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First time fishing Mille Lacs, open water... help?


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We are headed up to Mille Lacs this thursday for 3 days of fishing out of Red Door Resort on the north central part of the lake. I have never fished Mille Lacs during the open water season, so I am not entirely sure what to expect, although I am not new to trolling. Just wondering if anyone can give me some quick pointers/tips/advice that might put the odds more in my favor. The plan is to night troll HJ's and rogues along weed breaks and see what happens. its the new moon this week.. any time of night that might be better than others? The weather looks like it will cool down today (monday) and stay cool through the weekend... Anyone care to guess if the lake will cool an appreciable amount in the next 4 days, and/or if it might trigger the bigger walleyes to move shallower? (i understand it is about 60-61 degrees right now, we were hoping for 50-55 degrees when we booked the trip, but this warm weather was somewhat unexpected.. hoping that even a degree or two decrease would help our cause) Any other help for fishing the north side would be appreciated. Any reports of walleyes and/or perch from the north end?



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It sounds like you are on your game! grin.gif

I'm not sure what else to say that wouldn't repeat what you've mentioned already.

Your location should be good. Weed line trolling should be good. I'm not going to guess if the water temp will come down, I had around 59 on Saturday. Eyes are biting all over the lake- rocks, weeds, etc. No moon, troll dark(er) color Raps and Rogues. Speed from 1.8 to 2.2 or so.

Good Luck!

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I think you are right on. maybe try Lakeside, then move to Fischer's. There were quite a few posts last year around this time with early success from that area when the water temps started cooling off.

Another thing to try, don't be afraid to try a little deeper water maybe 8-12 ft. They shut off Sat eve. around 12:00 or so, we tried shallow with no results. It doesn't hurt to give this a try

PerchJerker did well around Red Door Sat eve. also.

Team Otter, If your'e around you could help with this!!!

As far as colors, Clown, Firetiger, Orange, Perch, silver/black would be good colors to try.

Good luck and post your results.

That's what this is all about, helping everyone becoming better at catching Eyes on "The Pond".

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I think you've got a good handle on a starting point. You can expect most of your fish to come out of 6 - 10' of water but don't be afraid to go on either side of that range a few feet. One option I would suggest having "in the bag" is being able to switch to smaller profile baits if the pattern is inconsistent with the larger profile baits. The time frame between 60 to 50 degree water seems to be more of an experiment than anything. Just when you think you shouldn't try it, you're probably an hour late.

Good luck.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • FishinCT
      We couldn’t put a pattern together this week. The few keepers and the one 25” slot fish we got were caught moving slowly up and down reef edges in 15-24 feet. Nothing off the edge and nothing on the tops. Very tough fishing, found bugs and baitfish top to bottom in the water column almost everywhere we went. Should’ve just switched to bass. 
    • Dash 1
      Found a spot this morning and picked up 5. Lost over a dozen as well. 3 of us fishing and their inexperience hurt.  Hope the wife doesn't see this.😁   Found them on a hump about 17 ft. in big bay south end.  If I moved off it by 20 ft nothing. I think the best plan is to troll slowly and if you get 1 stop and jig it. Leeches or crawlers both worked.
    • Dash 1
      Found a spot this morning and picked up 5. Lost over a dozen as well. 3 of us fishing and their inexperience hurt.  Hope the wife doesn't see this.😁
    • Dash 1
      Skeeters are big and nasty at vermilion.  Any bigger I might start a chocolate covered deep fried mosquito for state fair food. 
    • Kettle
      Maybe his blood is not as tasty as mine? Just got back from a run, the deer flies were thick, I do have hair of a Greek god so they get lost in there 😅 
    • Eyeguyroyce54
      Find that 23 incher!!
    • Wanderer
      You may have more walleyes near your new crib than up north?  You’re not in the Metro anymore Toto!
    • leech~~
      Someday, I'll have to get down there and pitch something out.  Trying to find a Walleye up north been suking right now! 🫤
    • Rick G
      The mighty Mississippi has finally dropped enough that fishing isn't so much work again😂.  Been getting a good mix of river species this past week...lots and lots of bass though. Have even gotten a few real close to 20in.... Still looking for that first legit beast yet this summer.    Hey Leechy...... If you line up that big boulder and the hospital you pretty much got my area😁😂. 5-6 ft of water, fishies using the big rocks as a break from the current.  Crayfish and minnow colors with Ned rigs
    • smurfy
      my brother is up there right now..........he's been lippin off via text........which isnt unusual!!!!!!! 😆 but hasnt said anything about the bugs.......yet!!!!!   mayhaps with the vodka he drinks he dont notice!!!!!!🙄🤣
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