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Ottertail advice please.

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A small group of us are planning next years fishing trip and someone brought up Ottertail. My question to those of you that fish this lake alot, would you call this a spring, summer, fall or winter lake? Is the ice fishing very good? How about lodging, other than having to rent a cabin for a whole week is there much for hotels in the area?

Thanks alot in advance.

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Ottertail is an all season lake, but IMO fall and winter are my favorites.

There is the Otter for a hotel in Ottertail, along with the hotel at Thumper Pond.

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Thumper Pond is a very nice place that has a great golf course and a water park attached to it. It is about 10 minutes away from 2 different public ramps. I have never stayed at the hotel itself but the whole complex is beautiful, though i do think remember hearing the rooms are kind of pricey. As for the fishing.... i have only been fishing the lake for 5 years but have had much more success in the spring, especially around the opener. We usually wait till monday though, 2 days after the opener, to get away from the all the traffic. Hope this helps.

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Any time is best, but I do my best the middle of July. Plus warm long days and the wind doesn't blow like in the spring and fall. And the beers taste better also when it's warmer. Next year is going to be very good fishing because of the big class of walleyes that hatched 4-5 years ago. Time to mark your calender.

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Ottertail can and is good anytime of the year.

It depends how you want to fish...

Jig and a minnow will catch fish in may

Lindy rig and a leech in June and July

Troll shad raps and hornets in August and Sept

All of the above in Oct and Nov.

OT is a fun lake because everyone can catch walleyes and with some good advise, its not to hard.

Have some backup lakes if you get a NW wind while your up there.

Thumper Pond is Expensive but nice, great golf course that everyone will like.

Otter is cheap and you get what you pay for but a short walk to the room at bar time. grin.gif

Both are 5 min to Pelican access and about 10 min from riviara access.

Good Luck, if any questions, let me know

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