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How do you call deer.

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I have used antlers on a string, rattle bags, bleet calls, grunt calls, can calls, etc. However, I can't ever say that I have called in a deer with them. I read a lot of posts and articles where people swear by them. Any pointers, certain sequences or times or day or season that are better? I have experimented while on stand and watching deer and how they react, and even then most either ignore me, or just lift their head and look. Thanks for any input on this.

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not sure myself on the uses, as i usually won't use them. but, something must be done right if they didn't turn and run. from past experience, i'll only rattle or give a couple quick grunts or two if i can see a buck, and just need him a bit closer. depending on the stage rut is in, mature bucks will come running, as younger ones sniff around. i think it also depends on the number of does around. if they are scarce, a mature buck will not tolerate another buck in the area, especially if you grunt with a young buck grunt.

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I happen to be one of those guys that swears by them. I called in this buck last muzzleloader season, and two years prior called in another large 10 ptr. I have never called in young bucks or does. I think it works best on the brusiers. I use a grunt call and use the Tending Grunt. This is a grunt that a buck makes when it's tending a doe that is ready to go into estrus. It's just 4-6 quick little grunts. I space them out about 15 minutes. I try to say the word huck, huck as I blow into the grunt call. This buck pictured came in about 2 minutes after I made the serious of grunts and had just put the call down. He jumped into one of my shooting lanes and was basically jogging/trotting right to me. He stopped about 50 yards out facing me trying to pinpoint the sound. The one two years ago had gone past my shooting lanes hot on a doe. I didn't have time to shoot. I grabbed the call and did a quick 5 grunt serious of the tending grunt and within a minute he was heading my way. He wasn't even trying to be quiet. I heard him coming and I spotted him about 150 yards out heading my way. He turned to go aroudn a log at 75 yards and I let her rip. I won't leave the shack without one. Keep in mind, deer vocalization isn't very loud. So you're not trying to call in deer from a mile away, just the deer that are near and not able to be seen by you. I hunt big woods country in far Northern MN. Dense woods with not many openings. We have to clear shooting lanes just to have a shot over 25 yards (private land). So there could be countless deer that are walking just out of sight that you never would have known were there. So soft grunts spread out will get thsoe deer to within shooting range.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • ZachD
      Its that time of year again pick up your heart guard and your flea and tick.  
    • Smoker2
      Where are you located?
    • eyeguy 54
      Time to get the yak ready. Might need to paddle a couple spots on the sippi soon. 
    • mrpike1973
      Nice Crappie!
    • Rick G
      Eyeguy and I made it out one last time yesterday. Access points are getting pretty bad in our area. Was finding roughly 2ft of  very chunky ice in the places we drilled holes. With the warm weather and bright sunahine we had, I'm guessing we lost a few inches through the day Fishing wasn't exactly fast and furious, we did get our fish... but really had to work for the quality.  The area we ended up finding our fish was a shallow 6-10ft dark bottom flat, close to where they will move come ice out.   It soon became apparent the fish we were targeting were almost swiming with their back right against the bottom of the ice, infact my two best crappies hit while my bait was only inches below my hole.  Baits we found better success with were the Northland slugbug and The Impulse Mayflies in bright colors. Jig size didn't seem to matter much due to the depth we were fishing. As I am typing this, my thoughts are already turning toward warmer days spent chasing smallies on the river. The boat and yak are soon to be ready, rods will be strung and so on. It was one heck of a long winter.... fished with some real good people from this site I had more good days than bad, got some monster fish locally... for these things I'm truly blesaed.... like I said,It's been a long winter....I'm glad it's over Pic is of my last big ice crappie for the season  
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I will certainly keep you informed about the progress of the hatchery. I expect to see the nets and traps go in within the next two to three days. The run should be very strong as the fish are already moving into Pike Bay strongly. Cliff
    • Bigfatbert
      Thanks Cliff for your Pike River deteriorating ice reports and pics . I. Really want to show my wife the hatchery when the action is really happening this year , I would assume you will be right on that when this happens , is there any way that you can give a shout out on here as to just when this scenario is happening up there . With the warmer temps being quite steady now , I would think the run will be rather strong this year when things get going ..  
    • biff
    • CigarGuy
      I got the 4 smaller ones the other day. They are a little over 2" long and paid only $6.64 total to my door.  The quality seem pretty good, we shall see once I put them to some use! 
    • Bryan P
      Thanks Leech! Ya you need a life jacket in a kayak. I have mine behind my seat, but Yes I should be wearing it.