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  1. I have been making trips for the past 16 years, but this last one was our worst ever. Friend and I were up Thursday to Saturday. We started about 6 miles out on Thursday in 30fow. graphed very few fish, and the ones we did would not bite, we did manage to get one eye 26 1/2 inches and one keeper. So Friday we moved out past 7 miles on the outskirts of most others. Luck did not change, stay pretty much the same as Thursday, did get one 20 inch eye. There were alot of houses but could not tell if anyone was catching anything. watch a couple of trucks try to cross over a pressure ridge. first o
  2. Hello, new to this forum, was hoping someone out there who has experience ice fishing the St. Croix between Bayport MN and Hudson WI would be able to provide a rough ice report in terms of ice conditions, amount of foot traffic seen, numbers of people. Just looking to get a sense of how safe the ice is out there currently with the potential snow coming up this weekend. Was thinking of making the drive (about an hour) over, but not if its already sketchy.
  3. LakeofthewoodsMN

    Fish Biting on Bright Lures

    On the south end... Good numbers of walleyes and saugers are being caught this week, but a lot of sorting as lots of small fish in the system Most ice fishing is taking place between 23 - 31'. Jigging one line on one line and using a bobber with a live minnow on the other is the goto strategy. Electronics are helpful to show suspended fish coming through such as walleyes and tullibees. Popular colors... gold, glow red, glow white, pink and orange. Lures with a red light stick and rattle baits are also effective. Some big walleyes over 28 inches caught this week. Walleyes, saugers, jumbo
  4. I bought a cabin on hand lake this year, and was woundering if there are any ice fishing reports for the area? I noticed that there are not any reports for this area for a long time, maybe thats a good sign, as its all secret. I was located in palisade, and just moved here this year, looking for general info, nothing specific. I can say the ice seems good, if you stay away from the slush.
  5. Curious to hear what others are using or have had success when carrying their ice auger on a snowmobile. Currently my wheeler is in for a rebuild so time to set up the snowgo. As of now my best thought is a digger mounted on the front bumper to give the auger a smoother ride.
  6. Leech Lake. I am wondering what to expect. I think I might go out on Boy bay using the public landing on Sugar Point. First are there any safety concerns, ice conditions to worry about, Landing safe? Second what can I expect for fish? Kind of looking for some nice panfish during the day and a stray walleye or two towards evening
  7. ...that the DNR can enter my ice shack without a mask on. Also take my license from my hand and hand it back to me without any sanitation. Has anyone else had this experience ?
  8. On the south end... A great week of walleye and sauger action on Lake of the Woods. Most ice fishing is taking place between 23 - 28'. Jigging one line and using a bobber with a live minnow on the other is the go to strategy. Popular colors this week... gold, glow, glow red, pink and orange. A lot of small fish to sort through to find keepers. Some big walleyes from 28 - 32 inches caught this week. A mix of walleyes and saugers with jumbo perch, big pike, tullibees and eelpout being caught as a rule. On the Rainy River... Ice fishing on the river continues to be good overall. Mo
  9. Robert Kaliszewski

    Crystal lake Burnsville

    I'm looking for ice thickness reports on crystal lake in Burnsville! I am not able to walk out on the lake, I'll need to drive out with my ATV or truck, therefore I'll need some good ice before I'm able to fish! Any help on this info would be appreciated! Bob
  10. On the south end... Ice fishing is in full swing. Resorts have fish houses out and good numbers of walleyes and saugers being caught. Cold fronts can slow the bite some but be patient and work lures. Most ice fishing is taking place between 23 - 27'. One the jigging line, spoons with a minnow head or tail effective for jigging line. Gold spoons with a red glow stick has been effective. Other colors, gold, glow, glow red, pink. On the deadstick, a glow jig or plain hook with a live minnow. A mix of walleyes and saugers with some jumbo perch, big pike and eelpout this week. On the
  11. Good day everyone and I hope you had a great holiday. I am taking my brother and nephew fishing tomorrow, Sunday 12/27. They have never fished winter time so it's more for the experience, we don't have to slay fish (would be nice though). Challenge is I have to stay around the Roseville/Maplewood/White Bear area because time is limited. I haven't seen any ice reports for lakes like Johanna, Josephine, maybe even White Bear or Bald Eagle. Has anyone been on or know what this state of the ice for these lakes? Any advice would be appreciated. Than
  12. smurfy

