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harvey lee

Mathews Drenalin

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harvey lee

Who has shot this bow and how do you like it?

Thinking of getting one.


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I upgraded from my XT to the Dren. this year. I rarely upgrade bows that soon, 1 every 5 years if I am lucky. I truly think it is much smoother, quieter, and well balanced than the XT was for me. I loved the XT but this bow blew it away by my standards. I cannot find a complaint about the bow. I promise I am not one of those "die hard" Mathews fans preaching Mathews because of its name.

I almost bought the new Bowtech Gaurdian as well. I also liked the Hoyt Vectrix and was quite impressed. It seems that when it comes to these top end bows you can simply not make the wrong choice.

I went with the Drenalin because of the uncomparable upgrade in feel and smoothness compared to the XT for me.

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I went to Archery Country last saturday and shot the mathews drenalin, the Hoyt Vectrix, and the Bowtech Guardian for over an hour and i had a very tough time deciding. The first of the three i eliminated was the Drenalin. It is a Very nice bow, and i had a very tough time deciding, but the grip just didn't fit me well in comparison, thats why I decided agianst it. I ended up going over to Mikes Archery and getting the Vectrix, i pick it up tomarrow, i'm so excited!!!!! I did like how the Drenalin was a little lighter than the Vectrix though. Between the Guardian and the Vectrix i chose the Vectrix because i was a little skeptical of the center pivot system, and i liked Mike's a little better and they don't cary Bowtech.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

      We did well Thursday, Friday and Saturday out front of Pine just out of the gap in 19ft. Got on the lake just fine Saturday....was actually better than the previous two days as far as rough water is concerned I thought.
    • ANYFISH2
      Welcome back Fishandfowl! Congratulations on your bird. It seems like it has been a tough year for many. Hope you can stick around and share your adventures with us some more.
    • Stephen L Johnston Jr.
      I saw the guy who bought our cabin, Ryan Aker, came in 4th. A couple of 7lb fish and i thought i saw a team with a 10lb fish also. Shhhhhh, the shallow is a secret. We fish quite often in 5' or less, Often watching the guides out on the sandy flats from a far
    • Stephen L Johnston Jr.
      Last year my family and I were just landing our boat off the hoodoo point access and someone from here recognized my pike master boat and daughter from pictures i shared the year before. He suggested going to some underwater rock formation north of Ely island where he said he did well with jigging raps, which I just so happened to obtain a collection of over the past year or so. We marked a ton of fish in the 26' depth range but could not get those to bite for our life and ended up resorting to old tactics much shallower. I have watched videos of Linders and other anglers doing well with them but have yet to have that same luck. Had a giant on Minnetonka on a jigging rap but ended up getting off before showing itself. So, ill strongly second this on making the jigging rap work this year. On another note these spot lock and conture following features coming out with the new trolling motors is a true game changer. We pulled of on a family favorite spot on a windy day and had a hard time staying on position with my dads old trolling motor. A guy pulled up and had no problem staying were we wanted to be, going to have to be one of the upgrades on the next boat.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Over the winter, my family acquired some snorkel gear. I know that Vermilion isn't a great lake for clarity, and certainly my bay is at the bottom of the list. However, are there areas of the lake that have decent clarity?
    • leech~~
      Welcome to the forum Dave38.  More then likely the tab like the others have said. Did you do anything to the boat to change the weight around like add a live well or battery in different spots?  Is it a wheel or tiller? 
    • PSU
      Any sense to when the walleye tournament results will be posted? Always enjoy reading the names and weights. Aside from Saturday morning, we did very well Thursday-Sunday. LOTS of tiny walleyes in the Frazer/Smart's Bay area, but did manage plenty of keeper fish in 22-35 feet with Lindy's/Jigs and rainbows
    • Wanderer
      +1 on the trim tab being the issue.
    • PRO-V
      Did you do anything to the lower unit? Trim tab might need adjusting.
    • vermilionfox
      Looks good Cliff! The perch look mighty tasty!