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7x16 v-Front Fishhouse Frame--Aluminum.

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Frame was custom built by Soderbloom's. In fact it's pictured on his website. I have not done anything with it. It is slightly wider than legal... ~111 inches. Asking $2000.00 New is 2200.00 Email at; Nels555 at Em Esse En (Contact Us Please) com.

Here are some pics. This is my trailer near the middle of the page. Mine does not have the LP tank holder.


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The soderbloom link he pasted shows the trailer.

Gator, why you selling it ? decide not to build ?

I'm thinking of buying a trailer from Jay and having it finished elsewhere. Actually the size you have but I'm seriously thinking of getting one of his new skid houses first for this year so the $$$ will be tight to consider a trailer purchase a year early.

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I don't think I'll use it. We finished our cabin for year round use and now we just fish that lake and the one next to it. Portables worked for us. Plus I have a small skidder house project. I don't have to sell it, just don't see me finishing a big fish house anytime soon.

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Gator Slayer:

What part of the state you in ?

Looks like I'll be getting a 6 X 8 skid house from Jay in the near future.

If I could get the bank to toss me some trailer cash smile.gif I could get a sheet of plywood and strap the skid house on the trailer and kill two birds with one stone as they say.

Just a thought I might consider depending on where you are.

I'm in SE Mn so Jay is a haul as is.

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i have some questions about the house. first do you still have the house? second the frame is it just the trailer and walls nothin inside it or just the frame and you build the rest? if ya could email at piratesofbpATaolDOTcom. thank you.


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Ice It. I am thinking of getting one of those Skid Houses from Soderbloom also. What do you think of them? Are you planning to use it like a portable? Do you think they would hold up for portable and perm use? [email protected]


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