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Bowstring Lake in Chipewa National Forest near Deer River

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How do I fish that lake for walleyes and jumbo perches?

I fished it earlier this month using leeches, and I got shut out of walleyes. I could not catch even ONE! I also didnt catch any jumbo yellow perches at all. Only Pikes were caught.

I am assuming that this lake is a minnow lake, correct? If so, what types of minnows are best?


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I've gotten walleye on just about everything on Bowstring over the years. I would say the main thing I use is leaches but I always have a little of everyting.

There is a lot of small Northern in this lake...they are even incouraging you to take an increased limit.

I mainly fish the north end humps. but fishing the wind seems to be the main thing to me with this lake.

As far as launching with a bunk trailer...I hope so cause I'm leaving in about 2 hours and that is what I have!!!!

I have over the years had to back my truck quite a ways from the shore line to get the boat off at the west side launch. the one on the north end is some deeper. I have even gone to Snug Harbor to use there ramp. It is quite steep but the water is deep enough. the only trouble might be at the mouth of there harbor getting out. A few years ago it was so low they had a buch of guys there in wadders that would pull you thru the shallow spot.

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The water is very low. It didn't even touch the concrete of the launch ramp at the west side ramp we used. Me and my son pushed the boat off of the trailer and walked it to deeper water.

The fish we caught were on leaches and crawlers in 8 to 20 ft. I realy thought it would be a minnow bite but we didn't have much action on them. the Crawlers were realy the prefered bait.

Okay every one brags about the big fish so here is my small fish report. My son got a perch about .5 in longer that his rainbow and I got a Lg mouth about the same size as my leach. Sorry no picts as Jim jumped in the water with the digital camara in his pocket. It is still drying we will see if it comes back to life.

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I catch a lot of walleyes of leeches on bowstring.. I guess, the key to fishing this lake is location... If you are on the fish, it wouldn't take much to make em bite...

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