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  1. Well, my annual trip was only an extended weekend this year, as I had to use my actual vacation to go to Florida for a wedding. Drove up Friday morning after work, and was able to hit Two Island Lake for a few hours in the evening. As soon as we boated to my secret spot, a storm cloud moved over and the wind was insane! Temps dropped, and I only caught a few smallies. on Saturday we went to Greenwood Lake. Even though we caught about 50 bass, it was still a slow day. Weather was perfect. Bugs were horrible! My dad caught a nice lake trout. My daughter caught her first northern pike, and I also caught one. Fished this lake for 30 years and never even seen a pike, now they’re taking over! Fished Hungry Jack on the final day. Weather was once again perfect! Only caught a few bass. My son absolutely loves fishing off the resort’s dock. So the kids had a blast catching sunnies (including my daughter’s first). Was a bummer we only got to stay up there a few days. My dad stayed until today, but I haven’t heard how he did. Didn’t see any moose. Was also the first time I’ve been up there and did not catch a trout. We got our fill of Sven & Ole’s and world’s best donuts. We might try to go back up next month.
  2. Went fishing on Basswood on Sunday. It rained all day but we had a good time thanks to Mike Stark and The Ely Fishing Guide Company.
  3. Hello, Flying up from Florida to visit the folks and we are going to spend a week (September 14th-21st) on Shagawa. Staying at Ladybug, so will have a pontoon, but I imagine no depthfinder. I found a map and found some areas to try but it’s been 23 years since I lived in Minnesota. Anyone kindly have any suggestions on tactics or depth? I.e. would we better trolling the shore, or trying 25’-30’? Or slip bobbering points/islands, and how deep? I imagining we might be flying a bit blind on a new lake without a depthfinder. Thanks Y’all, Craig
  4. Staying on gunflint side in September Want to hear what everyone is using while packing light as well at what test for line. I'm thinking one rod only. 2 piece. I will be targeting walleye. I'm thinking 10lb test to stand up to the inevitable northern but fear may be too heavy for the eyes. Thanks for any input. Also taking GPS locations and personal hotspots. Lol.
  5. Heading up boat camping on east Rainy Lake next week and wondering what the latest and greatest is on the walleye bite? Are the fish flies over with and it is the typical summer bite now, with them on the reefs?
  6. The sweltering heat, high humidity values, and intermittent thunderstorms have certainly provided some challenges for anglers but even as we enter the dogdays of summer the fish are still on the chow! As we all know there is never any shortage of action when one sets out to target Bass. Smallmouth Bass can be found along the deep weed lines, rocks, and sunken humps. Try using a Drop-Shot Rig tipped with a Leech. Largemouth on the other hand can be found working the weeds inside and outside the lines using Tubes, Spinner Baits, and Carolina Rigs. In the early morning, try working docks, shoreline structure and swimming platforms next to sharp drop-offs. Of course, usually by this time of year we have shifted our focus to chasing Large Slab Crappies. The weed beds are holding large numbers of both Crappies and Sunfish. Pay especially close attention to the cabbage along deeper drop-offs. Slip-Bobbers using live bait or plastics, Small Swim Baits, Spinners, Beetle Spins are all working well, these buggers have been hungry!! The Walleye bite is also one that has yet to relinquish to the torrid, humid conditions. A lot of techniques have still been producing good numbers of fish. Anything from pulling Spinners in the weeds, Lindy Rigs, Slip-Bobbers, jigs tipped with Leeches, Crawlers or Chubs… Cranks, Shiver Minnows and the list goes on!! It really is Dealer’s Choice it seems, trolling Cranks on the mid-lake flats has been best toward the evening hours until after dark, Spinners have been enticing them during the mid-day, as well as jigging raps for the walleye found out over the deep structure. -Cheers! Alice Wiese Wheezy Outdoors 218-275-7525
  7. Was recently camping in aforementioned park, on Bensen Lake (supposedly a trout lake stocked by DNR). It is also near the Baptism River; more specifically, the east branch of the Baptism River. I and my fiance fished in both of these to no luck. I'm thinking that it was too late in the summer to catch anything, but was wondering two things. 1 - what is the status of trout in Bensen Lake? We asked a DNR employee who was at the park one night about it and he had no clue about the fish in the lake. It looked promising, I saw many small bait fish and possibly trout fry (although I heard they do not reproduce naturally there), the structure was good, and its fairly deep, but not one single nibble. 2 - I presume the trout come up the Baptism River to the east branch (we fished on it from the road under a bridge) to spawn in the spring and then go back to the main lake, so after spawn there are no large/catchable trout in the east branch? we had nibbles, saw plenty of crayfish (of the invasive kind as I also heard there is an invasive species of crayfish), again saw bait fish and trout fry, but I never did get a good look at the fish to see what they were and they were too small to take anything. I am hoping to expand my knowledge of the area and migration patterns of trout and fish for trout here one day, as this is going to be a spot I return to in the coming years. I know a lot about fishing in the Detroit Lakes area as that is where I am from, but have no experience with North Shore fishing. Thanks!