    tis the season

    happy holidays everyone. may your lines be tight!!!!!
  13. LakeofthewoodsMN

    Excellent Ice Fishing

    On the south end... Some excellent Ice fishing this week. Resorts have fish houses out and good numbers of walleyes and saugers being caught. Most ice fishing taking place between 20 - 27'. Using the one-two punch of jigging one line and deadsticking with a live minnow for the second line. Jigging spoons with a minnow head or tail effective for jigging line. Colors, gold, glow, glow red, pink. Some jumbo perch, big pike and eelpout keeping things interesting. An angler caught an eelpout just over 17 lbs this week. The MN State record, also caught on LOW was 19.67 lbs. Eelpout or burb
  14. Haven’t had the opportunity to get out yet but did drive around on Monday and saw a couple out on area lakes. Eden lake is still 40 % open and according to my dad who lives out there it opened more overnight on Sunday night. I remember when I was young, more years than I care to think about, a snowmobile went down in 70 feet of water . They never made it out. With all the new people going out due to the virus, just please be careful and go with a buddy or at least let others know where your going. I hope to get out this Saturday and if I do will report how it is.
  15. How is the ice on lake Hubert for walking travel? Planing a trip up this weekend.
  16. What does the ice look like on Osakis for foot traffic I’m planning a trip over there this Saturday?
  17. IceHawk

    First Ice Tips

    As we all start to slowly venture on the ice I thought Id start a topic on some things tips I do to make it a more successful safety free outing. Feel free to add to this with things you do. 1- Make sure gear is ready checked over no loose flaws that could ruin the day. All proper safety equipment is packed , safety picks, chisel, throw ropes, cushions, whistle, flotation suits etc 2- Research MN lake finder look at structure sechi disc readings, depths, surveys etc. 3- Call bait stores guides talk to friends on ice thickness in area. Obviously small shallow lakes will have better ice first
  18. I live near a stretch of Shingle Creek where I spot carp throughout the summer, but where I’ve never seen a single fish in winter. Until today, that is. They are stacked thick there today. Would it be crazy to try and get them to bite this time of year? Have any of you ever fished them in open water during ice season?
  19. Found 5-7" on a local lake. No crappies yet but gills have been active and pike lurking. Had fun in the morning with the underwater camera. Now can we please have cold temps so all lakes can freeze.
  20. 12.8.20 Sunset Lodge Fishing & Ice Update - Northwest Angle of Lake of the Woods Hello from Sunset Lodge on Oak Island! We got ice! Lower than normal current levels have led to better than average, more consistent early ice conditions in the Northwest Angle. Wind and warm temps have kept the main lake south of Garden Island open until just recently. As usual, ice conditions are always changing and there remain many areas that are still unsafe for travel. With the cold weather and little snow in the forecast we are likely to see improved and more stabl
  21. If anyone finds a silver rod case on the ice out of JRs on Red please let me know. It fell out of the sled when we were coming in last night. I was fishing out of JRs. We used the west atv parking lot, then walked out to 15’ (about a mile? maybe). The case is from Mills, I believe it is a “Lakes and Rivers”. It has a number of rods that are meaningful to me as they were built by a buddy. Reward will be given for its return. Thanks! Chris
  22. Dakota003

    New to Metro area

    Moved to area last winter and don’t know much about any lakes in the metro. Panfish is by far the most fun for myself and would like to get into walleyes. Would really appreciate some suggestions on where to go within the metro and try out this upcoming ice fishing season.
  23. Ice is making it's way now! Thanks to last nights 9 degrees. The lake has officially froze over evenly. Will give another report Friday! Should be walking out and fishing in 10 days!
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