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Windy City Walleye Hunter

The Summer "Wind" Came Blowing In!

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Windy City Walleye Hunter


Just in from a successful and WARM two weeks in Cass Lake at the lovely Wishbone Resort. Our tribe is all home safe and sound except for my in laws who live in Florida, they will take an extra day to get home. Nodody took the Minnesota route, thank God, so we were not in danger with the bridge collapse, what a sad event.

Anyway, fishing was great the first week and slowed down to a crawl as the second week progressed. I managed to send home full tickets in my van with some impressive huge walleye filets thanks to the expert guiding of Brian Jones from First Choice Guide Service. Brian and I managed to land some of the biggest eating walleye that I can recall in the past 6 years. I have 18 walleye and the smallest one is 16" (we also had a family fish fry that did in about 20 fish). Most are in the 18-19" range and two topped the 20" mark, just barely, or he would be trying to talk me into letting them go to produce billions of more baby walleye. Walters were extra chubby this year, real fatties, and the filets are exceptional. Our family also managed to land some trophy fish as well. My father in law boated a 41.5" muskie with some huge girth and a huge head while out crankbaiting for walleye with 12 pound mono and a Rapala. He landed the beast with the aid of my wife who was out fishing for the first time. She netted the beast and hauled it over the side of the boat only to have it break through the walleye net that they had in the boat. Now the fight was on as their was a pi$$ed off beast in the bottom of their boat and he had nothing to handle it. Luckily, our friends, Dan and Cheryl, who stay in the cabin next to us saw him fighting the fish for about 25 minutes and they motored over to watch and threw him a rubber glove and a measursing stick. He got the beast back in the water after a quick picture and revived it for about 15 minutes before swimming away.

Then I was out with my father in law and he is trolling minnows with a little Joe spinner and he hits what he thinks is a huge Northern just as the sherriff is pulling up to us to write him a warning ticket for not having our life jackets displayed on the boat (still in the storage, DOAH!) Just a warning ticket, nothing serious, great friendly guy and he watched my father in law land a 29" golden walleye that was a pig! The sherriff estimated it at about 8 pounds and of course we had no camera. I offered to drive back to the lodge for a quick picture but he said it would not make it and showed the fish to his son and daughter who were in a neighboring boat before releasing the fish. Nice touch, CPR except without the P!

Then my daughter is out with Brian and myself and my daughter in law and she lands what Brian thinks looks like a decent walleye. She pulls up a 13.5" perch that he says is the largest perch he has seen in his 16 years on Cass Lake. We took measurements and photos and are going to do a replica for her, she is going to put it in my bar in the basement. Nice.

Had a day of fog that was straight out of London. Could not see past the trolling motor and had the scariest 5 mile trip in my life from Wishbone to Chippewa Paws with the aid of my trusty GPS though I was puttering along and trying to listen for any goof ball who was at full throttle who would have never seen me. Luckily, I made it without incident and managed to land a pair of 16" walleye just outside of Chippewa Paws.

I would have to say the perch were huge this year. Last year my oldest grand daughter had the biggest at 10". I landed 5 that were over 10" and one that was 11.25" and then my daughter gets her pig. Brian and I did a half day of perching and took home a limit of beauties.

Speaking of Brian, I just want to tell anybody who is thinking of hiring somebody to give him a call. I have worked out a deal for all you FM'ers out there. If you tell him that Windy sent you, he will give you a 10 percent discount off his normal prices, which are already low. He is a young family man who has built his guide business for the past 6 years (though he has fished the lake for 16 years) and last years was his best. He is friendly and is willing to not only put you on the fish but teach you how to fish Cass Lake. He is also very accomodating to beginners. In the past two years I have brought him 3 family members who are fishing virgins and he has made sure they all catch fish. He will also alter his style of fishing to accomodate any body with challanges. My step father was a fishing virgin last year and his hands shake and he is not too good at feeling fish bite so rather than bottom bounce live bait, Brian did crankbaits which he was able to feel the fish hit and managed to land several nice walleye. His true passion is muskie fishing, though that is not my cup of tea. Any serious muskie lovers should give Brian a call to find the pigs!

Please give Brian a call and tell him that I sent you, not only will you get a great trip but you will get a discount as well.



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Nice to hear your trip was good as well. I remember that day with the thick pea-soup fog in the morning. I was out that morning as well but unfortuneately, I didn't have a GPS. It was slow-going following close enough to the island and shore and I too was waiting for someone to emerge out of the fogbank at full-throttle. The good thing is that day, as well as the day before that, were the calmest days I had ever experienced out on Cass. The winds were no more than 1-3 knots, even during the peak in the afternoon. All this made for a great time to be out on Cass in my little 14' boat...

-Gregg B.

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Congrats on another great trip to Cass...hope we have many more!

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      According to the Army Corp of Engineers weather station here in Waskish we have had a grand total of  1.29 inches of precipitation so far in 2018.  When we were burning the grass of there was still about 30% snow cover. The flames were hitting 10 feet high.
    • Wanderer
      Nice to see there might actually be some ice melting up that way! jkrash, those are hooded mergansers though.   I might’ve called out my first woodie sighting this year as one of those too.  But nah!  I know what I saw had to be woodie! Haha! Seriously though, I’ve seen more, and more variety of ducks this spring than ever  in my life.  The late lake ice outs have made the river a diver Mecca.  I think I saw a few with Ely or bust signs on em too!  The bulk of woodies have been in the Little Falls area for about a week, some for a couple.  The hoodeds have been here for at least a month. They’re all coming though!
    • Wakemup
    • mrpike1973
      Wow great job!! Looks like a nice young generation of care takers of the land. Thank you all for your efforts! Sure a nice day today.
    • eyeguy 54
      I see one of my hot spots   Nice job JC and kids!
    • SkunkedAgain
      I just cut it out, dip it in the breading, fry it fins up/meat down, and eat the meat off like you are eating oysters.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Keep on rockin' Tommy. 
    • mrpike1973
      Thanks! those suckers are sure fun!
    • JeremyCampbell
      Bonus!! Glad to hear you caught fish already on open water.Might explore some water soon too.Sure is nice out