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North Star Classic Result

curt quesnell

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Nice Classic this year. Some of the most decent weather

(cant call it nice)I can remember for the Fall event.

Big fish caught in the lake again this year. A nice

mix of locals and out of towners in the top 11.

52 teams signed up so it was a good field (75 was the

limit, so there could have been more.

1. Kevin Marchuck, Rainy River -Rick Amundson Baudette 34.79 pounds

2 Tom Briggs, Baudette- Scott Olmstead, Andover 32.64

3 Don Hecht, Grand Forks- Ron Galstad, EGF 30.2

4 Mark Sindelir, Baudette- Lorne Johanssen, Rainy River 28.72

5 Rob Apel, Princeton, Nick Casper, Dalbo Mn 28.42

6 Rick Thompson, Warroad-Tracy Wahl Warroad 27.99

7 Glen Swanson, Waubun- Dave Setzler Waubun 27.34

8 Corey Heiser, West Fargo-Mike Olson, Walcott ND 27.09

9 Brock Dahl, Baudette- Al Thompson, Baudette 26.13

10 Brian Donner, Ogema- Tony Havercamp, Ogema 25.96

11 Mike Lindholm, TRF- Curt Quesnell, Newfolden 24.8

Thats the end of the money

Day one Lund Big Fish Pot winners Marchuck and Amundson 12.27 pounds

Day two Lund Big Fish Pot winners Hecht and Galstad 11.44 pounds

Mixed couple awards Gary and Lisa Asper, St Francis

Spring Summer Fall Top finishing team Sindelir and Johanssen

Top Finishing Lund Team Gary Swanson and Dave Setzler.

Kevin and Colleen and their crew work very hard and do a

great job. Up and down the roster the people who enter

these events love the fishing, the competition and will

admit they learn something new every year.

I will post next years schedule when it becomes available.

Some nice changes are in store.

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White-tips and I are still waiting for our half Curt. tongue.gif

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I wanted to say thanks to Curt Quesnell, Mike Linholm, Kurt Kainz and Todd Prickett for breakfast, laughs, and fishing help!!! If any of you get a chance to interact with these guys....do it. They're great guys, good friends, and great fisherman. THANKS.

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I wanted to say thanks to Curt Quesnell, Mike Linholm, Kurt Kainz and Todd Prickett for breakfast, laughs, and fishing help!!!

There's those 2 magic words... "Curt" and "Breakfast". grin.gif

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OK now the rest of the story. On our way out to the

far off hotspots Friday morning. Since we are boat #1 we

are in the lead. The first good sized wave takes out

all of our electrical. No Depth finder, no gps, no pumps


The last couple of days of practice the steering

had been sticking more and more, I had LOW Marine check the

steering lines for air and hoped problem would be solved

but it kept getting worse. We kept going out towards the

hot spot but slowed down because others were going

to the same spot and would have to find if for us. Got to

the general area but could not get to the transistion line

because we were blind.

After a couple of hours in the wrong spot limped back

to the Morris Point Gap and found real nice fish but no

biggees. Saturday, back to MP since the steering was

really bad now, we had jump wired the Sonar/gps but still

didnt like heading out a long distance with stuff falling apart.

Now the good news. I dropped the boat at D & E Sunday and

Monday morning they called and said the boat was fixed!

The steering disaster was loose bolts inside the helm and

the electrical failure might still be a mystery because

they tightened a few wires and put in a fuse and it seems

to be working fine.

Even with trouble, plenty of fun. Met some great new people like

Corey and Mike, Matt and Mike and Shawn. Cant

wait till the spring event

Curt Quesnell

Americas Team

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Sounds like decent weather and alot of nice fish caught. wish i could have made it up. ill be there for the spring classic for sure. Curt your supposed to slow down for those big waves!

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Congratulations to my fellow "TRIPLE X FISHING TEAM" members Rick, Kevin, Tom and Scotty for taking the top 2 spots in the tournament! Nice to see the local boys "gittin er' done!

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Yoe T you did'nt fish it eh? That explains why I did'nt see your hotrod Ranger running around last week! Sure was quiet out there Wednesday and Thursday. Monday was really busy but then the weather was so fine that day. I did see old Curt and Mike out on Thursday though. Nice new rig you got there MrQ, you even had a chauffer behind the wheel!

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