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Rainy River Near Int'l Falls

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To All,

I'm a Rainy Lake Veteran who would like to fish the Rainy River just west of I Falls. The plan is to visit in mid September, stay, and launch,in town, and fish for all species. I have a 17 foot Crestliner Fish Hawk with a 75hp tiller. Is the river worth fishing? Is it safe? What works this time of year? All help is much appreciated.

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Hey there chief! Welcome to the Rainy Lake and Rainy River forum. I see that you posted on both, but I will just answer on this one.

First off how safe the river is will be determined by your boating abilities and use of common sense, NO WATER IS EVER SAFE!! If you are unfamiliar with the waters don't go blasting through them at full tilt. With that being said there are a few stretches of river that will be a little low. The stretch heading upstream before you get to the paper mill will be low, unless we get some rain I am talking about 1-3' deep, with rocks and boom logs. Between the first hard ninety degree turn heading downstream and the littlefork access there are a series of sandbars and weedbeds that can be hazardous, but not too bad. From the littlefork to the bigfork you are pretty much clear sailing. Really the river is easy to navigate, but take it slow on your first day.

Now fishing is awesome in September! Some of the best smallmouth fishing I have ever had came in late september pitching tubes and raps up along the shorelines and sand bars. For walleyes its hard to top a jig and a minnow. Northern will usually go on a Bucktail or a big rap. There are a few crappies to be had too, those will be caught at random up by the dam and down by the bigfork river.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

Take Care and Good Luck Fishing!!

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Tearin' Lips,

Thanks for the info. It's much appreciated, and I can't wait to try the river. I'm not just a careful boater, I'm actually pretty paranoid, so that should help. Sounds like the smallie bite should be goin' pretty good.

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