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slab slayer

I GET TO GO FISHING! FINALLY! As much as I hate to admit, this is my second time fishing this year. I am taking the boss man out for some panfish. I am hoping I can ask anybody for some guidance where to keep him busy and happy. Last week I took him and a buddy out to German for a less than favorable outing. The bites were few and a little too far between. They did pretty good though. I was maybe thinking of heading to Madison this time. Anybody have any thoughts? I hate to do this but if you have a spot and want to keep it hush hush............bmulman@hotmail. I'm clueless on where to go and boy am I ever hungry for some fresh fish and sweetcorn!

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if you are heading out to madison you should try the narrows. we caught some crappies there the other night.

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Team Otter

Look shallow in the sand, regardless of the lake. German, Madison, Washington or Jefferson would all be good choices.

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If you don't mind a short drive, try going to St. James. There is an access on the south side of the lake. Just idle out past the weed edge into 6 or 7 feet of water and float around out there in any depth between 6 and 13 feet. Bluegills everywhere with lots of nice eaters. My family hammers them every time we go. Last time I was out there we had 5 of us in the boat and never had less than 2 guys with their line in the boat taking off a fish for the 2 hours we were there. Probably caught 300 bluegills in that time. Non stop action with decent quality. Plenty of other fish in this little lake as well. Stumble upon the occassional crappie, largemouth, pike or walleye while doing this fishing. Oh yeah, and I think they will bite on anything, wax worms, leeches, crawlers, power bait, probably even tube jigs and the like.

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    • leech~~
      Trying to stay on Topic from what I read. Ice out by opener.......so
    • delcecchi
      Sounds like the record of May 23 is looking safe for another year... 
      Ice is going fast!  The sun is high and powerful, we're flirting with 70 degrees and the forecast looks promising. I'm feeling pretty confident there will be a lot more open water then most are expecting.  
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      There will certainly be some areas of open water to fish by the opener! Pike Bay ice is deteriorating fairly fast now. Other small shallow bays are probably not far behind. Cliff 
    • meerkat
      18 days to opener,  I hope there is some open water we can fish.  our group can't reschedule due to work issues.  Come on Sun/Rain!!!  Our golf courses are just opening up today!!  smh
    • smurfy
      I see this is an ice report but not I caught fish report!!
    • mrpike1973
      Did real good on cats today got 4 wife 4 and I got a huge sucker that was fun. Horseshoe sure opened up today.
    • eyeguy 54
      Sure glad you had some help moose and all turned out well ! 
    • Rick
      Impressive, both Tom and Jeremy
    • eyeguy 54
      Almost time but maybe not quite... Although I did get the yak out of the backyard today, on to the trailer and up front to spend some time prepping it for time on the water soon.  Indeed it was fun getting out with you and the gang a few times this winter and looking forward to the next outings whenever they may be. WIll share what worked for me and look forward to reading some more info from others. Panfish is what I love going after and I had great fishing with gold jigs almost all winter. Did use a few other colors that worked also but that gold was hard to not use. Tear drop style tungsten in and 4 mm from Widowmaker Lures. Tried some from sportsmens direct also the last couple outings and liked them also. For plastics, the wishbone was good and also impulse mayflies and slug bugs. Tried and bought too many different things to try... LOL. Fished with shrimp for the first time ever this winter and that was a challenge and fun to try something different.  Started out with my good old ultralight gander mountain rods with the frabil titanium spring bobber and then bought a couple of the TUCR Inferno with the orange tip. I really like them for the 4mm and prefer the old ganders with a 3mm. Won a custom 32 inch power noodle from Kichler Custom Rods in Elk River at an event in Wisconsin and used it a few times yesterday. Very nice and looking forward to playing with it more. CGI inline reels still doing their job fine and I did grab one of the new Descent inlines and it worked sweet also. Nice that it now has a pop off spool instead of the gold screw off knob. 10 1/4 was my biggest gill and 14 for the crappie. Even went after catfish 3 times. Saw my first catfish tornado on the vex and iced a lot of fish after being taught how to use a bobber right for those super light biters. thx RickG   My highlight of the winter was getting a PB northern on a tip up up on Mille Lacs with stick in the mud. Fun City! My good old FL 18 is still working dandy and although I am tempted to upgrade, not sure if I will. Nills 6 inch saved my back from the hassles of the gas and when I put the Milwaukee on it life got even better. All in all a fantastic winter fishing with great guys and learning how to be a better fisherman.   Fish On!