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3B - DH prospects, options?


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Anybody out there have any ideas? We have a couple of 3B prospects that have been okay in their repective fall leagues.

Matt Macri has been hitting the ball well from everything I have heard is a decent prospect. Probably start the year in AAA.

Buscher - He is playing about like he did last year I guess. He can hit, with very little pop and is an okay fielder.

Matt Tolbert - He was a 2B and has played some at 3B. Not a good fielder, but can hit with marginal pop.

Matt Moses - Big bust. He was a first round pick and has yet to live up to his billing. Terrible fielder by all accounts and has been playing some outfield to try and get his swing back. He struggled at AAA this year and was demoted to AA again where he has spent his last few years. I say this guys career will be done in less than 2 years.

Outside options - A-rod(yeah right), Mike Lowell(unlikely, he was big for Boston this year), Miguel Cabrera(pipe dream, but definitely has great pop and is young), Dodgers 3B prospects, it would take Johan to pry them away, possibly one of our top young gun pitchers, Garret Atkins(doubtful, CO does have someone playing beneath him that would be a cheaper option for either team, but the price will be steep, probably take Garza or Garza + to get him. Corie Koskie(I like him as a bench player + cheerleader, nothing else, spot start him at 3B and DH and let him pinch hit against right handed relievers.

DH - Mike Sweeney(could be had for a song probably a one year 3-4 mill deal, I don't want him. Sammy Sosa - (NOOOOO), Mike Piazza (washed up, possibly a good bench option, would come for about 3-4 mill also), Shannon Stewart (this one is interesting, if he is willing to play DH, he could be our leadoff hitter, now that we have noone ready to take that spot, could also backup LF on limited occasions, that spots is Kubels),.

Anyone else have any info or ideas? There are definitely more out there and I would like to see us trade some young pitchers to fill these holes rather than take fliers on old washed up vets on one-year deals.

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I forgot about him, but Gardy has been quoted as saying he would love to have him around. His ego wouldn't be as big a problem in our clubhouse as some other I think. Joe Nathan said he is a great teammate, I will trust him.

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If the rumors are true that Torre will become manager of the Dodgers, I would suspect that there is a good chance A-Rod is a Dodger next year...

Which means that it would be possible to get some prospects...including a 3B...from the Dodgers for Santana. That would be a good deal for the Twins...we could get Santana onto an NL team...

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Santana being dealt after Hunter has not been resigned would send this franchise into a tailspin. Goodbye Morneau if that happens.

Sorry, but if we are to make the playoffs again, a #1 starter is absolutely neccessary to take it all the way. A healthy Liriano added to the mix(who knows?)+ a strong bullpen and excellent closer and you basicically have 4 games of a 7 game series won or at least they will give your team a chance to win.

Trade some younger pitching depth to acquire 3B, DH that are prospects blocked by older more established players on other teams. This is what it is gonna take I think. You don't trade the next Sandy Koufax. I know the Twins did it with Sweet Music, but Santana is not Frankie!

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There has been talk, but it is probably mostly bloggers and newspapers.

I highly doubt we would move arguably one of the best defensive rf's in the game to a position that he has struggled at mightily in the past.

There has to be someone with ideas?

Hank Blalock, Joe Crede, Morgan Ensberg?

My guess is they pluck a blocked player on another team in exchange for one of our pitching prospects. This has what they have been good at in the past. Terry Ryan was anyway. smirk.gif

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