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Grapes and Raisins and dogs


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I got this in an email, don't know if it is true or not but figured someone on here would be able to provide some insight.

This week I had the first case in history of raisin toxicity

ever seen at MedVet. My patient was a 56-pound, 5 yr old male

neutered lab mix that ate half a canister of raisins sometime

between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM on Tuesday.

He started with vomiting, diarrhea and shaking about 1AM on

Wednesday but the owner didn't call my emergency service until 7AM.

I had heard somewhere about raisins AND grapes causing acute

Renal failure but hadn't seen any formal paper on the subject.

We had her bring the dog in immediately. In the meantime, I called

the ER service at MedVet, and the doctor there was like me - had

heard something about it, but....

Anyway, we contacted the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center

and they said to give IV fluids at 1 times maintenance and watch the

kidney values for the next 48-72 hours.

The dog's BUN (blood urea nitrogen level) was already at 32

(normal less than 27) and creatinine over 5 (1.9 is the high end of normal).

Both are monitors of kidney function in the bloodstream. We placed

an IV catheter and started the fluids. Rechecked the renal values at

5 PM and the BUN was over 40 and creatinine over 7 with no urine

production after a liter of fluids.

At the point I felt the dog was in acute renal failure and sent him

on to MedVet for a urinary catheter to monitor urine output overnight as

well as overnight care. He started vomiting again overnight at MedVet

and his renal values have continued to increase daily. He produced urine

when given lasix as a diuretic. He was on 3 different anti-vomiting medications

and they still couldn't control his vomiting. Today his urine output

decreased again, his BUN was over 120, his creatinine was at 10, his phosphorus

was very elevated and his blood pressure, which had been staying around 150,

skyrocketed to 220.. He continued to vomit and the owners elected to


This is a very sad case - great dog, great owners who had no idea

raisins could be a toxin. Please alert everyone you know who has a

dog of this very serious risk. Poison control said as few as 7 raisins or

grapes could be toxic. Many people I know give their dogs grapes or raisins

as treats including our ex! - handler's. Any exposure should give rise to

immediate concern.

Laurinda Morris, DVM

Danville Veterinary Clinic

Danville , Ohio

Even if you don't have a dog, you might have friends who do.

This is worth passing on to them.

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Some Common Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs:

1. Raisins/Grapes

2. Caffeine

3. Raw Eggs

4. Raw Fish

5. Tobacco

6. Hops

7. Ibuprofin- common pain reliever

8. Xylitol- sweetener found in mints, candy and food.

9. Chocolate

10. Alcohol

11. Mushrooms

12. Onions/Garlic

13. Macadamia Nuts

14. Rising Bread Dough

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Hmmm...I was always told a raw egg every once in a while was good for their coat. Glad I read this post. Thanks 311Hemi.

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where do you get this info? You might want to post the source. I feed my dog raw fish all the time with no ill affects and I know many other dogowners that do the same thing. Chocolate? Onions? why not tomatoes, peppers, any vegge.

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I had always heard that eggs were good for their coat too. Also we had a lab that would go and dig onions out of the garden all the time and it never seemed to hurt her. She lived to be 13.

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Chocolate is toxic to most dogs, I have heard that from multiple sources including vets so that one I would definetly agree with.

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Chocolate is definitely toxic to some (not every) dogs. I know grapes are as well. My dog died of renal failure last summer after the 4th. After the question was your dog around any antifreeze the next questions was could she have eaten any grapes over the weekend. I had never heard of the grape thing either. And no grapes was not the cause.

I thought an occasional egg was ok for a dog, too. I do cook it first, however.

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The problem is the amount of chocolate they will eat if allowed to. Chocolate has a chemical in it that will cause rapid heart rate and arythmia. In humans too. However, a 60 lb. human won't pull a one pound package off the counter and eat the whole thing. ooo.gif

Dogs livers and kidneys also seem to be less able to handle some chemicals humans have no problem with.

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my dog also digs up onions all the time. i was told by a vet in garrison that it was ok to give the dog raw eggs.

i would give them the broken ones when i pulled them from

the hen house.

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Checked out some websites about this. Raw fish-is actually raw salmon, a fluke found in raw salmon cause cause problems in dogs. Mushrooms, just like humans, dont eat mushrooms unless your 110% sure there safe, of course your lab eats anything and everything so you have to watch what they eat. Grapes and raisins- according to various websites the dogs affected ate between 1/2# and 2# of grapes or raisins, thats alot. Onions and garlic- again large amounts can cause sickness. All the websites said very large amounts of anything can cause toxicity. websites: vetinfo4dogs.com/dtoxin. dogbreedinfo.com/grapeandraisin

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peteducation.com is also another place to look.

