ducks, geese, crows, woodpeckers... music to my ears! Might get out again Sunday afternoon with my son and then myself Monday morning depending if we see anything Sunday....
    • OhioVike
      Tom, good thoughts now we need good weather!
    • OhioVike
      I have to admit I never heard of it.  I will certainly give it a try.  I am surprised by the number of people that haven't done the cheeks before.  This will really get em.  Thanks.