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  1. Did a little trolling around the edges of a big weed flat and caught a ton of northerns, and a couple big bass. The fish were really aggressive. We trolled jigs and minnows in 8-14 fow. Good times!!! She has it down, seriously.
  2. What effect will this wind and cool down have on the fishing for the weekend? Will it move the eyes off the weedlines to deeper water?
  3. Had some luck with the bluegills on Lower Prior Lake yesterday afternoon. Seems they were in pre-spawn mode possibly. A few squirted when I was trying to unhook them. Fished near weeds in about 10 ft of water and landed a couple of larger ones and a few mid-sized ones to fill out the pan. Was using a panfish rod and slip bobber with a 1/2 night crawler on a bare hook. Tried a few leeches also and caught a couple of small LMB. Hooked int one large one that snapped my line on my panfish rod. Might have been a little excited on that one. Toward the end of my trip I pulled a bottom bou
  4. Fished out of Wheeler’s Point last Sunday thru Wednesday. I should say we got up there late in the afternoon on Sunday and got rained out, and Monday’s weather was LESS than desirable. We could only fish the river Monday due to the hurricane, with notta bump. Tuesday and Wednesday the weather, and fishing, were phenomenal! Spent the entire day on the water both days 7am to 7pm. Fished back and fourth between 22-27 FOW in front of Pine Island. We caught LOTS of small 12-15” walleye and sauger, but made up for the small fish with 10 slots and several 17-18” walleyes. The highlight was a 29”
  5. Free members only Mille lacs lake fishing reports can be found at the link below. To see this report you must either sign-in or sign-up and become a Fishing Minnesota member. It's eays and it's FREE.
  6. New to the site and looking for some help fishing Lake Washington. I want to take my kids out and catch some fish. They are 4 and 6 so any action will keep them happy.
  7. The Cannon River is up and looking good for the opener. Water temps were 52 degrees in three different spot. An old friend of mine said there was A school of White Bass at the bridge just north of Tetonka this morning. Let's all hope for light wind next weekend.
  8. Was thinking of hitting Sabre lake saturday but I have heard from a couple of people that the landing was real shallow last fall and was wondering if it has come up this spring at all. I have a 17 1/2 foot boat and was wondering if I would have a problem landing it. Any help would be greatly appriciated in helping me determine if I should try a different lake or risk doing damage to my boat. Thanks
  9. I am going to be heading down to Waterville in a few weeks right around Bullhead Days I beleive.... How has the bite around or on Tatonka been, I havent fished more than 3 times down their I dont think so I was wondering if anyone has any advice... Thanks in Advance
  10. Current Brainerd Fishing Reports - Click Here. Show us your pics! With open water angling only a week away I'm starting to get the itch for shore fishing crappies. When they first come into the shallows it can be one after another. That first fish fry of the year sure tastes great. Many of you have your favorite spots to catch the big ones. Here at the bait shop people are always asking for good spots to catch a few from shore. Here are a few of my favorites to get you pointed in the right direction. Gull Lake 1. Bar Harbor- Excellant spring fishing off the boat docks. On
  11. Mark and I were out on the lake , 1 fish in many hours was really dead. The only one fish was a bass 14". The ice was 14" thick when i put the ice dipper down the hole to measure it. People were driving around all over the place.
  12. Current Lake Mary Fishing Reports - Click Here. We were out on Lake Mary by Maple Lake this morning and found a very small area of open water, I was drilling some holes and saw some ice bubbled up with a tennis ball size opening and water underneath it, I reached out with my auger and the ice was very thin and there did not seem to be any ice underneath this water, there also looked to be some larger cracks just beyond this point, I did not venture out any further to investigate. Most of the lake was great with 7 inches or so of ice, but just watch out for this area, it was towards
  13. Please Click here for the McGregor-Aitkin-Crosby-Deerwood Resort Locator Any Resort, Lodge or Motel/Hotel Owner may post their Resort or Lodging Openings here for FREE - Click Here or use it if you are looking to book a stay. Feel Free to E-mail this post to your favorite Resort, Lodge. Hotel or Motel Owner/Manager using the e-mail link below. They can post their ad for FREE.
