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Fishing is Great with Live Crickets!

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Fishing is Great with Live Crickets!

Live crickets are an excellent bait for catching many species of fish, especially bream, bluegill, perch, and all sunfish. However, it has not been until recent years that research has proven why live bait is often better than many artificial

baits on today's market. The reason for this is that fish can determine within milliseconds whether or not the bait they have taken into their mouths is live. Upon realizing this, the fish can then expel the artificial bait from its mouth before the fisherman has time to set the hook. With live bait the fish continues to swallow and is more often caught by the fisherman.

Where to Fish with Crickets

Since insects are a natural part of the food chain, you can catch fish with crickets in ponds, streams, lakes or any body of water where there are fish. Try to fish close to the bottom and change locations until fish are located. When fishing from a boat, troll slowly along the bank and cast in front, close to logs and brush, changing the depth you are fishing as you go. Many species of fish build their beds on sand and gravel deposits. Once you have located a bed, try not to frighten the fish. Fishermen routinely catch many fish around beds.


The most widely used hook for fishing with crickets is the no. 6, long shank wire hook. A larger hook should be used if fishing for catfish.The japanned color approaches that of the cricket. The long shank allows for easier removal if the hook is swallowed, and since often times it is necessary to fish in brush or other places where hooks can be entangled, the wire hook will bend and can be retrieved. Then bend the hook back to its original shape and you're ready to fish.


Nylon monofilament line of from 4 to 10 pound test make excellent fishing lines.

Fishing Rods and Poles

Fishing poles (canes) are readily available in bait shops and sporting goods stores. The line should be the same length as the pole. Spinning rods with SLIP FLOATS allow the fisherman to cast up to 50-60 feet and easily adjust the depth that they are fishing.

Floats and sinkers

Most all floats will work, however we recommend a 3 inch slip float. A split BB shot placed about 8 inches above the hook will aid in casting. More shot can be added until the fisherman can control his casting as he desires.

Hooking the Cricket

Fishermen have different methods by which crickets are placed on their hooks. The techinque that seems to work the best, is to bring the point of the hook from the abdomen (tail) through, exiting the insect just below the head. This allows the cricket to stay on better during casting.

Advantages of fishing with crickets

1. Very economical, a fisherman can bait his hook cheaper than

with many other types of live bait.

2. Left-over crickets will live up to two weeks with proper care.

Store in a warm, dry area and add quartered apples, potatoes

or oranges in the cage for food.

3. Crickets are clean and easy to handle.

4. Crickets attract many kinds of fish. animation13.gif

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Crickets also chirp when they get out and live under your fridge. My girlfreind hates it grin.gif

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Hahahaha i had a few hundred when i lived in wis, for my lizards, they smell too if you get more then 100.. but they do have those little cricket traps you set out side at night and in the morning you have a few to fish with.. If one gets out, put a slice of orange in the middle of the floor it will come running and you can get him.

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There great trout bait, you can pick some up a C J's birds and pets across from marine genral. I have to keep them in stock for all my critters, I got a bunch.

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Back when I was a kid and we spent time during summers around the Bemidji area, we were renting one resort cabin and the next-door cabin was rented by some Hoosiers who brought mesh cages up with hundreds of crickets.

I don't know which racket kept me up longer, the chirping of the crickets all night or the slap, slap, slap of the Hoosiers' fillet knives as they sliced through scores of crappie and sunfish fillets by the light of their lanterns.

I can remember looking out through the screen in my bedroom long after everybody else was asleep. The fish skins would reflect the light like mirrors as the southerners flipped them into the scrap buckets. I had a hard time trying to make sense of their incomprehensible drawls, punctuated by the occasional splat of chewing tobacco. They knew their bait and they knew their panfish.

Some memories never go away.

Hmmmm, wonder how well crickets would work for really important fish like lake trout? grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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You never know. Talked to some guys who were staying at Wilderness Bay on Snowbank once who had come up from down south with the idea of fly-fishing for smallmouth during the hex hatch. They had half a dozen 2-3 pound fish on the stringer that they couldn't ID. They were lakers! I caught a nice 4 pounder once on a crawler fishing the top of a reef in early July!

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So that's where all those Crickets around here came from...and finally explains the true meaning of Hoosier...Indiana, the Cricket State... crazy.gif

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