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  1. 2020 Rainy Lake Fishing Reports - Click Here Rainy Lake Fishing Reports by Capt John Click the higher number on upper right of this post for more current Rainy Lake Fishing Reports. Rainy Lake questions from members welcome in this thread too.
  2. 2020 Brainerd-Aitkin-McGregor Fishing Reports - Click Here. Show us your pics. Lot of nice fishing reports and lake information follow.. The top Brainerd area fishing guides are posting in this report as well. Have fun and feel free to ask questions.
  3. Can a person get around with a wheeler, or is the snow and slush still too bad.
  4. Rick

    FM Traffic January 2020

    We had 93,925 Unique User Sessions on FishingMinnesota.com in January. With 145,231 total user sessions. That is a 25% increase. Thank you for having fun here everyone!!!
  5. Hi everyone. I'm going to fish on Knife Lake by Mora for the first time this weekend. Does anyone have any advice on locations or tactics? I'm hoping to find Perch, Walleyes, or Crappies.
  6. Went to go panfishing and found myself in a bass feeding frenzy in the weeds. It is crazy to see how slow these big bass inhale the bait in the winter. First fish probably pushed 5lbs. Too much fun on light gear!
  7. Got fishing out of the NW side of Mille Lacs at 5:30pm on Friday and set up in 29 ft. and fished until 9:30am on Sun. Fishing was OK. Caught 10 all were 17" - 25" and was able to keep 2. All but one fish was caught at night and only 2 were caught jigging. We also missed at least 10 and had a handful of them halfway up the hole. My question is, has the DNR explained why or how they came up with 21" - 23" as the keeper size? I know that earlier they kept moving the size a person could keep because they were targeting the same year class. But now, the keeper size has been the same for the last couple years. I thought I've hear that a 20+ size walleye is one of the best spawners. Personally, I don't care to keep anything over 20" but the wife likes fresh fish.
  8. On the south end... A great week of ice fishing with good numbers and some very quality fish. Ice conditions on LOW remain excellent. Resorts working hard to keep fish houses on walleyes and saugers. Most anglers fishing 27' - 36' with ice roads 7 - 20 miles long. Resorts traveled farther out which improved fishing. Jig one line to draw fish in and get them excited. Have a deadstick with a live minnow in the second hole for neutral fish. Rattles and vibration can help in the stained waters of LOW. Gold, glow, wonder bread and pink good colors. Electronics a big plus and can be rented from some resorts, bait shops. On the Rainy River... The river is frozen over with snowmobile traffic on marked trail. Some reports of good fish in the river. Extra caution is always needed on the river, especially with higher current this year. Thin ice around the International Bridge in Baudette. Work through resort or know ice conditions if ice fishing the river as ice thickness varies. Up at the NW Angle... Warmer weather made for some good fishing at the Angle. Resorts in 23 - 32' of water. Some houses on structure, others in mud on edge of reefs. Jig one hole with spoons and rattle baits, plain red hook with live minnow on deadstick. Snowmobile trails from south end to Angle and around the area groomed and in good shape. Fish houses on the ice through March 31st, walleyes and saugers open through April 14.
  9. IceHawk

