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Im heading up this week just wanted to see if any one has any fishing reports from the area.

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Great Outdoors

Reports are sporadic, bass have been doing well, but walleye have been touch and go. They are still shallow and no reports of them on the reefs, yet. If we can get this wind to lessen, maybe a person could find them consistantly! confused.gif

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Troll the shorelines. Look for rocky points that work into back bays. Have one person cast the shore while the other trolls some sort of rig. Jackfish has some great drifting runs. If the wind is blowing parellel to the shore, throw on some rigs and get ready to rock. Another option is to find some current. Jig the areas that narrow down and cut one body of water off from another. I know this post doesn't help that much because you are asking for fishing reports in the area, but if I was going up to fish that particular part of Basswood for Walleyes, that is what I would go for. Hopefully this helps...

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    • imhatz
      Latest update from Crane lake.....people are hopeful and are predicting a possible ice out May 7...Been some good deterioration this week  
    • Hoey
      It is my understanding that Pepin ice went out with the assist of the Coast Guard ice breaker.  
    • Mike89
      used to know some of the dutchmen down there, crazy group of folks but sure fun!!!  lots of bike rides!!!! 
    • woody1975
      Both are correct - New Ulm!   DL
    • MinDak Hunter
      The ice was very crystallized last night but still 20+ inches.
    • SupraFishin
      Saw this on Facebook:  
    • BrianF
      Drifter, I hope you are right about having more open water than ice.  Was looking more closely at the average ice out dates maintained by the DNR. The avg dates for the lakes that dot the southern most part of the state are approximately one month ahead of the lakes that dot the northern part of the state like Burnt, Kab, and Vermilion.  As of this morning, none of those lakes in the southern part of the state are ice out.  Are we still a month away from open water on V then?  God I hope not, but the math isn’t helping me feel confident. 
    • meerkat
      I heard there is open water in the oak narrows by Timbuktu marina!!
    • kelly-p
      "Kelly looks like you need an extension for your dock."   But I don't think I have to worry about any boats hitting it.    It should be an interesting Opener.
      A truck broke through Birch Lake the other day in like 20fow, an ATV broke through Prairie Lake and a man lost his life. The ice is deteriorating RAPIDLY. There will be some ice chunks, but I firmly believe there will be more open water than ice by May 12.  Temps up here are forecasted near 70 for a few days next week.