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The 91 Million Dollar "Super Star"

Windy City Walleye Hunter

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Hey Geno,

How you liking the Big Z? He has been on fi-ya since signing that huge contract. What has he been like 0-5 with a 9.52 era or something like that? And how about his base running ability? Swift. I think you guys might just back into the playoffs since the Brew Crew or Red Birds don't seem much interested in passing you up. Might be the first time that a division sends a below .500 team as it's winner!

See, I have some extra time on my hands since my guys decided to tank the season back in June. I am liking being the sniper, just laying in the weeds! LOL

All right, let me have both barrels Geno!


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I'm outta ammo, Windy.


90+Million for a guy who wins 5 more (maybe) than he loses?

I wish I could start my son over to teach him to pitch.

Oh well, it will be interesting with you cheering against me. (Only me and you left to banter since the Twins and WSox are so outta it now).

Gonna go sip some (hopefully) lucky Kool-Aid tonight.....maybe the Cubbie offense will show up sometime this month?????

PS I don't care what their record is if they win the division.....or even if they lose the division.......just so long as I can see that beautiful Cubbie avatar of yours one more week next month.

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You know you can always count on me, Geno.

Remember my "roller coaster" analogy. You are on the ride this year with cotton candy all over your face while I am safe and sound sitting on the ground....BORED OUT OF MY FRIGGING MIND, LOL! Enjoy the ride this season, it does not come around very often here in the Windy City!


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I really think the carnival will come back next year to Chi-town.....seems to be here every year.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Brianf.
      Hard to imagine an ice-out anytime before the month of May with that 10-day forecast and how much ice/snow still exists on the lake.  If ice out happens just prior to the opener, I do feel like that could be a good thing for the overall bite.  Let’s hope that is the outcome here and not an opener where we are ice fishing.   Remember the ice out date in 2012?  April 2nd...  Amazing to think it was ever that early!   Jeff and I will be up this weekend, retrieving our boats from winter storage and chasing some whitefish, Tullies, jumbo perch, and maybe even a crappie or two.  The bite for all species is usually really good this time of year so we’re looking forward to that. 
    • SkunkedAgain
      It's my favorite time of the year, looking at the forecast and trying to figure out when the lake will truly begin its annual change. Daytime highs will be above freezing 8 of the next 10 days with refreezing at night. Maybe 7-8 inches of snow next week, but that precipitation forecast is too far off to be accurate. It's slightly more reliable than my prediction of a hurricane hitting the lake! I do see sun forecasted for 5 of 10 days with temps above freezing. The sun is starting to get pretty strong even when air temps aren't that high. If that snow doesn't hit mid-week, I could see a portion of the snowpack melting.   I'm heading up tomorrow to *inspect* the lake in person  
    • jparrucci
      Below zero lows...we are going the wrong way.  Not looking real good at the moment for an ice free opener. Things can go fast like last year with a handful of very warm days, but we better start making progress soon. 
    • Keev12
    • Keev12
      Y'all tried wild rice walleye cakes ?   Here is the link to the full recipe and you can order minnesota wild rice as well  https://wildrice.com/blogs/wild-rice-recipes/wild-rice-walleye-cakes
    • Keev12
      I just order minnesota wild rice online and get it shipped to me via WildRice.com 
    • Keev12
      may 16th     
    • monstermoose78
      I think it should be all froze up after tonight it say -2 this morning on the truck.
    • leech~~
      He wanted his fish Back!  
    • Hookmaster
      I noticed something in the pictures of the fish in my previous post that show up on my phone but not here. The little icon in the lower right. When I touch it, up pops the email of the author of the newspaper article that the phone detected. Maybe the phone is too smart!!😜
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