    Maki kind of Day

    This morning me and a bud decided to hit a Wilmar area lake we both like to fish in search of some Pies. We met at the lake access pre dawn enjoyed a cup of coffee and discussed our game plan. We looked over my Lake insight chip and some of my previous waypoints from years past and decided on two different target areas. Being it was Midwinter I suggested we target two underwater points with steep breaks and deep basins close by. We both grabbed augers and made some grid patterns off the tip of the first point and started the search. Didn't take long and we both were marking. Fish were suspended 4-6 foot off bottom usually a good sign of active panfish. Crappies were on a tear for about the first two hours of daylight and just like that the window slowly started closing. Key depth was 28 feet tight on the tip as she slowly tapered to a deep basin. A classic scenario for midwinter crappies. We tried some Clam pinhead spoons right away but couldn't get any takers. I noticed some small minnow activity on my Vexilar so we Switched to 4 mm Tungsten heads Black, Blue, Wonderbread. For Plastics we added 1 inch Maki minnows in White Red Flake and Shiner colors. Definitely these combos was the ticket for success. Again the Clam Gravity and Thorne Bros 28" power noodle spooled with Trilene 3 lb Micro Ice Solar performed flawlessly. We kept a few to take home and enjoy a good fish lunch. As we sat and enjoyed the rewards of our Hard work I looked at my bud and smiled and said what a morning
  10. I went to diamond 2 times on Saturday. The first time mid morning hole hopped like a mad man just tiny perch. Then I decided to try a night bite for crappies got 2 beauties on hook and minnow 12 inchers lost 1 and that boys and girls was it. Not whining but it has really been a rough fickle bite this year. Just a little update. I would love to get on a sunnie bite I can sit all day catching 5-6 incher's don't bother me at all.
  11. Just checked the ice this afternoon and Shoe has 2.5" of ice and is 100% ice covered with some river current areas. Summer access is no longer open. I will be starting to ice fish as soon as I am done deer hunting in front of my house. I predict a limit of walleyes first night out. Don
  12. Anyone have any reports on the ice conditions and fishing on Knife Lake.
  13. Please post your fishing reports or questions to fishing reports here.. Everyone feel free to chime in with fishing reports, ice conditions , questions about the fishing etc. Thanks
  14. Any information on the bite on Pokegama or travel on the lake? I'm assuming people are driving out. thanks
  15. There has been a lot of talk about trophy fish on the site and in the fishing community as of late. So I thought I would try and give some advise maybe some tips to a approach that helps me up my odds of landing some quality fish. .Obviously there are different opinions on a trophy caliber fish to some who aren't as experienced or don't get out a lot a 8 1/2 inch gill or 11 inch crappie is considered a trophy. My hats off to them and a congratulations goes out to them but IMO in time with experience they will set the bar higher. Myself and a few other experienced anglers I fish with set some pretty high goals for ourselves. I consider a 10 inch gill up and a 13 inch crappie up trophy caliber fish. I know that standard is high but its been achieved quite a few times and you have to set higher goals to work hard to achieve them. Here are some steps I recommend to help in your search. 1) Well first thing is research, do some searching here and other areas on the internet and find out what areas counties are notorious for kicking out trophy caliber fish. You definitely up your odds and percentages by putting yourself in the right area. You don't want to hit lakes that are notorious for small panfish AKA nursery's. And also be willing to put on some miles there's a reason trophy panfish come from far away less harvest and pressure. I will help your search Douglas, Todd, Beltrami, Ottertail and Kanabec are some bread butter areas that always produce trophy fish every year. 2) Go to MN Lakefinder in that county you intend to target and search lake surveys. Look at two things number of fish netted and size netted. For Gills I look for high numbers of 8-9 and with any luck a few in the 10-11 in same lake. For crappies I look for high numbers in 10-11 and a few in the 12-14 inch range. Next lakes with occasional winterkill and 5 -10 fish limit rules are worth investigateing. 3) Once a lake is selected do some research on it water clarity history etc. Pick the lake according to time you intend to fish. If daytime fishing stained moderately dirty lakes would be my choice. If fishing the evening AKA wheelhouse dunking minnows a clear body of water will normally be the ticket. I also like to chase trophy panfish in Known walleye lakes as they tend to grow some hogs as they often aren't targeted for that species and get bypassed by the walleye fisherman. 4) Go out fishing an if all possible get out prime time very early before first light or right before the evening bite. IMO in all my years of fishing I would say 75% of the trophys I have caught Ice fishing have been at daybreak. My philosophy is noise really plays key in ice fishing. Ever notice how the Red Lake bite and many other lakes always die when the trucks and wheelhouses come out? Noise pushes them off. I like to have holes cut shacks set well before dawn in prime locations and be ready. Isn't that why there called sunfish And be quiet you cant realize how many times I witnessed on my camera fish spooking from as much as a boot with cleats scraping ice. Lastly when fishing on a piece of water get to know your neighbor fishing by you give a friendly Hello maybe start a conversation some small talk . You cant imagine how many leads locations on that lake I have got just by being friendly. Hopefully some of this advise tips will help a few in the Quest of a Trophy.
  16. Thought I would share this on this side of the wall as well. Wanted to share this tip. My Vex transducer cable developed a crack in the cable right at the head from doing a lot of hole hopping when you just pick up the unit and go from hole to hole with it hanging and swinging. I had the same crack happen in 2 of my Aqua view cam cables where water then seeped in down the cable and into the cam head shorting it out. I bought this Aquaseal wader repair adhesive to try. I cleaned the ducer head and cable really well with alcohol then kept putting small layers from the ducer head up about 5" inches up the cable to build up a nice seal. I've worked with a lot of adhesives in my job over the years and was a bit skeptical that it would bond and just peel off or re crack? It's been on there now for about 3 years and is working out great. Bonded very well to the plastic head and rubber cable, flexible and has not re cracked. Pretty darn happy to have spent $7 bucks instead of having to buy a whole new transducer cable. You can see in the picture how much bending it can take, and it real straighten that area. This should work on any cable like this that has to go in the water. The next new unit I buy I may just add it right away and not wait for a crack! Hope it helps someone save some cash! Cabala's Gear Aid Aquaseal® Wader Repair Adhesive Regular Price: $6.99
  17. Dave S