  8. Post your fishing reports for the Backus, Emily, Hackensack, Longville, Outing, and Remer area here. everyone is welcome to post here!
  9. Let's hear how you're doing. Please help by sharing your fishing report here. Thanks.
  10. So I’m bringing the family up to Flour Lake campground over the 4th of July. I grew up camping and fishing the Canadian side of Sag every chance we got, but haven’t fished any of the lakes on the trail. I really wanted to stay at Two Island, as it sounds like the bass fishing there is great, but none of the sites are reservable ahead of time and I didn’t want to drive up and have to go on a campground hunt. We still might buzz over there for a day, but I was looking for recommendations on some lakes closer to the trail. I have two little kids who are just getting into fishing, so I was hoping for action, size is just a bonus. I’m guessing walleye fishing will be off the table with the patience factor limiting how much time I can search for fish with two kids along. I was leaning towards smallmouth as the kids can both cast and that always held my attention more as a kid. We’ll likely only keep enough for one fish dinner over the weekend. Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. I'm catching some nice crappies and walleye on pelican
  12. I'm catching some nice crappies and walleye on pelican does anyone know how the fishing is on blue lake
  13. Have a cabin for 5 days on this lake. The one by Kimball and Mink. Anybody have any good tips to get some trout out of there? Also Elbow looks good for Walleyes any tips for that lake? I know Devilfish and Tom are good but would like to stay fairly close have wife and 6 year old Grandson with.
  14. - Subscribe to this fishing report. Ice conditions still vary greatly from lake to lake. While seven to ten iches of pretty good ice, due to our lack of snow cover, is common, still use caution. Channel areas on Minnetonka, for example, may have much less ice than that. Walking, with or without a portable house like a Clam Fish Trap is a safe bet on Prior and Waconia, and many areas of Minnetonka. ATVs should be cautious, and I would wait to put out wheel houses, especially with another four day stretch of near-record to record temps that is upon us. Panfish are biting on Waconia and Prior. They are working deep water already, 18 to 23 feet, probably due to no snow cover on top of relatively thin ice for this time of year. Try the center of deep bays or coves, or the deep basin areas not too far from bays or shoreline points. We are catching bluegills all day, with peak time being early in the morning, and AFTER DARK. Crappies are getting nocturnal, so try staying out after dark. Small jigs with waxies or micro-sized Gulp! are catching both, and a crappie minow under a float is catching crappies and even some waleyes and pike in these same areas. Good luck, and be safe!
