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nicknames for your hunting buddies


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there's a post on nicknames for big bucks, might as well hear some nicknames we call our buddies during hunting season.

1. "spook and release" (obvious)

2. "click" (always forgets to load the gun)

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1. "DeSoto" long story about a single guy in a nightclub

2. "Smurf" photoshopped hunting pic

3. "Gutter" no longer a member of our group, but always running with a knife hoping to gut someone's deer

4. "Antsy" he'll be out of his stand by 8a.m. opening morning

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This is an old Native American moniker for he who tells big stories without proof:

Walking Eagle, whose translation means "too full of BLEEP to fly"


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at our hunting shack, we have

"the cook"

"bang bang" for obvious reasons

"the tracker" for helping bang bang

and "single shot"

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Well let's see, we got;

Bwana (he who wants to be in charge)

Sherpa Kurt (a whole nuther story)

Peaches (so named from an incident involving some schnapps and a couple catholic on a snow goose hunt)

Doecamper aka Chipmunk

The jaegermeister (The old guy in charge)

Auntie Flo (She who cuts up deer like a benihana chef)

Mother Mary (she who is like everyones mom)

The other old guy (he who holds/consumes the schnapps)

and myself Bubba, (why cause everyone needs a bubba)

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FOGS - "(Contact Me - Old - Guys) All of the guys that have been hunting since us guys have been in diapers.

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Cookie (because he always crumbles)

JATAV (it is the first letter of each of his birth names)

Sassy (short for sasquatch, he is 6'5" with size 18 feet)

and Toidi (a word spelled backward during a drunken scrabble night)

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Everyone who has hunted at our camp has permanent nicknames:

The meanings: Some need no explanation, some I won't say, and some I don't want to know.










Great White Hope

Chigger-Boy or Chig

And then of course there are the temporary/honorable names

Camp/Cook Boy (The fist guy to shoot a nice buck)

Otis (referring to the drunk on Andy Griffith)

Camp Boy Otis (a camp boy can many times morph into Otis)

Dish boy (someone always forgets to bring a meal)

Apple Farmer (anyone who makes a dumb common-sense mistake)

There are many more....

Man, I can't wait to get up to deer camp.

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Don't know that we really have many. I guess my Dad gets called the tracker a lot, because he just likes to follow blood trails & will stay on them even if they're not his, plus he gets bored sitting in the stand.

Everybody pretty much gets called the deerslayer if they shoot a deer or two off their stand opening morning. Right after they congratulate you on your deer & it's drive time they say: "Well you've got your walking papers." That means it's time for you to start getting off some heavy clothes as you probably won't be in a stand again until evening. Nobody usually minds as they're happy they got a deer already.

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I'm "Doe killer"

my dad is "Stogie"


"Lumpy Butt" (entails a fishing trip up north on a ranger box involving many mosquitoes. grin.gif



"Bern" (real name) really doesn't have a nickname.

there are others that I cannot remember right now.

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