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10/12 to 10/14 Report

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Friday afternoon, fished the gap from 9 to 12 feet of water. Lindy rigging with shiners. Caught 12 fish, 5 keepers. Not bad action, pretty cold. Ran out to High Banks for an hour, 1 perch. Water temp at High Banks was 48.5, 53.5 at the Gap.

Saturday morning, prime fishing from 7:30am to 10am. Caught 13 keepers, 5 fish from 18 to 19, one 23 incher. Still in the gap but from 15 to 18 feet. Lindy riggin with leeches. The perch wouldn't leave the minnows alone. Satuday afternoon, slower, went to Bob's bar, caught a few slots. Went back over the gap, caught 5 or 6 more in the slot. Saturday weather wise was outstanding.

Sunday morning, rigging leeches in the gap. Caught 8 more keepers and a number of fish in the slot. Caught everything in 18 to 21 feet.

Long snells and leeches were the key for us. I don't like to drag my sinker on the bottom but it seems like you have to get your bait away from the boat at Winnie. The fish kept moving deeper each day we fished. I don't know if it was because of the fishing presure or what.

Had a great time. Williams Narrows was a great place to stay. We were in a group of 9 guys and their 3 bed room cabins were great!

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Fished Little Stoney from Noon until 3:00 P.M. on the 12th 3 of us boated 18 keepers in the 14"-16" range - 5' to 6' of water. Others in the area fished deeper and caught fish but most consistant bite was shallow. All were full of perch minnows. 1/16th oz jig with fathead minnows. My last three fish were boated on a dead fathead hooked in the tail. Stayed on through three fish and there was enough left for the gull's to enjoy. Last trip of the year was a good one. Good fishing everyone. See you on the water next year.

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Hey Bigfisherman ... Sounds like one heck of a trip!

I have never fished Little Stoney before ... was there any particular area around the point that was best?

NW side, SE side, straight out from the point ??

Any help would be appreciated!

I might try and give it a shot this coming weekend.


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Bruceye, Little Stoney, as I call it, is an area west of Big Stoney about 500 yards, that is somewhat of a large flat that comes out of 12' on the west side up to a depth of 3'. The south and east edge of that flat in 5'to 6' was where we had our luck. It was cloudy so the fish were up. On a sunny day they would probably be deeper. Good Luck!

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I've stayed at Williams Narrows for years. Great place. Good people. Unbelievable location!!

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There is a little stoney point on the SE side of the lake but it doesnt sound like this is where you are talking?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • FishinCT
      Someone is always catching them somewhere but so far this week that someone is not me. Still a few ideas to try but running out quickly
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...   Summer fishing is prime time right now up at Lake of the Woods.  Good numbers of walleyes being caught.  A nice variety of sizes, which bodes well for the fishery.  Small fish, eaters, slot fish which must be released (19.5 - 28.0 inches) and trophy walleyes over 28 inches all in the mix.     The mud is holding big numbers of fish and two main fishing techniques are being used to get it done. The first technique is drifting or trolling crawler harnesses.  Using a two ounce bottom bouncer and a two snelled spinner will do the trick.  Best spinner colors have been gold, gold/pink, orange/chartreuse.     Making sure your weight is near the bottom, but not dragging the bottom is key.  Try to maintain a 45 degree angle and make sure the spinner is spinning, normally 1.0 - 1.3 mph.  Walleyes will load up, almost feeling like you are dragging a wet sock.  A good feeling!   The second technique catching good numbers of walleyes is trolling crankbaits over the mud basin.  To get crankbaits down to schools of fish normally in that 28 - 32' range, lead core line, snap weights, downriggers and even a 4 ounce bottom bouncer with 6' mono or fluorocarbon leader with shallow diving crankbait will work well.   Most popular depths on the mud are 30'-36' of water over the mud basin.  Not every walleye in the lake is focusing on the same forage base.  There has also been success in that 12-20' range over sand and even shallower along shore.     Reefs can be their own ecosystem and can always hold fish.  Fish can be on top, sides, on the rock to mud transition or even adjacent to reef out in the mud.  Go fishing, watch electronics. On the Rainy River...  With drier weather, the flow of water is decreasing on the Rainy River.  Water clarity has improved and so has fishing.     Most are targeting the edges of the main current where water is slower moving.  Points, bridges, underwater structure, docks and bends in the river can all change current flow, creating good spots for fish to live. Jigs, spinners and crankbaits are all catching fish.  There are 42 miles of navigable Rainy River with literally thousands of fun spots to fish. The sturgeon season is open.  Some nice fish were caught this week.  Anchor up on a hole or adjacent to a hole in the river and soak some nightcrawlers.  Local tackle shops have flat no roll sinkers and sturgeon rigs.     There is a big population of smallmouth bass in the Rainy River.  Although they don't receive much attention due to walleyes, they are abundant. Up at the NW Angle...  Great walleye fishing is the rule of thumb using three techniques, jigging, trolling spinners and trolling crankbaits.     Reports of walleyes sliding deeper off of structure.  If fishing a "spot on a spot", jigging is the preferred method.  If fish are spread out or you are searching a flat, spinners and crankbaits will cover more water and walleyes are normally cooperative.   Some big pike caught again this week.  These predators are often hanging around schools of walleyes and saugers, but rocky points, bays and sunken islands are great spots as well. Muskie anglers continue reporting good success fishing a variety of structure amongst the islands.    
    • MikeG3Boat
      CFD200, Nice Fish!  are you on the east or west side of Vermilion?
    • monstermoose78
      Just have been busy and I will work ok a report tonight. 
    • CFD200
      We had difficulty finding any walleyes this weekend.  The previous two weekends I marked a lot of fish with few takers.  Didn't  mark many this weekend but, caught this 24" mark.   
    • Dash 1
      Fish cleaning shack has been pretty quiet at pike bay resort last 2 days. Been on several spots on big bay with little success.  Family wants to lose their $$ at casino today.  Hopefully get out later today. Good luck and keep posting.  
    • FishinCT
      Any recent info out of vermilion? Coming up for next 4 days and will report back as well. Haven’t fished in the summer up there for a long time
    • Dash 1
      74 in big bay this morning.  Now I just need to find the fish. 
    • Wanderer
      Blame you?  You needed it there and I knew you couldn’t change your, um, *stretch?* time.
    • smurfy
      🤣🤔 I can't believe you didn't try blaming me.   It's been a while since I stopped there... to check the landing  🤭
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