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It worked for me!


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While reading this, please remember I know it is not the ideal way to prepare and start bow hunting. It is however, how I started.

Last fall I won a muzzle loader and I wanted to try it this year. Because you cannot buy both rifle and a muzzle loader license, I opted for the all season license. A couple weeks ago I was up at the hunting land with my brother in law. He was bow hunting and I was duck/goose hunting. I borrowed his spare bow and shot two arrows at 10 yds, and two at 20 yds. Note: other than kids stuff, I have never before shot a bow. That evening I stood behind a clump of trees and watch a couple does feeding about 100 yards away.

Last Friday I got to the hunting land around 4 PM. By 5:00 I had a decoy positioned in a field 10 yds from my stand.

At 5:15 my brother in law pulls into the field (about 150 yards away) and proceeds to get stuck going up a hill. After 15 minutes of messing around he managed to get turned around and proceeds to start emptying his van. By this time I was standing waving a white shirt and he finally noticed me. (A slight hill between us blocked his view of my decoy). He hikes over to the stand climbs up and we have a 10 minute BS session. I told him to get my wheeler (parked about 1/3 mile away at the far end of the field) and pick me up after dark and we will haul his stuff to our camper. Off he goes while I watch him hike over the hill. To my surprise, he comes driving back at 6:00 and starts loading his stuff. Finally at 6:15 he heads off putting down the field. At 6:30 I see a doe fawn making her way along the edge of the trees towards my decoy. Because she went so slowly, I had time to settle down, get my (well somebody's) bow and get ready. When she hit the best shot clearing (about 12 yards away) I drew the bow. Just as I did, she turned and faced my direction but still looking at the decoy. I held the bow a full draw for a long as I could but finally had to let down. Just after I let down, she turned and gave me a broad side shot. I once again drew the bow and from what I remember, saw the pin in line with the deer but I don't think I was looking through the peep site. At any rate, I plunked an arrow into the muddy field and the deer jumped, ran a few hops, and then slowly walked away. About 10 minutes later without hesitation, she again approached the decoy. I drew on her, remembered some of the things I did wrong before and let another one fly. This time I heard the "whack" and she ran about 30 yards, wobbled a little a tipped over. And that is how I will remember my first ever bow kill.

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