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Shoreham Hotel and Ed Schultz

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We had a little excitement on the shores of Lake Sallie this past weekend before I had to fly back to Iowa, and it wasn't related to large fish. Good old Ed. I still recall his fishing reports on WDAY when he was married to Maureen.

Radio personality Ed Schultz defends actions in weekend altercation

The Forum - 09/05/2007

Local and national radio talk show host Ed Schultz spent 45 minutes of his local show this morning defending his actions in a weekend altercation at Hotel Shoreham along Lake Sallie near Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Schultz said a man approached him inside the hotel bar and wanted to talk about their differing political views and the war in Iraq.

“The Ed Schultz Show” is a liberal national talk show.

Schultz, who was with his wife, Wendy, said the man and a woman with him would not end the conversation despite Schultz’s attempts to do so. He said everyone involved had been drinking.

“Finally, I put my beer on the bar and put my finger in his face,” Schultz told listeners to KFGO’s “News and Views” morning radio show. “I told the guy, ‘I didn’t come here for this.’”

Schultz said the woman with the man also addressed his wife with profanity.

“If someone comes up to you in public and calls your wife (references to expletives), what are you going to do?”

Schultz said he engaged in harmless shoving with the man before bar workers asked both couples to leave separately.

He said he knew if he hit the man, he could be arrested, and that could sink his professional career.

“That’s in my contract. I can’t be arrested,” Schultz said. “Am I now the target? I’m against the war. I think Bush is a fraud.”

Becker County Sheriff Tim Gordon said his office has no report on the incident. Rick Lynch, owner of Hotel Shoreham, said authorities weren’t called. “It’s not worth commenting on,” he said.

Schulz said on the air this morning he felt he must share his side of the story after a reporter from The Forum inquired Tuesday night about the incident.

Schulz said he later learned the woman with the man has a daughter in Iraq.

“I feel sorry for them,” he said.

Schultz addressed the weekend altercation on his Tuesday national show, and played a clip from that portion.

“This has not happened to me for years, but it did happen to me this weekend,” Schultz told his national audience, referring to the incident as a “bar shuffle” and a “bouncer call.”

“I totally broke my rule,” he said. “I don’t engage in political talk on personal time.”

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Ya if ain't a little hunting accident it is something isn't. FOr those who don't knwo abou the accident Call him and ask him and see what he says. LOL

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Hiya -

Ahh good old Eddie. Never dull when he's around. I sometimes wonder about his road to Damascus political conversion, but I take him at his word that it's legit. Even when he's on my side of the political fence I still can't listen to the guy though.

About the hunting incident - when I worked at the Moorhead scheels Ed was in the store buying a case of shells, and I made a comment I probably shouldn't have (I couldn't help myself. Momma always said I had a smart mouth...) About half an hour later I got a call from a rather irate Steve Scheel shocked.gif Oh well...


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Can't say I've ever felt sorry for Ed, but sounds like he kinda got jumped by someone while he was minding his own business. Who knows what "really happened"- copterjohn, were actually there to witness it?

I think he's a jagged little pill and generally a pain in the butt, but it doesn't seem overly appropriate for someone to jump all over him while he's out for dinner. I can only imagine how many times it's happened to him though. Guess that's what happens when you make a living belching out your opinion on highly heated and debatable topics day in and day out. He's generally not one to mince words or soft-pedal his thoughts either. Guess that's how he got the job he did. Guess that's what lead to the confrontation John posted too...

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I have to relay a little Big Eddy story, even though I hate to pile on a guy but he does ask for it a little bit. Back about 5 years ago I was fishing LOW in late July. At that time some boats were rigging and there was Eddy and his wife fishing in the same area we where pulling spinners, this was on either 12 or 16 mile area. We were up on the reefs pulling spinners and there was the usuall crowd out in the 28-32ft pulling plugs. All of a sudden we see a commotion on the "Big Eddy", as he had come up on the reef and got the downrigger balls hung-up. He lost one ball so the damage was minimal but the ego damage was huge as the radio's came to life with chatter of "Big Eddy got his balls hung up again" We laughed for hours...... Guy cant get a break.

RK, I can not imagine your mouth moving before your brain??? But hey a call from Mr. Steve Scheel himeself way to go.


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I didn't witness it. I ate a pizza and left and all was calm then. I am in the TV media down here, so when I see other personalities, I leave them alone because I know what it is like to get crap all the time. Yes, it gets old. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard "wish I got paid for being wrong all the time." You gotta brush it off and not take it personally. It takes years to build a career in this biz, and about ten seconds to destroy it.

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Fast Eddie is quite a card. I remember interviewing him when I worked for the MSU paper. He was quite an A%#$$. Well, that is Ed for you.

I wonder if he has shot any dogs lately .... smirk.gif

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Ah the Hotel. Started drinking there at the grand old age of 17. Regular hang-out of the Fargo lake's crowd.

The crowd always got a little rowdy as the night went on and the alcohol levels went up .. up .. up.

Took a lot of 3.2 beer back then.

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Ed Schultz did a great job when he covered the fighting sioux back in the 80's....he always has a passion for what he does, although I think his political views are whacked. Anyone remember the altercation he got into with a drunk Univ of Wisconsin fan in Madison? He's a bid dude and almost came to blows with this guy on the air!! Ever since then, he was known as "Mad Dog" to the Sioux faithful...Rock on, Ed!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Brianf.
      As crazy as that might sound, May 18th isn’t a bad guess.  We were on the lake yesterday and had somewhere around 30” of solid ice with some snow on top.  This is hard January-type ice.  No honeycombing, no chipping or slush.  In fact, my Dewalt hammer drill couldn’t take it.  It’s dead.   Another foot of snow on the way this week?  That won’t help. 
    • knoppers
      depends on the lake, vermillion may 18th
    • CigarGuy
      Try the area where Minnehaha Falls runs into the river up to the ford dam. I've just used jig and fathead. Been several years since I've fished down there, but saw a lot of people shore fishing there. Pretty snaggy down there.
    • leech~~
      Never tried it down there, sounds like fun. Let us know how you did.  👍
    • JerkinLips
      Entries sure rolled in when I offered the case of beer.  We could meet at my Stuntz Bay boathouse if that would work.  Close to the landing, could anchor in front of the boathouse, or could park your vehicle at by the boathouse.  Maybe we could require the winner to be present, LOL.  
    • Oldehulse06
      Thinking about trying pool 2 (from shore) for the first time tomorrow morning, ideally looking for walleye. Anyone know any decent spots or what kind of baits I should use?   Thanks in advance
    • Raven77
      I know the owner.  In fact we rode snowmobiles together a couple days after the fire.  He lost most of his belongings.  Sounds like it was electrical.  
    • SkunkedAgain
      Supply chain issues....
    • CigarGuy
      I drove by the spot I thought it was on the snowmobile and couldn't find it.
    • MikeG3Boat
      you guys have the address of the place that burned down?  
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