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Full Moon Weed Wackin'...

Team Otter

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7.5 fish/net? I think "they" might want to check again. smirk.gif

I just returned home from nearly a full week on "the pond" and the bite seems to be setting itself up for an explosion within the coming days. The first part of the week, the water temperature was 50 - 52 degrees but when we drove off the lake this morning ~3:00 am, I had 48 degrees. The reason I say "explosion" is because, although the fishing was awesome, we saw all sizes. That will soon change. The common denominator this week as far as location goes was being in the sand on the inside of green cover in 4 - 6' of water. There is other cover out there but the vegetation that is the most green is holding the best concentrations of fish. As far as presentation goes, other than last night, #12 HJ's ruled the roost in Tennesse Shad, Blue and Chrome, Glass Purple Perch and Black and Gold. When the action slowed, we down-sized to #9 Salmo Minnows and #5 and #7 shallow Shad Raps to keep up with their wants. Last night, with the brighter skies, was a different story. We averaged ~2 - 3 fish/lure, with at least 9 different colors catching fish. Interesting. Speed was crucial too; no surprise there. 1.0 - 1.5 mph was typical but in the end, the slower, the better and that won't change from now 'til ice-up. Also, the flurries of activity seemed to be ~9:00 - 10:30 pm and then again from ~12:30 am - 3:00 am.

A typical night was 25 - 40 fish but Wednesday was an exception, when we went well over 50 fish for 2 guys.

I'd be happy to entertain any questions because I know I can't cover it all in just 1 report. Oh, it's time to get up there. grin.gif

These fish mean business!


Biggest of the trip; 27.75"


Ho-Hum 26"


Right at sunset - POW!


Hot Steel Victim...


25.5"; not even 3# confused.gif


Go on a diet fatty grin.gif


Always a nice surprise at 2:00 am grin.gif


Ever been "mooned" grin.gifgrin.gif


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Awesome report! I'm headed up tomorrow and your report was all the motivation I needed. The next 30-40 days are going to bring some excellent fishing. How far back were you running your lines?

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T.O. Like to see those nice pictures you share and all the imformation you allways share with us fellow FMers keep it up hold on them biggins just begun to bite.To all you other FMers you guys all rock and one day I will be shaking hands with a few of you for sure.Next FMers get together im going to do all i can to clear my calender to make it.This site is awsome and the people who share and like to talk fishing and have no proublem sharing there do's and dont just make it so much better.Thanks to all you FMers that contribute to this site wich I read daily.I want to get up for some night trolling a couple more times this year but right now the eyes are hot down here on the great old mighty missip.Would love to post some of my pics but cant seem to get it to go lol must be me im sure.Anyways keep up the great post and pic's and have fun because thats what the great outdoors is all about. cool.gif

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incredible fishing! wtg!

it sounds like there was a heck of a front go thru. strong winds from the wnw & nw are predicted with colder temps. tomorrow night (saturday) will present great adventure. im still new at this and learning, practice makes perfect. i respect you guys and the fishing you do because you put in the time...your help lessens the learning curve for us that dont get to get out as much. i wish my handhelds worked to talk to any of you on the lake tomorrow night but they just stopped receiving last winter. my fishing buddy commented later on how everyone was replying to my "hello, hello, hello, hello, hello..." i couldnt get them to receive. i apologized on air if it was sending. it was...embarrassing.

good luck to all tomorrow. i will be putting in at eddy's sometime around 4 to 5.

ive also heard the walleyes are really biting on the river. theres something special about mille lacs though!



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Truely awesome. You guys really had it dialed in. Hope to see you up there sometime.

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Thanks Tim. No muskies but we did have 6 - 8 northerns last week between 28 - 36".

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40" northern on 10/27 around midnight in the NW corner. Broke off 2 more within the hour... Eyes were ok Friday & Sat, 25 Friday b/t 2 boats (5 14-16'!!! smaller baits)& 12 Sat (1 14-16"). Biggest was 26.75". I was a little slow on the switch to gold/black on Sat!

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