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  1. The wind blew enough to take the lake out of play yesterday so Mike Lindholm and I went back to the Rainy River and with a great tip from Paul Johnson at River Bends Resort we got into some really nice fish. Very nice way to beat the NW winds that howl in the fall. Check it out right here.
  2. Water temps are cooling off already, the front of my shirts is covered in drool because my favorite time of the year allllllmost here.
  3. Even in the heat of summer it pays to check your honey holes....
  4. Just back from the weekend. Needed to change the plan, the water was all churned up, the fish didn't want to bite very well. It all worked out fine in the end. Check it out.
  5. youtu.be/z2lKIcxwT6g If you did not get fishing over the weekend, you missed about a perfect day for it. Check this out and enjoy!
  6. https://youtu.be/1rM2i-wtaQ0 I found this tip on how to turn you Big Buddy into a cooker on FB. I finally went to the hardware store and bought the necessary equipment for 5 dollars. Check this out
  7. Adrian’s: Open; allowing ½ ton’s but no house in tow, sleds & ATV’s & small SUV’s. Allowing 16’ wheel houses if pulled by ATV. They are marked 5 – 6 miles north of the island with spotty fishing reports. Cyrus Resort: Open; ½ ton’s w/o a house in tow, Geo Tracker/jeep Wrangler type vehicles, sleds & ATV’s. Fishing was a little slow during the cold snap but this warm front coming in could stimulate the bite. Morris Point: Open; ½ ton pickups & 12’ wheel houses, sleds ATV’s & side by sides. Still haven’t achieved the 15” of ice everywhere yet. Zippel Bay: Open; allowing ½ ton’s with up to 20’ wheel houses. They pulled the Igloo out 2 days ago & should have it stocked by the weekend. Dales Fish House Rentals & Winter Access (formerly Babbler’s Road): Open; they were briefly allowing ½ ton pickups but have restricted to sleds & atv’s again as some crack problems have developed. Springsteel: Kent may allow ½ tons & small houses so don’t plan on binging the larger ones yet, I’m in the same boat; land locked with a 21’r. Once you get on the ice you can drive pretty much anywhere but if you’re in a pickup stay on the marked trails. They are only staked to the DNR reef for now, way to rough to groom a road to south tip. The Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club has staked a trail to the NW Angle but not groomed. Lots of rough ice in places. The water temp is the reason for slow developing ice. Beautiful warm fall & as soon as below freezing came it skimmed over & has preserved the below surface water temp. we should’ve had plenty of ice by now with the recent cold snap. Really must remain patient & careful.
  8. Shooting some video a week ago and suddenly 3 kids who were fishing nearby went on a walk about like kids do. They stopped by and started to visit and about half way through the conversation I realized the camera was rolling and I was real glad it was. Here is Fishers Talking Fishing In a Fish House, the fishing show about nothing..... Enjoy https://youtu.be/RDsNnavYZAE
  9. New people at Bablers this winter and they seem to have gotten off to a good start with house rentals and roads. Good for all of us. I found out this weekend that Fords Sleepers changed hand too. Rod Thompson bought the whole deal just after Christmas. I talked to Rod about it yesterday when he had a minute to talk. https://soundcloud.com/ncor/rod-thompson-int
  10. Here is Paul Johnson from River Bends Resorts from yesterday. Current ice and condition report for those of us chompin' at the bit. While there wont be daily shows this winter, I will try to get current info on from people who know more than me. Enjoy
  11. Let me toss a little gas on the fire. This NCOR vid is from a December trip a year or so ago, but it shows you what December can be. It is getting closer, hang in there
  12. I was sitting out on Lake of the Woods on Sunday morning, the wind was light out of the North West, the sun was shining and the fish were biting. I wondered why have I seen only 2 other boats? Fall fishing is awesome, the best of it comes on the nice days of course but with Ice Armor on and backs tucked in behind the windshield it is really pretty pleasant. Who else was out this weekend?
  13. Fishing wasnt fast and furious but if you hung in there you could get it done.and the weather was great over the weekend. Big Lake of the Woods Perch bit as well as the Walleyes and Saugers and I didnt complain at all. Sunday morning my Uncle Ron and I tag teamed a 41 pound Sturgeon for 45 minutes. It was a great fall weekend. If I have a tip at all it is to stay put. Dont be running all over, pick the best spot you know of and stay there, the fish will come.
  14. https://soundcloud.com/ncor/ncor-5-4-joe-henry Lake of the Woods is just laying there waiting for us to get out on Saturday. Joe Henry from LOW Tourism figures it ought to be a barn burner Here is the first of 85 new and unique NCOR Podcasts
  15. Chuck Lundgren of the TRF Lions was on NCOR today to give us all the last minute skinny on Saturdays 10th annual Tournament. Listen for details and good luck this weekend
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