    Monster Walleye

    Rumor has it a walleye that "likely" tipped the scales near 15 lbs was caught on a lake near Mille Lacs. From what I read, the fish was weighed the day after it was caught at 14.186 lbs and lost a couple ounces just in the time it was at the bait shop being weighed.
  18. Andrew Krzysiak

    Wanted: Fishing Buddies

    Crew, I'm relocating from Denver to Minneapolis next week. I've worked as an elk hunting and fly fishing guide; but it's been awhile since I've taken ice fishing seriously. I'd love to find a group of guys who would be willing to let me tag along. I'd be more than happy to chip in for gas and share years of hard earned (mostly true) hunting and fishing stories. Please shoot me a reply if you have an open seat in the coming weeks!
  19. Hey Ya'll, I don't know about the rest of you but I am really sick of staring down a hole and waiting for a fish to come around and bite my hook. I would much rather be out on open water chasing after them. So to help me get through the bordom of late winter I am going to answer your questions about Muskies, Pike, Walleyes and Large and Smallmouth bass. Forget the panfish, I don't fish for those, to me they are just bait. So if you have some specific questions on techniques, presentations, baits, tackle or anything else, feel free to ask. I have 42 years of fishing experience on the Big V, I'm sure I can be of some help. I won't be giving away any specific locations, but I can tell you what to look for and offer up some ideas on how to fish it. What have you got to lose? I'm board out of my skull and talking about fishing will help to pass the time until open water comes in about 12 weeks!! "Ace"
  20. Hello. I am trying to make this post strictly about these 2 lakes. Please only comment on ice thickness. Thank you. Linwood lake from the access out is a minimum of 5" until you get out about 100 yards. Then the ice measures 4". Closest to shore froze first and is white ice. Once you get to the nice clear it's thinner. It froze later but is clear awesome ice measuring 4". Forest Lake #1. North side of lake was 4" of clear nice ice. It froze really good over a week ago. Just got back at 5pm. 12/13. Iiccee
  21. So I am looking for advice on successful approaches on opening weekend at Osakis. I am new to fishing Osakis and I am not asking for you spots, more what you use and types of water. I have fished many times early in the year at Otter Tail. Early on it is almost exclusively a shiner bite typically on dropoffs near shallow water. Are shiner the tickets at Osakis as well? Or are there other baits that work early in the year? Also any common depths to try etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. 2020 Lake Osakis Fishing Reports - Click Here. Show us your pics! We will be stayin on Lake Osakis in a week and a half and was wondering what to expect for fishing. We would like to get into some pan fish and walleyes. What areas should we focus on in order to target these fish. Have never been to this lake before and was hoping any of you could share some tips and tricks in order to help us find some fish. What techniques and colors are working the best. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Also I do have the lakemaster chip and will be bringing it with. Grizzly
  23. We are planning on fishing Osakis the first weekend of the new year. What are the ice conditions? Are people driving on the lake?
  24. Jason Johnston

    Amount of hooks on tip up

    We are new to Minnesota fishing, I've read you can have 3 hooks within 9" on a tip up. Can you have a minnow on each hook? Or only allowed one bait, for example, a 9" smelt with all the hooks attached? Kind of a man made lure.
  25. Might be heading up to Borden Lake this weekend. That is, if the ice and travel conditions are good. Is atv travel possible or hasn't there been much traffic on the lake?
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