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The case of the missing touchdown


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So listen to this...

I lost this week by one lousy point, however, I didn't really lose...at least i hope not anyway. I have Edgerrin James on my team. Against the Rams, Edge ran a goaline carry into the endzone, and fumbled the ball. It was recovered by Reggie Wells, a Cardinal O-lineman, so it was a Cardinal touchdown. This is what the official NFL box score reads as. However, Rams coach Scott Linehan challenged the fumble, saying Edge was down on the one before he fumbled, and that would have made it 4th and 1 on the 1. He lost the challenge, but the officials did reverse the call, saying the Edge broke the plane with the ball before he fumbled, and gave him the touchdown. If you read the Associated Press story of the game (found on the NFL's website, ESPN's and Yahoo's) it substantiates this, and even says that James scored a touchdown. We play on Yahoo's league, and it doesn't reflect this touchdown, if it did I would win this week. I emailed Yahoo, and they said until the official NFL boxscore changes, I am out of luck. I have emailed the NFL but don't have a response yet. I know it's a long shot, but has anyone else had anything like this happen to them?

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that would be awesome if they changed it! I lost by 2 pts with edge and if he gets the TD I win by 4!!! The best part is if I win I am still undefeated this year! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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They (Elias Sports Bureau) don't typically release the official scoring changes until later in the week, although I'm not sure if Yahoo will go back and correct it after the fact. I know they have in the past on some strange plays with changes of possessions plus scoring, so it's a matter of waiting now. I'll check my sources later in the week to see if it shows up as an official scoring change.

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They'll correct it. I've got edge but he's on the bench just give them a week or so and it will change. And good investigating man.

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this happend last year with donavan mcnabb and one of his recievers. I dont remember the exact details but I remember it happening because I was in the same boat as you. I had McNabb as my QB and the score of that one play/TD would change the outcome of who won my matchup that week.

It took a couple days and I had chalked it up as a loss that week, but a few days later it was corrected and I ended up winning that week.

I say give it a few days and let them sort it out. Its amazing how far we go and how one play can effect the outcome of the FF leagues. I guess when you play for money its gets pretty serious lol.

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Wow thats crazy. I have Edge and didn't know any of that. I have already won my week, but hey overall points is a tiebreaker at some point so i'd gladly have the 6 points.

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Below are some of the adjustments that have been made thru week #4.

The Elias Sports Bureau has made the following official stat changes for Week #4:

* Chad Pennington: from 290 to 291 passing yards.

* Jerricho Cotchery: from 106 to 107 receiving yards.

* Kelly Holcomb: from 1 to 0 rush attempts.

* Kelly Holcomb: from 4 to 5 sacks against.

* Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila: from 2 to 3 sacks.

* Larry Fitzgerald: from 11 for 123 to 10 for 120 receiving.

* Bryant Johnson: from 3 for 37 to 4 for 40 receiving.

* James Harrison: from 0 sacks to 0.5 sack for 2 yards.

* Aaron Smith: from 1 sack for 4 yards to 0.5 sack for 2 yards.

* Aaron Smith: from 3 tackles and 0 assists to 2 tackles and 1 assist.

* Darnell Dockett: from 3 sacks for 29 yards to 2.5 sacks for 24.5 yards.

* Darnell Dockett: from 5 tackles and 1 assist to 4 tackles and 2 assists.

* Bert Berry: from 0 sacks to 0.5 sack for 4.5 yards.

* Bert Berry: from 0 to 1 assist.

* Adalius Thomas: from 1 sack for 8 yards to 0.5 sack for 4 yards.

* Adalius Thomas: from 4 tackles and 1 assist to 3 tackles and 2 assists.

* Jarvis Green: from 0 sacks to 0.5 sack for 4 yards.

* Jarvis Green: from 1 to 2 assists

Stat Changes for Week #3 (Published Fri Sep 28 5:19:05 a.m. ET 2007)

The following stat changes have been made by the Elias Sports Bureau for NFL Week #3.

* San Francisco 49ers: Joe Nedney's 49 yard field goal was changed to a 50 yarder.

Stat Changes for Week #2 (Published Thu Sep 20 11:39:59 a.m. ET 2007)

The following stat changes have been made by the Elias Sports Bureau for NFL Week #2.

* Panthers: from 278 to 287 net passing yards.

* Deshaun Foster: from 4 for 20 to 5 receptions for 29 yards.

* Deshaun Foster: from 0 to 1 fumble and 1 fumble lost.

* DeAngelo Williams: from 5 to 4 receptions.

* DeAngelo Williams: from 1 fumble and 1 lost to 0 fumbles.

* Jake Delhomme: from 307 to 316 passing yards.

* Seahawks: from 92 to 74 rushing yards.

* Matt Hasselbeck: from 6 to -12 rushing yards

* Matt Hasselbeck: from -18 to 0 own fumble recovery yards.

* Jeff Webb: from 59 to 57 receiving yards.

* Michael Bennett: from 20 to 22 receiving yards.

* Adrian Peterson (CHI): from 0 fumbles to 1 fumble and 1 own fumble recovery.

* Shawne Merriman: from 0 to 1 pass defensed.

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Wally or LMIT,

Is there a deadline by which they would have to make a call? I would love to know this too for a couple of my leagues...

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Thursday is typically the day of the week that the scoring corrections are published.

In the league I'm in (Fanball) the site does not correct the scoring so it has to be done manually by the commissioner if someone challenges the results. A challenge has to come before the next week's games begin though, according to our rules.

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