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trollin near isle

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i'm from duluth and gonna give the nite trollin cranks a try end of the month (oct) for four days... was on the pond one time this summer but basically never before that.. we're stayin at the flagship in south east corner.. have a lund angler 1650 w a 40hrse, so not lookin to travel to far.. questions are::::: where to troll cranks near this corner... shaw's?? 3-mile??? i also read about findin shallow weed lines, how do you find these? are you talkin any shoreline. or near points??? man i'm confused but very very anxious and excited about the trip..basically where should a rookie begin from se corner?? i really appreciate all the listings on this website as i read it often and use the advice including which cranks to pick up .... thanks in advance....

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Work the vaious reef's or shoreline until you find the fish. Some within a 20 minute boat ride in addition to those listed are Hawkbill, Lakeside, Flamingo, Agate, Banana, Graveyard and Big Point and Hunters Point areas.

Good Luck!

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    • Mike89
      watch the video, shows them scaling them... 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Del, I have never bothered to skin or scale them as I do not eat the skin or fins. Cliff
    • Borch
      Hope you at least get some rain up there this spring Kelly.  We were pretty dry until the past two months. 
    • Alex wilhelmi
      It says 3 amp fuse in the manual. I'm going to run it to the motor battery. I'll post how it works. Thanks skunked again!
    • delcecchi
      I'm curious about the walleye wings... do you skin or scale them?   Or is it not a problem?  
    • AlwaysFishing23
      My yard!! Lol packing things away today. Getting ready for summer Be a great day to get out though.
    • Cret Jigs
      where we all fishing today?   Looking to walkout or use 4 wheeler if landing permits?
    • Cret Jigs
      We miss the leadership of Ricky Rubio ... Teague is a very bad defender and does not see the floor.  Rubio had his best shooting percentage season ever and career points scored of his career.  Wish we could re-do that trade.   Don't get me going .... among players that play the most minutes ... we are now the 7th oldest team in NBA???   2 year window to win ... we should have kept our talent and let the cake bake! Bob
    • mrpike1973
      By the landing yet it is.
    • gunner55
      We still have 24" of ice on the bay & we're only 6-8 miles from where they set the nets. Doubt they'll be starting anytime soon over there.