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Deer License Question


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Can someone please help me out....I tried reading the regulations and it was very confusing...and I tried to speaking with the person that sells the licenses at the local sport store...but she was a college student and I don’t think she was understanding what I was saying.

I plan on just archery hunting this year for deer. I would like to take two deer total..one buck and one doe, or two does..etc. I am hunting at Camp Ripley in a week or so.....and I have permission to hunt some property near where I live (Becker County). In an ideal situation, I would like to take one deer (buck or doe) at Ripley and one on the property near where I live.

My question: Is this possible?... and what license do I need to buy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It is possible so long as you have bonus permit. BUT...you must be hunting in either a deer management permit area or an intensive harvest area in order to take the second deer. So..if memory serves me correctly, the Camp Ripley hunt is in management zone 248 which is an intensive harvest area and you would be allowed up to 4 bonus permits.

With the bonus permit, you can take an antlerless deer in addition to your regular tag which is good for either gender.

To find out if the private land is under management or intensive harvest, look on page 71 of the regs...check the zone you are in on the fold-out map for becker area (I'm guessing 223) If I am correct on this that area is a managed deer area, and you could take one antlerless deer in addition to your regular tag.

Buy the bonus tag...I think either way, you would be able to take 2 deer with a maximum of 1 buck.

Good luck with your hunt!!


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