  15. - Subscribe to this fishing report. Spent some time on a few different Metro Area lakes over the past few days and found a big variance in ice conditions. Some lakes had a solid 4-5" across most of what I could travel to and other lakes had sketchy spots with less than 3" of ice... moral of the story here... BE SAFE IF VENTURING ON THE ICE RIGHT NOW!! No need to risk anything as it's a long ice fishing season. We also saw warmer than usual temps/weather today which definitely softened things out there a bit. A lot of water on top of the ice and those lakes that were just starting to make safe ice are now back in the quastionable stage. We need some colder temps... which could be the case if the forecast is correct for the end of the week... As far as the fishing goes, the bite has been pretty good. A lot of fish are still schooled up and willing to bite a lot of different offerings. Plastics... maggots... you name it, they'll eat it. Big thing I've noticed is that you need to move away from the pod of fish to continuously catch the larger fish. The big fish are not sticking around long but rather on the move constantly. I've been watching them on the camera and they move in and move out pretty quick. The smaller fish will stay put and pester you, but the larger fish are constantly relocating. Fire up the auger and go after them! Even though I said a lot of presentations are working, I'm mostly sticking with plastics to keep up with the run and gun style of fishing. The specific brand doesn't seem to matter a whole lot, at least not near as much as the aggressive hops with slow falls for an action. They want that eratic jump with an enticing fall... triggers them every time! Most fish are found in less than 20 feet of water for me... although I'm seeing anglers out deeper, but my best action is on that deep weed line in that 13-18 foot range. Pike are there too Good luck if you get out there and again, I can't stress enough, BE SAFE!!
  16. I'm heading up to Breezy Point / Pelican Lake for some golfing and fishing the week of June 30 through July 7. I haven't fished Pelican Lake so I'm looking for any advice on fishing Pelican Lake. Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. It is that time of year again when the crappies invade the shallow waters on most every lake and become catchable! Hope everyone is getting out there and enjoying the open water after a long winter! My oldest (10) came out with his grandpa's and me to get into some action and we selectively kept 18 for a meal. The fish weren't thick in the bays we checked but they were showing up and seemed to show up more the later in the weekend. Opener is looking to hopefully be a great weekend. Good luck to all and post reports and pictures if ya gottem!
  18. Glad to hear the east end has some good ice, but dont assume that the whole lake does. I was just out in the central part of the lake and some areas still only have 3" of ice. And that was areas with no current and some of the first spots to freeze. Steve
  19. Just thought I would see who is all going up to Kitchie and Cass this opener. We'll be back again and trying our luck. I'm stuck to the dock on pike hole this year due to some severe nerve damage in my leg and can't get into a boat . Hoping that the walleye will still be in the river there. Well, it's not really about the fishing in the end it's about spending time with a few uncles and cousins that I get to see about once a year during opener. I have one uncle flying in this year from out east that I haven't seen in 23 years so that should be fun. This will mark the 28 year we have all been meeting up there. What a special place even if the fish don't cooperate some years. Best of wishes and safe boating to all.
  20. Current Brainerd Fishing Reports - Click Here. Show us your pics. Made it out last night for the first time. Hit Shamineau for the evening bite. Fished 21 ft water, about 15 yrds out from the milfoil edge. Fish marked regularly from 4:15 till 6:30. 7 fish caught and probably 10 misses, first time out give me break! Most of the walleyes were small with 2 14" fish put in the bucket. Minnows under a bobber with a plain hook or a white jig caught all the fish and bites. Nothing on spoons. Ice conditions: we had a consistent 9" of very good ice on Shamineau. Large houses are out on the far west side. Lake Alex has fisherman on most of the community spots with four wheels being used. On the east end ice is good ranging from 8 to a little of 11". Have not been on Fish Trap, however, Action Dock Service has warned that there is an large open area on the west side of Big Island as of yesterday. Please be aware that Alex, Shamineau and Crookneck have many aerators in use all around these lakes for shorline protection. Be very aware of what is in front of you, especially at night. Good luck.
  21. My brothers and I are bringing Dad up for his first Rainy trip May 30 - June 2 and are looking for any info, especially with the cold, wet spring. Looking to have a memorable trip because dad just finished cancer treatment and we want to repay the old man for all of the years he spent taking us fishing. We have been up several years ago, so not strangers to the lake or techniques. Dad is a big crappie guy, so we would love to get I to some slabs! Thanks for any input
  22. For Current Bowsting Lake Fishing Reports - Click Here. Show us your pics too! we did good yesturday morning. dragging 1/16 oz jig with minnow on the bottom worked best. 15 1/2 to 20. And a few bonus perch. Didnt get there for the openner but heard great reports. Gonna go after some panfish up there maybe Tuesday.
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