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D4 Army

coming up in two weeks. any reports out of that lake?

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VERY SLOOWWW. and a weird jellyfish hatch. never seen nothing like it. wierd.

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Those jellyfish are a very rare occurance and you were lucky to see them. I assumed that they were invasive but it turns out they're not. Interesting little critter. Google freshwater jellyfish for more info.

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Surface Tension

Interesting Read

Lake in Minnesota know to have freshwater jellyfish(Craspedacusta sowerbii).

* Arrowhead Lake, near St. Louis, Cook County, Hwy 53 (2003)

* Big Lake, Ely, St. Louis County, Echo Trail (2007)

* Big Stugeon Lake, near Hibbing/Side Lake, St. Louis County, near Hwy 5 or McCarthy Beach Rd (2006)

* Bowman Lake, near Twigg, St Louis County, near Hwy 53 (2003)

* Echo Lake, near Ely, St. Louis County, off Echo Trail(2006)

* Embarass Lake, near Biwabik Beach, Biwabik, St. Louis County, Hwy 135 (2005, 2007)

* Foster Arend Park Lake, near Rochester, Olmsted County

* Fourtown Lake, Boundary Waters, near Ely, no further info. avail. (2005)

* Hobson Lake, near Hibbing, St. Louis County, near Hwy 5 (2003)

* Hunter Lake, near Twigg, St Louis County, near Hwy 53 (2003)

* Lac La Croix, near Indian, St. Louis County (2005, 2006)

* Lake Dodo, near Cotton, St. Louis County, off Hwy 53 (2006)

* Lake Jane, near Lake Elmo, Washington County, near Hwy 5 & 494 (2003, 2005)

* Leech Lake, near Bena, Cass County, near US 2 (2003)

* Long Lake, near Cotton, St. Louis County, off Hwy 52 (2006)

* Loon Lake, near Ely, St. Louis County (2005, 2006 and previously)

* Lake Vermilion, Cook, Cook County (2007)

* Lake Vermilion, near Tower, St. Louis County, off Hwy 169 (2006)

* Round Lake, near Tamarack, Aitkin County, off Hwy 210 (2006)

* Ruby Lake, near Ely, St. Louis County, off MN Hwy 1 or Echo Trail(2006)

* Sand Lake, near Moose Lake, Pine/Carlton County

* Trout Lake, near Tower Mountain, St. Louis County, off Hwy 169 (2006)

* Vermillion off of Crane Lake, near Crane Lake, St. Louis County, Road from Orr to Crane Lake (2006)

* Wynne Lake, near White/Biwabik, St. Louis County, Giants Ridge Rd (2005)

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    • CigarGuy
      Just talked to my neighbor up at the lake and he said one of SunkedAgain's neighbors in Black Bay couldn't get to his place going across the Partridge River-he said he almost broke thru the ice!!  I'm down a ways toward Wakemup from the narrow part going into the bay, but we had over 30" last wknd.  Looking good for some open water to fish down my way by the opener!
    • delcecchi
      Pepin is natural feature of Mississippi, not man made.   Seems the Chippawa dumps a lot of sand in that causes the mississippi to back up, forming lake pepin.  But the ice going out on pepin is probably due to runoff starting and raising the river level and flow as much as anything.    If I were to compare stuff I would look at average temp for Virginia in march and april of those late ice years compared to this year.  Throw in May for good measure.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I can not remember the starting dates on those years but Brent would know! Cliff
    • delcecchi
      Like they say down in Loosiana, you pinch tail and suck the head.   And when they eat them, looks like they dump a bucket full on some newspaper on a picnic table and have at them.    But they still hadn't made it all the way west as of last summer, and I figure getting stopped with a cooler full of rusties heading home from the east wouldn't look good on my permanent record.... One of these years though.   I hear they are west of oak narrows now.
    • delcecchi
      Yes, had it on wife's iphone when that was the only smartphone in the family.   I think I would have to have one of the huge phablets to be able to see anything but I am old and don't see that well anymore, when it comes to fine detail.   But good you mentioned it since I had forgotten about it. 
    • Big Red Lodge
      some of the lake access areas might be interesting to navigate thru ad DNR is prepping the public landings
    • Big Red Lodge
      That is a hearty fish.  I guess that is the benefit of the late winter
    • Big Red Lodge
      Good to know.  Thanks for the update
    • Big Red Lodge
      I have not heard of any either, but the weather is looking good.  I'm optimist for opener
    • Bigfatbert
      Thanks for your updates Cliff . Out of curiosity , if this date holds true of Monday April 30th for the start of this years event , would you happen to know how this date sits with past late ice out years , for instance 1996 , 2013 ?