Concerning raw eggs:

Because of the Biotin deficiency which develops from "chemically" coagulating the albumin. Albumin must be coagulated before it can be utilized. Cooking coagulates the albumin -- when given raw, it takes large amounts of Biotin to coagulate the albumin------------which can result in Biotin deficiency.

It recommended to cook them first. I am not a vet or canine nutrition expert....just posting what I have found. I have also read that many people feed raw eggs with no issues. My dogs don't have a need for eggs, except maybe during hunting season if they need more protein/fat (depending on what food they are on).

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Sometimes pets get into things and thats understandable........but most of the time you should stick to dog food and supplements made for dogs!!!!!!!!!!! The very occasional haburger after a hard day in the field should be O.K I would skip the fries......Thaks for the heads up about the grapes and rasins..... That's good to know with kids around..

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Chocolate has theobromine in it which is toxic to dogs. Dark chocolate is more potent than milk chocolate. Giving your dog a hershey bar won't do much. If your dog gets into a 2 pound bag of dark chocolate chips you might have problems.

As for eggs, as long as you cook them you are okay.

Feed your dog dog food. If you want to substitute cooked burger, eggs, and rice once in a while that's fine. But they really only need dog food.

Dog food companies are trying to humanize dog foods now too. Complete with carrots, peas, broccoli and other veggies. It's more to cash in on naive pet owners than having a more healthy dog.

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We are harvesting our vineyards right now and our dogs love to eat the fresh grapes that fall on the ground. None of them have ever had any problems. 3 labs no renal failure.

So thats the first time I have ever heard that they are toxic. My dad also is a PhD Masters in Animal Science and says he has never heard that. confused.gif

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I am sure there are arguements rebuting this as well. A quick yahoo search produced this.

Q. Are grapes and raisins really poisonous to pets?

From Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM,

Your Guide to Veterinary Medicine.

Originally thought to be an urban legend, it is now known that raisins and grapes are indeed toxic to dogs. The type of grape and the type of dog doesn't seem to matter, and the toxic amount may be a small serving to several ounces. Read this FAQ to learn what is known about this mystery toxin and to safeguard your pets from accidental posioning.

A. Some dogs naturally love eating raisins and grapes and will seek them out; from the pantry or growing in a vineyard. Pet owners have used raisins as a training treat, and some have used them as a "healthy" snack alternative for their dogs.


A computerized animal toxicity database helped veterinarians see a trend in 1989, noticing that in some cases of acute renal failure (sudden kidney failure) dogs shared a common history: the consumption of raisins or grapes just prior to the kidney failure. The type of grape or raisin doesn't seem to matter, and the amount consumed may be a single serving of raisins or a pound or more of grapes. (Raisins are much more concentrated.) Researchers are exploring the possibilities: a mycotoxin (fungal toxin), pesticide, herbicide or heavy metals, but thus far the actual toxin is unknown at this time.

Clinical Signs

Vomiting and jittery (hyperactive) behavior are seen immediately to within the first 24 hours after ingestion.

Diarrhea may also be seen, and the vomitus and feces may contain partially digested grapes or raisins. After 24 hours, the dog may be come anorexic, lethargic and depressed. Additionally the abdomen may be painful, the dog may stop drinking and urinating. Ultimately, the kidneys fail, and without aggressive treatment, many dogs will die.


If the raisin or grape ingestion was 2 hours or less, the veterinarian will want to induce vomiting to rid the body of the toxin and then administer activated charcoal to absorb any remaining toxin. Aggressive intravenous (IV) fluid therapy is required to keep the kidneys in good health. Additional kidney medications may be indicated, depending on the patient.

If you suspect that your pet has consumed any amount of grapes or raisins, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Additional Resources

ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center

Animal Poison Hotline

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My dogs eat them a lot right now during the harvest and have yet to see any of the above mentioned side effects.

If I could believe anything the most logical answer would be grapes that have a toxic pesticide or fungicide on them. That would for sure be a problem but we are an Organic vineyard so I don't use any of those harsh chemicals.

Don't know what to tell ya.

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I would agree it could be a chemical but it could also be a normal fungus/bacteria in the grapes that doesn't affect us but dogs lack the ability to kill it off when they eat it.

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I don't know. Think about all the fungus and other bacteria dogs eat.......dead animals, sticks, basically anything.

I am just a little skeptical about the overall "dangers" of grapes.

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I know my sisters cocker spaniel died after eating a pound of M&M's.

My two labs eat just about anything - tomatoes, corn, sunflower seeds, poop, (first they taste it and then they roll in it), dead things, apples, etc. Last night one came running with a half rotten head of cabbage from the compost pile and proceeded to lay down and eat it. She also likes wild plums, she actually seeks them out and eats them, lots are falling right now. I think part of it what they're used to and not in excess. I've let them eat whatever since they're pups, I only draw the line on dead and stinky, and bones, I don't want them splintering in their mouth.

And yes they get dog food twice a day.

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