  14. Looking for some tips on where(weedlines,depths, etc) and what bait works best for catching sunnies on the northern arm of Osakis. I usually slip bobber with waxies but wondering if half a crawler or small leeches are better. Click above for current fishing reports.
  15. Current Lake Pokegama Fishing Reports, Grand Rapids - Click Here. I have been fishing walleyes on Pokegama for the past few summers with very little luck. Admittedly, I have not put much time in, but I plan to this summer. Can anyone provide any insights as to how to fish them, as well as where to fish them, both day and night? I notice that most posts highlight Winnie, Sugar, Split Hand etc., with little mention of Pokegama. Is it simply because it is very difficult to fish?
  16. Winnibigoshish Fishing Reports - Current - Click Here. **I posted this in the ice fishing section but was given the suggestion to post it in the regional sections for better ideas.*** I'm planning a hard water fishing trip for me and 5-7 friends. I'm looking for advice or suggestions on places to go. We are in the cities and expect to make a roadtrip out of it and would like to go a little farther then Milacs. I've been thinking about Winni, Vermilion, or Rainy although Devils Lake in ND is an option but may be out of our price range. I would like to keep the cost fairly low
  17. Current Lake Mary Fishing Reports - Click Here. I am heading to Alex this weekend with friends and will be staying at Bigfoot Resort on Lake Mary. I am wondering if anyone has any info on what bait the eye's are biting on and where? Thinking about trying out Lake Miltona for eyes and maybe a muskie. That is if the weather cooperates.
  18. Current Lake Mary Fishing Reports - Click Here. My in-laws are having a 50th anniversary celebration starting May 31st @ Big Foot Resort on Mary. I am wondering if I can get some general info. on the lake beyond what I've gotten from the DNR survey. I'm wondering what specie/s are best to keep fisherpeople busy and involved. Is the panfish population decent, or would bass or northern be more likely for us to find/catch/ Lastly, is it an OK walleye lake?? Any answers, as well as any other info. will be greatly appreciated... eyes317
  19. Current Forest Lake-Hinckley-Lindstrom-Pine City-Rush City Fishing Reports - Click Here. Let's see your pics and fishing reports here. Post em up. We are new in the Sandstone/Hinckley area and would like some information on pan fishing lakes. Shore fishing at this time, or where to rent a boat. Doesn't have to be real close, just close enough. I looked under sponsers for this area and couldn't find any. Anyone???
  20. Current Brainerd Fishing Reports - Click Here. Show us your pics. Since I've found this site 4 yrs ago, I just don't remember anyone mentioning fishing Ole Miss. in this area. I do see a few ice shacks set up during the winter months just north of Brainerd, apparently panfishing. Are there crappies to be found, maybe some smallies?
  21. Current Lake Mary Fishing Reports - Click Here. I am heading out there tonite. I have seen a few portables out there. Wondering whats biting...
  22. Current Brainerd Fishing Reports - Click Here. Show us your pics. On Sunday I was able to enjoy some of the hot summer bite on Gull Lake. Just so happens that I has sharing my enjoyment with a local guide and his three customers. Me and my son in a three hour time period were able to catch and release about 35-40 walleyes. Of these 35-40 we caught 3 that were longer than 13". I was a little dissapointed to watch the boat next to me keep limits of these 10 and 11 inch walleyes. I understand the need to make clients happy but I sure hope that this is not the norm.
  23. Crane Lake Fishing Reports - Click Here. Updated. just wondering what time of year is best for fishing bass and walleye on crane lake. a couple of friends and i have been going to fish myrtle lake the past few years in late june, and have had good years and some bad. we decided to try crane this year but would like to know what time of year would have the best fishing. thanks for your help/suggestions.
  24. Current Lake Mary Fishing Reports - Click Here. We're heading for Mary this weekend, anyone have any info on water temps and where the lake level is at?
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